Good Night in Russian: 6 Phrases, 2 Songs and 53 Vocab Words

When I was a little kid, I used to watch an evening Russian television show for kids. Every episode ended with a Russian song wishing all the kids (and their toys) a good night. Over 30 years later, I can still sing that song!

You might not have any kids to sing a good night song to, but if you’re a Russian language learner, knowing how to say “good night” in Russian is an important step along your learning journey.

In this guide, I’ll introduce you to some of the most common ways to bid someone a good night in Russian, ranging from the formal to the friendly.

And, of course, I’ll teach you my favorite “nighty night” songs. You don’t have to be a child to enjoy them!


How to Say Good Night in Russian

Спокойной ночи (Good night)

This is the standard and most commonly used way to bid someone good night in Russian. It’s suitable for most situations, from casual to formal, and can be used with friends, family, and acquaintances. However, it’s not really suitable for a business environment. It would sound odd if you say it to your boss, for instance!


“Спокойной ночи, мама. Увидимся завтра.” (Good night, mom. See you tomorrow.)

Доброй ночи (Good night)

This phrase adds a touch of warmth by wishing the person sweet dreams. It’s often used with close friends and family members to convey affection.


“Доброй ночи, любовь моя. Сладких снов.” (Sweet dreams, my love. Good night.)

Сладких снов (Sweet dreams)

This phrase expresses the hope for the person to have pleasant dreams during the night. It’s a bit more poetic and can be used in both casual and intimate contexts.


“Пожелай мне сладких снов.”  (Wish me sweet dreams.)

До завтра (Until tomorrow)

While not a direct “good night” phrase, it’s a common way to say farewell at night, implying you’ll see the person again the next day. It’s suitable for all occasions and all levels of formality.


“Пока! До завтра!” (Goodbye! Until tomorrow!)

Приятных снов (Pleasant dreams)

This phrase wishes the person pleasant and enjoyable dreams. It’s a poetic phrase, and comes across as polite and caring. 


“Спокойной ночи, госпожа. Приятных снов.”  (Good night, madam. Pleasant dreams.)

Споки ноки (Nighty night/Night night)

A playful and lighthearted way to say good night, especially suitable for close friends or family members. It conveys a sense of wishing the person a restful sleep.


“Споки ноки, моя малышка. Люблю тебя.” (Sleep tight, my little one. Love you.)

Good Night Songs in Russian

Did you know that you learn better with music? Lucky for you, Russian has several songs that are about saying good night, to help you along with your learning. 

One popular example, and the song I mentioned in the introduction, is “Спокойной ночи, малыши” (Good Night, Little Ones). This song is often used as a lullaby for children and is well-known in Russia. It was popularized as the theme song for the popular Russian animated television show called “Спокойной ночи, малыши!” (Good Night, Little Ones!). This show is a beloved bedtime program for children in Russia and other Russian-speaking countries.

Here’s a sampling of the lyrics:

Спят усталые игрушки, книжки спят. (Tired toys are sleeping, books are sleeping.)

Одеяла и подушки ждут ребят. (Blankets and pillows are waiting for the kids.)

Даже сказка спать ложится, (Even the fairy tale goes to sleep,)

Чтобы ночью нам присниться. (So that it can come to us in our dreams at night.)

Ты ей пожелай: (Just wish it:)

Баю-бай. (Nighty-night.)

If you’re not in the mood for children’s lullabies, you can opt to listen to the 1980s song titled “Спокойная ночь” by the Russian rock band Kino, led by Viktor Tsoi. It has more involved lyrics—I recommend listening to it with the lyrics in front of you, as the singer doesn’t have very clear pronunciation. Here’s a sample of what to expect:

Крыши домов дрожат под тяжестью дней, (Roofs of houses tremble under the weight of days,)

Небесный пастух пасёт облака, (The celestial shepherd herds the clouds,)

Город стреляет в ночь дробью огней, (The city shoots a scatter of lights into the night,)

Но ночь сильней, ее власть велика. (But the night is stronger, its power is immense.)

Тем, кто ложится спать—Спокойного сна. (To those who go to sleep—Peaceful dreams.)

Спокойная ночь. (Peaceful night.)

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Other Night-time Vocabulary in Russian

When you want to talk about your night-time or sleep routine, you can use these vocabulary words:

Night-time Words

Sleep Words

Rest and Comfort:


You can sleep peacefully now, knowing how to say “good night” in Russian to all your Russian-speaking friends!

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