Squiggle Me This: 3 Italian Accent Marks and Their Meanings


There’s more to the alphabet than the song you learned as a kid.

At least, if you’re speaking Italian.

Italian goes beyond the standard spelling rules of English in a lot of ways and accent marks are one of them.…

Go Back to School with 6 Italian Quiz Websites to Test Your Progress


Pop quiz time!

No, just kidding. This is a post about where to find quizzes.

Conventional studying can get a little boring if you don’t go about it the right way.

Reading textbooks and vocabulary lists over and over can …

The Uses and Conjugations of Reflexive Verbs in Italian


What have you done so far today?

Did you wake up and brush your teeth?

Did you wash yourself by taking a bath or a shower?

Did you then get dressed and sit down to study some Italian?

While …

In the Know: 8 Italian Question Words for Inquiring Minds


Can you ask me a question?

No, that wasn’t a typo.

Can you? In Italian, I mean.

If you can’t, then this post is for you.

Question words are a key piece of figuring out any language.

After all, questions …

Same but Different: 50 Italian Synonyms to Round Out Your Vocabulary


“Che fai tu, luna, in ciel, dimmi, che fai?” (“What are you doing, moon, in the sky, tell me, what are you doing?”) — Giacomo Leopardi

The great Italian philosopher and poet Leopardi had deep thoughts when he gazed at …

Watch and Listen to Italian News Live for Up-to-date Italian Learning


“Dall’ascolto arriva la saggezza. Dal parlare il pentimento.” (“Wisdom comes from listening. From speaking, repentance.”)

The first part of this old Italian proverb hits the nail on the head: Listening and learning go hand in hand.

The second half, about …

Let’s Talk! 5 Steps to Conversational Italian and Suave Speaking Skills


Ricorda perché hai iniziato a studiare l’italiano. (Remember why you started to study Italian.)

There are so many wonderful reasons to study Italian.

Travel? Assolutamente! (Absolutely!)

Personal growth? Certamente! (Certainly!)

Love? Un movtivo perfetto! (A perfect reason!)

If …