Let the (Language) Games Begin! 8 Fun Grammar Games for Adults

grammar games for adults

Remember when we were kids and learning was fun?

When lessons were colorful and interactive. When black and white concepts were taught using games, activity sheets and role-playing exercises.

Remember friendly competition, point systems, levels and gold stars?…

Are Your ESL Students Bored By Grammar? Here Are 4 Ways to Spice It up!

teaching grammar esl

Ask any student what they love most about learning English, and “grammar” isn’t an answer you’re likely to hear.

Many of them see it as a necessary evil—something they’re forced to practice in order to improve their fluency. Rarely is …

9 Aweome TED Talks for ESL Students Every Teacher Should Use


Have you been feeling stuck in a rut with lesson planning lately?

Are you having trouble coming up with interesting ESL activities?

Do your students seem bored and uninterested in your lessons?

If you answered yes to any of the …

5 Approaches to Add Variety to Your Methodology of Teaching English

methodology of teaching english

Know what my biggest mistake as a teacher was?

I was married to only one teaching methodology.

And just like any marriage, I needed to spice things up after a while.

When I started teaching some 20 years ago, my …

Become a Professional English Teacher in 6 Easy Steps


Teaching is one of the most rewarding jobs in the world.

There’s nothing quite like watching your students succeed. When they pass their exams, get promotions at work or start studying abroad, it fills you with a sense of pride.…

Never a Dull Moment: Create Engaging Lessons with ESL Classroom Posters

ESL classroom posters

Ever feel like the more you explain something, the more confused your students become?

I’ve been there as a teacher many times.

When I first started out, I didn’t get my students.

My classes were built around my own learning …

How to Build Your Own Teaching English for Academic Purposes Course


If you’ve been an English teacher for some time, you’ve probably noticed one thing: students always go into a frenzy at the start of 12th grade.

But why?

Probably a little bit of hormones, but mostly it’s because they’re trying …