Teaching English as a Second Language: 4 Steps to Start Your Journey

teaching english as a second language

Close your eyes, and think:

Where would you like to see yourself this time next year?

Eating tapas and drinking wine at a Spanish bar?

Becoming fluent in a new language?

Relaxing on a stunning beach in Vietnam?


10 Ear-opening English Listening Exercises That Transform Hearing into Understanding


Google “English listening exercises.” Go ahead.

Now, sit back in awe at the quarter-of-a-million hits those three words get you.

To reiterate, that’s 250,000 places where you can find listening exercises for your English class. Amazing, right?

But be forewarned: …

Looking for the Best English Teaching Videos? YouTube to the Rescue!


No one ever said teaching ESL was easy.

Memorizing verb tenses, understanding active vs. passive voice, taking in the culture, pronouncing the word “squirrel.”

How are you supposed to teach students these things, all while keeping your …

Get an Earful! Create an ESL Listening Lab with 10 Time-saving Programs


Remember that one time?

When you meant to order french fries, but instead said french flies?

Oui! Oui! (Yes! Yes!) One phoneme can make a heck of a difference.

Or when you asked your friend, child or student to repeat …

10 TEFL Teaching Resources You (and Your Students) Can’t Live Without

tefl teaching resources

Every ESL teacher has his or her own private list of must-have resources.

Sometimes, these resources save time or money. Other times, they provide ideas for lesson plans.

Almost always, they make your teaching both easier and more effective.

6 ESL Speaking Websites for Students to Practice Speaking English

esl speaking websites

Sure, it’s satisfying when your ESL student crafts a well-written essay in English.

And of course you’re proud when they understand your instructions without asking you to repeat them.

But is there anything more rewarding than hearing a student speak …

17 Interactive ESL Listening Websites to Fit Any Student’s Mood


Teachers are known to take special pains to make learning fun for their students.

They bend over backwards to make vocabulary lessons sizzle or to encourage learners to speak in class.

But we all know that even after …