10 English Teaching Apps for the 21st-century ESL Teacher


A modern ESL teacher doesn’t have to follow a set path.

Being an up-to-date ESL educator these days might mean using all the latest technology to make classroom learning more exciting for your students.

Or it might mean teaching

It’s Game Time! Online and Whole Group ESL Game Resources to Engage All Learners


What do surgeons, programmers and children have in common?

They all gain essential skills by playing games.

Surgeons play SICKO, a game designed to perfect fine motor skills.

Programmers can overcome fun obstacles while coding.

Children can level

Technology for the ESL Classroom That Your Students Can’t Resist


Flying cars. Personal robots. Invisibility suits.

There are a lot of futuristic tech innovations we’re still waiting on.

But when it comes to ESL teaching, there’s no need to wait for the most powerful technology.

From gamified lessons to …

Put Student Loans on Pause by Teaching English Overseas Without a Degree


Today, student debt totals an incredibly massive $1.3 trillion.

It’s being called a “crisis” by Forbes.

Let’s put one trillion into perspective. In terms of time, one billion seconds ago equals about 31 years. However, one trillion …

5 Fun English Games with Practical Lessons Hidden Inside


Ever used a Trojan Horse in your teaching?

While there’s really not much about the Trojan War that you’d want to emulate in a classroom, the old story of the Trojan Horse can be a helpful metaphor.

Just like the …

Want Irresistible English Lessons? Try These 3 Super Motivational Teaching Activities


Have you ever found yourself in front of a class thinking, “wow, they really do not want to be here today?”

I have. More than once. It was a bit discouraging at first, but in the end it pushed me …

What Is ESL Jeopardy for $200, Alex? A Great Way to Check Student Comprehension


Can someone truly find love on a game show?

“The Bachelor” aside, love is possible, even on a show like “Jeopardy.” Just ask Maryanne Lewell and Michael Townes who met as contestants and went on to find their happily ever