31 Ways to Say Goodbye in Russian, from Formal to Affectionate

Would you say “Fare thee well” to your close friend, or “Smell ya later” to your boss?

Russian, like English, has different ways to say “goodbye” for different occasions!

Learn how to bid your sweet goodbyes to people in Russian, from the warm and affectionate to the formal and respectful.

Learn common goodbyes in Russian, from “до свидания” to “пока”… and many more!


Formal Ways to Say Goodbye in Russian

До свидания (Do svidaniya) — Goodbye

A standard and formal way to say goodbye to someone when you expect not to see them for a while.

До скорого (Do skorogo) — See you soon

Used when you plan to meet the person again relatively soon, conveying a sense of anticipation. It indicates an imminent future meeting.

Спокойной ночи (Spokoynoy nochi) — Goodnight

Typically used when parting in the evening or before bedtime.

До скорой встречи (Do skoroy vstrechy) — See you soon

Emphasizes the hope for a near-future encounter.

Счастливо (Schastlivo) — Have a good one

Wishing someone a pleasant day or experience.

Всего доброго (Vsego dobrogo) — All the best

A warm farewell, wishing the person well in general.

Пожалуйста (Pozhaluysta) — Please

Used in some formal contexts when extending polite wishes.

С наилучшими пожеланиями (S nailuchshimi pozhelaniyami) — Best wishes

Conveying sincere and heartfelt good wishes to the person, in a letter or email . When a goodbye starts with “С…,” it’s only used in written form, because the expectation is that it’s followed by the name or signature underneath.

Позвольте попрощаться (Pozvol’te poproshchat’sya) — Allow me to bid farewell

A formal way to take your leave, showing respect.

Приходите ещё (Prikhuhdeetye yeshchyo) — Come back soon

Encouraging the person to return in the near future. This phrase is reserved for sellers and service workers.

Informal Ways to Say Goodbye in Russian

Пока (Poka) — Bye

 An informal and widely used way to bid farewell, suitable for friends and casual settings.

Пока-пока (Poka-poka) — Bye-bye

A playful and affectionate variation of “bye,” often used with children or close friends.

Увидимся (Uvidimsya) — We’ll see each other

Similar to “See you soon,” this implies an expectation of future meetings.

До встречи (Do vstrechi) — Until we meet

Used when you plan to see the person again.

Пока, не скучай (Poka, ne skuchay) — Bye, don’t miss me

A teasing and affectionate way to say goodbye, commonly used among friends or loved ones.

До завтра (Do zavtra) — Until tomorrow

Indicates that you expect to see the person again the following day.

До созвона (Do sozvona) — Until our next call

Used in the context of phone or communication farewells, expressing the expectation of talking again soon.

Давай (Davay) — Bye

Literally meaning “Come on,” this is a super informal and friendly farewell.

На связи (Na svyazi) — Stay in touch

Encourages ongoing communication, expressing the desire to keep the connection alive.

Всего хорошего (Vsego khoroshego) — Take care

A warm and caring farewell, conveying good wishes for the person’s well-being.

До скорой встречи (Do skoroy vstrechi) — Until our next meeting

Until our next meeting: Expresses the expectation of seeing each other again in the near future, indicating a positive farewell.

Покедова (Pokiedova) — Bye

A simple and informal way to say goodbye, suitable for casual conversations.

Ну, я пошёл пошла (Nu, ya Poshyol / poshla) — Well, I’m leaving

A straightforward announcement of departure, commonly used when you need to exit a situation.

Скоро буду (Skoro budu) — I’ll be right back

This phrase more literally translates as “I’ll be back soon,” and it’s used just like the English equivalent.

Успехов (Uspekhov) — Best of luck

Wishing success and good fortune to the person as they part ways.

Не теряйся (Ne teryaysya) — Don’t get lost

This expression is used to express that you don’t want to lose touch with the person. You can say it to someone who has a tendency to go MIA for extended periods of time.

Всё, пока всем (Vsyo, poka vsem) — Okay, bye everyone

Used when parting from a group of people, indicating that you’re leaving the entire group.

Specific Circumstance Goodbyes in Russian

Пока, целую (Poka, tseluyu) — Bye, I kiss you

This is a common way to say goodbye affectionately over the phone, similar to ending a letter or email with “xoxo.”

Счастливого пути (Schastlivogo puti) — Have a safe trip

A well-wishing phrase used when someone is about to embark on a journey, expressing hopes for a safe and pleasant trip.

Удачного дня (Udachnogo dnya) — Have a good day

A polite way to wish someone a positive and productive day.

Спасибо за вечер (Spasibo za vecher) — Thanks for the evening

Used after spending time together in the evening or on a night out to express gratitude.

Other Russian Vocabulary to Say Goodbye

These aren’t ways to goodbye, but they’re useful to know for talking about farewells in Russian:


Say farewell to not knowing the right parting words in Russian with these expressions and words for saying goodbye in Russian!

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