1 Day After Launch, FluentU iPhone App is Already #67 Among Free Educational Apps!

The FluentU app is now available for download!

1 day after launch, our first 44 reviews are in, and FluentU is already ranking #67 among free education apps in the US app store!

What are users saying?

I have waited for this app with baited breath and it has not disappointed! Unbelievable how easy and quick it is to look up and save new vocab.

It´s a wonderful and ingenious way to learn new vocabulary and grammar. You watch a real life video (standup comics, music videos, newscasts, educational programs, movie trailers, etc) with subtitles and then you are tested on the more difficult vocabulary and grammatical constructs. First you answer through multiple choice, then you must fill in the blanks and create the word yourself. It keeps track when you´ve learned a word and when you have mastered it (remembered the word when you go back to the app at a later time.) You learn everything in context of communication so it´s fun and effective. It´s great for all levels. My niece is a beginner to intermediate learner and loved it as well.

Next best thing to a personal tutor in the target language

even better than the website

I’ll be looking into a premium account as materials for Japanese is scarce. It’s a wasteland, people, Fluent u is the is the water well. Drink up (that sounds aggressive, sorry) :)

I’ve been counting down the days until the app release and I’m not disappointed at all.

So what are you waiting for?

Go see what the fuss is all about!

Check out the FluentU iPhone App on the iTunes App Store

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