From Here to Sunday: A Complete Guide to the Italian Days of the Week


Yup, today is that day.

We’re going to make this day count.

Today, you’ll learn about the days of the week in Italian!


Well, for so many reasons!

So you can schedule coffee dates with native speakers.…

Italian Verb Conjugation Made Easy: The Essential Guide


Yup, this is “the topic.”

This is “that part” in the course.

If you ask former language students where they gave up on learning Italian, or where they thought the end of the road was, it’s here: Italian verb conjugations.

How to Speak Italian Like You Were Born in Rome: 5 Sure-fire Ways to Boost Your Conversational Skills


Hike the Appalachian Trail.

Write a novel.

Play the piano.

And learn to speak Italian.

Learning to speak Italian is on a ton of bucket lists.

Everyone dreams of chatting like a true Roman.

They want to order pasta, watch …

Count on It: Learn Italian Numbers for Everyday Use


Imagine you’re in Italy on vacation.

And let’s say you want to buy 15 delicious Italian pastries. But wait—you only have 10 fingers to sign to the guy at the counter! What do you do?

Well, first of …

What Does the Italian Alphabet Look and Sound Like? A Pronunciation Guide


What was the first song you learned by heart?

Was it a killer rock song that you heard from your parents’ record collection?

Was it a popular song you heard on the radio or an alternative song that only you …

80+ Essential Italian Phrases that Every Beginning Learner Should Know


Today, you are going to be a turkey. (Wait…what?)

That’s right. Become the turkey. Embody the turkey. (Excuse me?)

You know how a Thanksgiving turkey gets filled to the brim with delicious stuffing? Well, you’re that turkey. And the delicious …

Learn Italian with Songs and Give Your Study Sesh a Soundtrack


Picture this:

You’re conversing with a friend and they say, “I heard this awesome new Italian song.” They toss you a pair of headphones and you plug in.

The music consumes you and transports you to the discoteche (night clubs)