Update: Faster Search

In our 5th year of operation, we’ve had a fortunate problem.

We have too much content.

Too much authentic goodness like music videos, entertaining commercials and TV show segments.

For example, for Chinese we have 1,800+ videos, 450+ audio files and 140+ flashcard sets.

We’ve often had users ask for stuff that we already have.

A lot of the good stuff was getting buried, lost and unappreciated.

The biggest reason for this was that our search was SLOW.

It was barely usable.

Now with our latest update, you’ll find that it’s blazingly fast.

There is autocomplete.

And you don’t need to have perfect spelling either.

It’ll even search in the original language itself.

So what are you waiting for?

Give it a shot!

P.S. We’re just getting started with our plans for search.

It’s part of our mission to become the best source of authentic language learning content anywhere.

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