Study from Home: 6 Online Italian Courses for College Credit

“Ask for help, and early and often… Don’t do this in isolation. College wasn’t meant to be alone.” — Michelle Obama

For many, Italian is an essential college course.

You might need to learn Italian for the credits or to fulfill a requirement for your major.

Or you may be headed overseas after school and want to have a handle on the language before landing in Rome or Florence.

Maybe you’re just planning an epic travel adventure!

Whatever your reason for taking college-level Italian coursework, squeezing classes into a busy schedule isn’t always easy.

Let’s face it: Sometimes it’s nearly impossible to grab all necessary credits through conventional college classes.

If that’s your situation, it’s time to ask for help!

And the help? It’s right at your fingertips in an online Italian course.

A great course is crucial—and there are many to choose from. They offer everything that traditional classroom courses offer, from the comfort of your own home. That means good reading, writing, listening and speaking skills will all be emphasized, despite the long-distance learning!

The schools that offer these courses are excellent—and since most of the courses are self-guided, they fit into almost any schedule.

Best of all, every Italian course on this list awards students college credits on its completion.

Let’s check them out!

What to Consider When Choosing an Online College Course

Want to give the whole virtual classroom idea a try? Here are four questions you should ask yourself when browsing for the perfect course:

Is the institution accredited?

School accreditation is important if you need to apply the online credits to your graduation requirements. An accredited school maintains teaching standards that are recognized across the board, so check a school’s accreditation status before signing on to a class.

Does the course fit into your schedule?

Scheduling is probably one of the biggest reasons for taking an online college course. Many of us have jobs and families, so squeezing in coursework can be a challenge.

Online college courses vary in their scheduling methods. Some courses have a set schedule, using interactive video classes to reach students. Others are self-scheduled, allowing students to access coursework at any time.

How much does it cost?

Cost is always a factor when choosing college courses. In some cases, financial aid is available—so be sure to check into that when considering course selection.

What are your future language-learning goals?

Many learners want more than a basic Italian course. They want to take their language skills further, which is an excellent goal! You might think ahead and choose a resource that offers different level courses of the language, so there’s potential to grow with more courses once the introductory course is completed.

6 Online Italian Courses for College Credit to Give Your Education a Leg Up

Rutgers University


The prestigious Rutgers University in New Jersey offers an online program that’s both enriching and educational. The “Italian for Reading Knowledge” certification program brings top-notch learning to students everywhere!

This is a two-course program. Both courses have a 15-week curriculum and offer three credits to qualified students. This option is perfect for graduate students looking to satisfy Reading Knowledge certification requirements. Upon completion of both courses, students are eligible to take the certification exam.

Undergraduate students who might need Italian to secure placement in graduate school would benefit from these courses. Additionally, anyone who’s interested in the Italian language and the culture of Italy would gain from enrolling.

The first course covers the basics of grammar, syntax and vocabulary building. It focuses on strengthening reading and translation skills. The second part picks up where the first leaves off. It presents advanced material with an emphasis on solidifying reading comprehension and translation abilities.

Both courses are taught completely online so scheduling is fully flexible and at the discretion of the learner!

Oregon State University


Oregon State University offers a multitude of online language courses—including first- and second-year Italian options.

First-year Italian is the basic course, while second-year is the intermediate course. Completing both will equip learners with the skills needed to understand and participate in conversations using learned vocabulary. There’s also a cultural element to the courses, offering students an understanding of social and cultural norms, values and more.

Each course is worth four credits and tuition is based on a per-credit fee. Classes are taught online but interactions with other students take place via online discussion boards.

Credits might not be transferable to institutions outside Oregon, so it’s best to check on that with the admissions office before enrolling.

Indiana University


Indiana University in Bloomington offers college-level Italian courses that are just as challenging as their in-class versions.

Although the courses are online, allowing students to set their own learning schedules, it’s mandatory that students attend once-weekly sessions in a virtual classroom. However, this is the only time that online learners will need to fit into their schedules.

To ensure correct placement, you can take a $50 proficiency test. Once you’re placed, your grade will be determined through testing in Italian listening, reading, writing and speaking.

Credits earned vary according to course, as do the fees. Additionally, a reduced fee schedule is in place for non-degree out-of-state students.

There are also accelerated Italian courses available if a fast-track approach is necessary!

College of DuPage


The College of DuPage in Illinois offers several Italian courses which are available in both traditional classroom formats as well as online.

Online courses are conducted using instructor and student webcam meetings. Courses are self-paced, so they meet a busy student’s scheduling demands. However, there are deadlines for completion of coursework that must be met, regardless of whether a course is taken online or at the campus.

The number of credits gained varies according to course but most offer either three or four credits per course. The college offers different payment options, as well as financial aid if necessary.

In addition to language courses, you can take the “Civilization and Culture of Italy.” However, this course is taught in English since it focuses on culture rather than language.

If you enjoy learning with this institution, it also offers in-person courses abroad in Siena, Italy.

FIT—State University of New York


FIT is located in New York City, but don’t despair if you’re not near the Big Apple! Their “Elementary Italian” and “Italian II” courses are both offered online as well as on their campus.

Each course is worth three college credits and is open to both New York State residents as well as out-of-state students, although there’s a difference in cost if you aren’t a NY State resident.

“Elementary Italian” is a basic course targeted toward learners who know no Italian at all. The course covers basic skills and Italian culture. There’s no prerequisite required for enrollment in this course.

“Italian II” requires the successful completion of the “Elementary Italian” course. Students learn more advanced Italian skills in this second course, building on the foundations laid by the first.

AP Students


AP courses are typically taken by high school students. Depending on the college or university, a student who successfully passes an AP exam (with a score of three or higher) may get college credits for the course!

Some colleges offer both college credits (applicable toward a degree) and AP placement. Again, it depends on the institution’s policies. AP placement generally allows students to bypass introductory college courses and head straight for more advanced courses instead.

“AP Italian Language and Culture” focuses on Italian culture and communication skills. It utilizes a virtual exchange program that connects learners with students in Italy via Skype and email.

Authentic resources, including films, newspapers, podcasts and literature also bring engagement to the course.

Since this option’s open to high school students, enrolling in a course requires assistance from a school counselor or language teacher. They’ll determine upcoming deadlines for enrollment and fill out the necessary forms, and they’ll help students choose a course that’s right for them.

A $94 fee is required to take the AP Italian exam.


If your life’s so busy that it’s impossible to head to campus for learning, just let the campus come to you! Italian learning for college credits is available anywhere, anytime—and totally online.

Enroll in Italian college courses and get a degree or certification on your terms.

You can also study from home using immersion programs like FluentU. Although this program doesn’t offer college credit, it can give you a leg up in your college language classes.

FluentU takes authentic videos—like music videos, movie trailers, news and inspiring talks—and turns them into personalized language learning lessons.

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Remember, don’t be afraid to ask for help, especially when that help is just a mouse click or webcam session away. Learning comes from the classroom to you with online courses—and that’s a perfectly helpful solution for any learner feeling challenged by real-life scheduling issues.

Have fun and good luck!

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