Learn Advanced Italian Grammar and Pass for a Native in No Time

If you’re reading this, then you’ve probably already mastered the basics. You can carry on a conversation in Italian and order Italian food like a native of the boot.

But if you really want to push yourself from being a learner to being a fluent speaker of the language, you’ll need to master advanced Italian grammar.

There are tons of ways to become skilled at and practice advanced Italian grammar. Some of them are so interesting and entertaining that they don’t even feel like work.


One World Italiano


If you’re at that place right between upper-intermediate and advanced, this resource will make a great transition point.

Grammar rules are presented with clear explanations and first-rate examples that illustrate pertinent points.

In addition, you’ll find a number of useful video exercises and courses as well as lots of activities that’ll provide you with plenty of opportunities to hone your grammar skills. Exercises are graded immediately so it’s possible to see what your strengths are—as well as to see what areas need extra work.

There are many upper intermediate activities here, from direct and indirect speech to the passive form. Best of all, every exercise, lesson and activity clearly states what level it’s meant for, so you know right away what’ll fit your Italian skill level.

This is a super way to reinforce intermediate skills before going full-tilt at the advanced work. Also, it’s a great reference point to look back on!

An extra to this site is the segment on business Italian. There are advanced sections which are helpful to anyone pursuing advanced grammar skills. While the exercises aren’t focused on grammar, they do provide advanced level reading portions which show grammar rules in use.



With this immersive program, you can learn grammar in context through Italian videos.

FluentU takes real-world videos—like music videos, movie trailers, news and inspiring talks—and turns them into personalized language learning lessons, as you can see here:


FluentU helps you get comfortable with everyday Italian by combining all the benefits of complete immersion and native-level conversations with interactive subtitles.

Tap on any word to instantly see an image, in-context definition, example sentences and other videos in which the word is used.


Access a complete interactive transcript of every video under the Dialogue tab, and review words and phrases with convenient audio clips under Vocab.


Once you've watched a video, you can use FluentU's quizzes to actively practice all the vocabulary in that video. Swipe left or right to see more examples of the word you’re on.


FluentU will even keep track of all the Italian words you’ve learned to recommend videos and ask you questions based on what you already know.

Plus, it'll tell you exactly when it's time for review. Now that's a 100% personalized experience!

The best part? You can try FluentU for free!

Start using the FluentU website on your computer or tablet or, better yet, download the FluentU app from the iTunes or Google Play store. Click here to take advantage of our current sale! (Expires at the end of this month.)



This resource provides advanced grammar exercises on a variety of topics. It covers every subject in depth by providing explanations and examples of each grammar rule.

The exercise section is divided into two parts: One section is free to anyone and the other section is for members only.

There are enough grammar exercises in the free section that you can gain lots of practice time even if you don’t decide to join. If you’re having trouble with verb tenses, this is a great place to learn about them in more depth. There are many free sections that’ll have you on top of this sometimes-tricky subject.

Having said that, becoming a member does offer a bit more practice opportunities. Members also have access to online courses, tests, videos, extensive exercises and much more.

The exercises, like the one about the indicative form, as well as the explanations and examples are all presented completely in Italian, which is a super way to gain reading and comprehension practice—while working on advanced grammar drills. It’s a win-win situation!


This website offers advanced lessons, listening practice and grammar exercises for hours of grammar practice!

Grammar lessons are organized so well that it’s easy to know immediately which sections correspond with your particular needs. There’s also a very useful self-study checklist for learners to keep track of their progress!

Try out the listening practice exercises: Although they aren’t explicitly grammar exercises, they do reinforce grammar rules by showing them in context—plus, they’re interesting!

These listening lessons also offer a view into Italian culture that shouldn’t be missed by learners. For instance, listen to the lesson about Italians abroad to see things from a different perspective.

Advanced grammar rules are concisely explained and corresponding exercises reinforce the explanations. This is an ideal way to solidify skills. Do the exercises repeatedly, until the responses come naturally!

Italian Grammar


Italian Grammar is an outstanding resource for all levels of Italian learners, but the advanced grammar worksheets here will provide some especially useful practice.

The free worksheets are downloadable, or you can just use them online by filling in the Word documents then checking your answers against the corresponding answer sheets.

Grammar worksheets are an invaluable tool. They go anywhere so you can pull one out during a commute or lunch break. They’re forgiving: If your answers aren’t correct the first time, do the worksheets over until the rules are so solidified in your mind that responses to grammar questions come naturally.

The main website isn’t presented in English or Italian, but every advanced exercise and explanation uses only Italian. Reinforce your grammar learning with listening and reading exercises, as well as some interesting facts about Italian culture and traditions.

“Practice Makes Perfect: Advanced Italian Grammar”

Practice Makes Perfect Advanced Italian Grammar (Practice Makes Perfect Series)

This book is geared toward advanced learners who already have a solid foundation in the language.

The lessons in the book build on each other: Topics covered in later chapters are more complex than those in the beginning of the book. The volume also makes a point to tackle items that are typically challenging to language students, like object and relative pronouns.

Complex topics are explained clearly through parallels to the English language, which makes potentially daunting concepts much easier to understand. It’s especially useful for anyone who finds themselves getting stuck on specific aspects of grammar and offers a great opportunity to finally master the exceptions and trouble spots for students of the language.

This is a practice guide, so it offers lots of opportunities to actually use the material being covered. Remember, practice is the key to perfecting skills so utilize every practice exercise!

“Concise Guide to Italian Grammar: Beginner to Advanced”

Concise Guide to Italian Grammar: Beginner to Advanced

A guide that covers all grammar topics is an invaluable asset to any language learner.

Since this is formatted to present material in increasing difficulty, it covers grammar in a logical order from basic to advanced. That means that if an advanced learner has a grammar topic that might not be absolutely clear, this is the spot to dispel uncertainty.

Lessons in this resource are organized by grammar topic, so you can head straight to the section you need help with. More advanced concepts include various constructions of the passive voice, pronoun placement, trouble verbs and much more.

This book clarifies practically every grammar rule there is and is a great reference to have on hand.

“Learn and Improve Advanced Italian Grammar”

This live-streamed video concisely answers advanced grammar questions posed by users. The topics covered are common advanced issues so the resource is helpful for almost every advanced Italian learner. And if you love the casual format and want more, there are a number of other advanced lessons in previous live-streamed episodes!

Italy Made Easy, the YouTube channel that offers this excellent resource, also provides some cool video lessons that teach all levels of learners. Listening exercises, intermediate grammar topics and many cultural topics are all presented in a fun, informative way.

Most useful for advanced grammar students in particular is the incredible playlist of videos for advanced learners. Here, you’ll find real advanced conversations, coupled with videos that explain them, defining key terms and phrases and highlighting specific grammar points that were actually used in the conversation.

This channel and its videos are excellent for learning grammar points as they’re really used by hearing them in conversation, then having the charming host Manu go over every concept in detail.

The conversational tone of the videos also offers a great chance to model pronunciation after native speakers!

Advanced Italian Podcast


Advanced Italian is a podcast series that covers international news from an Italian perspective.It’s presented in a slowed-down Italian speech that’s perfect for high-intermediate to low-advanced students.

Although this isn’t strictly a grammar resource, it’s an excellent addition to any learner’s toolbox. Listening to advanced Italian speech provides the opportunity to model not only pronunciation but to pick up grammar and new vocabulary in context. Hear the rules being used—then make an effort to use them in your own daily Italian practice.

Plus, the focus on news and current events from an Italian perspective offers an excellent chance to see the culture behind the language!

Listeners must subscribe to gain full access to every episode of the podcast series. However, there are many free podcasts available that give a great taste of what the series is about.

Advanced Language and Culture Course


This course, hosted by edX and made available by the Wellesley College, is a perfect way for learners to hone their Italian skills.

The course runs for eight weeks and is absolutely free.

To nail down advanced grammar, hit the areas of the syllabus that focus on grammar topics like subjunctives, clauses, imperatives and much more.

The downloadable podcasts are especially helpful to advanced learners. They offer comprehension practice and model correct usage of the language’s grammar rules. And since they’re downloadable, they provide a mobile tool that can be accessed anytime.

Of particular interest to advanced grammar students is their section on properly using the passive voice. Some learners stumble on this point—if you’re a learner who finds this an issue, pay attention to the course’s material on this topic. It’ll certainly clear up any gray areas!

Although this course is archived, you can still view every part of the course (you just won’t be able to submit test results). There’s also an active Facebook to support students who are taking the archived course.


Grammar isn’t the language monster it’s often portrayed as being. It’s a vital point of any language program and once you learn the basics it’s a natural progression to more advanced skills.

The key to advanced grammar mastery is practice. There’s no secret to it—all it really takes is practice.

These resources will give you the practice you need to add to your advanced grammar skills. In turn, that’ll increase your Italian proficiency and get you closer to being fluent in this gorgeous language.

So really, what’s not to love about advanced Italian grammar practice?

Have fun and good luck!

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