How to Say “I Miss You” in Italian: Mi Manchi and More!

Do you miss your Italian-speaking friend? Let them know, in Italian!

The Italian way to say “I miss you” is a little backwards from the English, so it’s worth taking some time to learn the nuances.

Read on to see how to tell someone you miss them in Italian, learn how to correctly use the verb Mancare (to miss) and even some more poetic ways to express your longing.

Whether you’re texting your friend or writing a letter to your loved one, you’ll be able to say “I miss you” in Italian with confidence!


“I Miss You” in Italian:  Mi Manchi

Mi manchi is the Italian phrase for “I miss you.” It’s a straightforward and commonly used expression to convey that you’re thinking about someone in their absence. The literal translation is “You are missing to me,” reflecting the focus on the person who is missed.

For example: Mi manchi molto da quando sei partito / partita . (I miss you a lot since you left.)

How to Use  Mancare

Mancare is an Italian verb with a unique twist—it doesn’t translate directly to “to miss,” but rather, it conveys the idea that someone is missed. This means that in Italian, you say that the person being missed is the one who is “missing.”

This means that the person who’s missed is the subject of the sentence, while the one who is missing is the indirect object. Use mancare by starting the sentence with the person who is missed, followed by the verb and the person who is missing.

Mancare is conjugated according to the person who is missed. Here are the different conjugations:

Example Sentences using mancare

More Ways to Express Longing in Italian

Longing for someone transcends languages, and Italian offers a plethora of phrases to communicate that sentiment. Beyond the direct “mi manchi,” discover various ways to express missing someone in Italian.

From yearning for their presence to wishing they were close, these phrases add depth to your emotions:

Responding to “I Miss You” in Italian

They say absence makes the heart grow fonder. So when someone expresses that they miss you in Italian, reciprocating the sentiment can bridge the gap created by distance!

Here are some heartfelt ways to respond when someone tells you mi manchi:


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Now you can tell your loved ones that you miss them… in Italian!

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