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Pimsleur Review: An Honest Look at the Classic Language Learning Program


Sometimes you don’t feel particularly adventurous.

You just want to order the burger and fries, stay in your pajamas all day or re-watch your favorite movie.

Pimsleur is like that.

People may tell you it’s not particularly exciting, …

Learn How to Say Goodbye in 25+ Different Languages 


Hello is the first thing on our minds.

Whether we’re battling foreign language anxiety or just general nerves, we’re most concerned with getting past that first five seconds of the conversation.

Because that’s the hardest part.

There’s a lot …

The 8 Best Translation Apps for Android, Period


Horrible meat lock.

Slippery shrimp doctor.

A termination and four weddings.

These are just a few of the phrases left in my head after I finished testing out various translation app features with different texts.

Yes, machine translation has a …

Learn a Language with Blogs: Over 75 Options for the Solitary Student


How do you start your days?

By texting your fellow language learners “good morning” before even getting out of bed?

Poring over the latest language software innovations in the daily newspaper?

No? Not so much?

Despite being one of the

Learn a Language on YouTube: 14 Hacks for Success


Everyone has problems.

Money problems, job problems, life problems.

Hopefully, you’re able to solve most of them. Eventually.

But in the meantime, learning a language shouldn’t be one of your problems.

That’s not to say that we’re living …

14+ Language Audiobook Series and Sources for Sound Learners

langauge audio books 3

Sore fingers. Eye strain. Back pain.

These unfortunate symptoms are commonly associated with learning.

Got a headache because you were up all night cramming for a test?

Sitting in an uncomfortable chair all day taking a toll on your …

Language Learning 101: Top Strategies and Tools

language learning

Kató Lomb is my favorite polyglot.

She was, to put it mildly, a total badass.

She became one of the first simultaneous interpreters and learned 16 languages.

The primary part of her learning method involved reading books.

Let me …

The 10 Best Language Learning Apps for User-friendly Study

best language learning apps


Sorry, you caught me at a bad moment.

You know how it is. Smartphone technology can be frustrating.

What’s really aggravating is when you download a new app that’s supposed to make your life easier, and it just… …

What Even Is an Asian Language? And How Can You Learn One?


What is an Asian language?

That question might be harder to answer than you think.

For a lot of people, what first comes to mind are the widely spoken East Asian languages: Chinese, Japanese and Korean.

But what about South …

The 35 Best Language Learning Apps of 2020 That Make Studying Fun


Sometimes, you need a jump start.

Maybe it’s because the frigid cold temperatures killed your car battery.

Maybe it’s because you left your headlights on to create a spotlight for your one-person puppet show.

But when your language education needs