Learn Italian with Audio Through 7 Listening Comprehension Resources


Have you ever listened to a language and had it sound like gibberish, just a mess of consonants, vowels and intonation?

Worse, has that language ever been Italian?

Worst of all, has that language been Italian… even though you’d been …

Learn Italian with 11 YouTube Channels, 5 Minutes at a Time


What do make-up, dancing and learning Italian all have in common?

Less is more.

You don’t need hours upon hours of lectures to master Italian. Through simple and effective five-minute YouTube videos, you can learn Italian and pick

The Definitive Guide to Italian Articles for Learning Them… Indefinitely

italian articles

Surprise trip to Italy!

Articles of clothing? Check.

Indefinite supply of sunglasses? Check!

And what about brushing up on those travel phrases? Double check!

But wait! While you’re reviewing those travel phrases, why not review some Italian, too? I’m …

The Importance of “Stare” in Italian and Its Many Uses


We do a lot more “staying” than you’d think.

We stay home. We stay still. We stay online to read really cool language learning blogs (wink, nudge).

The point is, on the surface, knowing how to use the verb “stay” …

The Guide to the Italian Formal “You” for Socially Conscious Learners


No one wants to be rude.

At least, we hope.

Talking to others with proper manners is an important part of getting along in any language and Italian is no exception.

In fact, Italian has its own rules for what …

Italian Auxiliary Verbs for Beginners: Everything You Need to Know


When you first hear the term “auxiliary verb” you might think “whoa, that sounds complicated!”

But fear not, because they’re actually super simple to use.

And, odds are, you already know what the Italian auxiliary verbs are. You just don’t …

Study from Home: 6 Online Italian Courses for College Credit


“Ask for help, and early and often… Don’t do this in isolation. College wasn’t meant to be alone.” — Michelle Obama

For many, Italian is an essential college course.

You might need to learn Italian for the credits or to …