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15 Best Russian Podcasts [2024]

If you really want to learn Russian like a champ, podcasts should also be an important part of your learning routine.

With the right kind of resources, you can nail a crucial part of your learning routine: listening.

In this post, you’ll find the best Russian podcasts to listen to for beginner and advanced Russian learners. 


1. Очень по-русски


Очень по-русски (Very in Russian) is for upper-intermediate and advanced Russian learners.

This podcast offers thematic episodes on a wide variety of topics. Each episode shares slang, idioms and colloquialisms that are common in Russian but not as common in textbooks.

You can listen to the podcasts on the site or download the MP3s. Each podcast has a corresponding transcript complete with English translations. There’s also an accompanying vocabulary list with each podcast; this is a great way to study notable words and phrases more.

All the podcasts are available for free through the site, but you can also buy additional, affordably-priced, downloadable audio materials. You can subscribe via RSS, iTunes or email.

2. Russian Podcast


With over 200 podcasts, Russian Podcast offers great lessons for beginning through advanced learners.

Beginning learners can learn helpful information like common questions, while advanced learners will benefit from very specific vocabulary and lessons, such as psychotherapy-related podcasts. While most of the material is conversational, there are also a number of songs included, so the podcasts are varied and entertaining.

Each podcast comes with a helpful PDF that contains the recorded conversation. For beginning- and intermediate-level podcasts, the PDF also contains word lists with English translations to help you study. In the more advanced podcasts, the words are defined in Russian. You can download the lessons or listen on the site.

The podcasts are free, but you can also sign up for Skype-based Russian lessons here at a charge.

3. RussianLingQ


RussianLingQ has podcasts ranging from beginning- to advanced-level Russian.

It focuses primarily on general interest conversation, so this is a great way to learn general terms.

You can listen online and/or download the MP3s. You can also download the full transcripts.

Limited materials from Russian LingQ are free of charge. There are also additional learning materials on the site for a charge.

4. Russian Made Easy

Russian Made Easy focuses on—you guessed it—making it easy to learn Russian. These beginner-level podcasts will help you get the basics down. russian made easy podcast logo

The podcasts focus on basic phrases and simple conversations about things like meeting people.

Each podcast is available for download or to listen to online. You can also read the transcripts online or download them as PDFs.

5. Russian Word of the Day with Kira

Delve into the world of Russian vocabulary with Russian Word of the Day with Kira. Russian Word of the Day with Kira logo

This podcast provides daily doses of essential Russian words and phrases, perfect for beginners looking to expand their language repertoire.

Each episode focuses on a new word, complete with clear pronunciation and examples of how to use it in context.

6. Russian For Cats 

Yes, you read that right! Russian For Cats is a unique and entertaining way to learn Russian. Russian For Cats logo

Hosted by a charming feline character, the podcast combines language lessons with the quirky world of cats.

It’s a delightful choice for cat lovers and Russian learners alike.

7. Slow Russian

Slow Russian caters to learners of all levels by offering spoken content at a manageable pace. Slow Russian podcast logo

This podcast features slow and clear Russian conversations, making it perfect for those who want to improve their listening skills and comprehension.

Each episode explores interesting cultural topics and stories.

8. Ракета: Simple Russian

Ракета: Simple Russian provides straightforward language lessons for beginners. Raketa Simple Russian logo

The podcast’s creators focus on breaking down complex Russian grammar and vocabulary into simple, easy-to-understand explanations.

Whether you’re new to the language or seeking a refresher, this podcast will guide you through the basics.

9. Arzamas

If you’re fascinated by Russian history and culture, Arzamas is the perfect podcast for you. arzamas logo

While not solely a language-learning podcast, it offers a wealth of engaging content that exposes you to the language in a cultural context.

Dive into captivating discussions about Russian literature, history, and art, all while improving your language skills.

10. RussianPod101

RussianPod101 is a comprehensive resource suitable for learners of all levels. It offers thousands of podcast-style lessons, from beginner to advanced, covering various aspects of the language. RussianPod101 podcast logo

Each episode is designed to be engaging, practical, and suitable for self-study.

With downloadable lessons, transcripts, and an interactive learning platform, RussianPod101 is your one-stop-shop for learning the Russian language.

11. A Spoonful of Russian

A Spoonful of Russian podcast introduces you to the beauty of the Russian language through stories, idioms, and cultural insights. A Spoonful of Russian podcast logo

It’s perfect for you if you’re a beginner or intermediate learner who wants to learn more about Russian culture while improving your language skills.

12. One Minute Russian

Short, sweet, and to the point, One Minute Russian is an ideal choice for busy learners. One Minute Russian logo

Each episode lasts just one minute but delivers key phrases and essential vocabulary.

This podcast is your go-to resource for quick language boosts during coffee breaks or on the go.

13. The Word’s Worth

The Word’s Worth podcast is based on Michele Berdy’s book “The Russian Word’s Worth.” The Word’s Worth podcast logo

These humorous episodes delve deep into the world of Russian words and phrases, unraveling their meanings, origins, and usage.

By understanding the fascinating stories behind the words, you’ll not only improve your vocabulary but also gain insight into Russian culture and history.

14. Russian from Russia Podcast

Russian from Russia Podcast is an invaluable tool for learners aiming to understand and speak Russian as it’s commonly used in its native land. Russian from Russia podcast logo

This podcast offers a window into the language, culture, and daily life in Russia.

With episodes ranging from beginner to advanced levels, it’s an excellent choice for anyone looking to improve their listening skills and grasp the intricacies of authentic Russian communication.

15. ПостНауки

ПостНауки (PostScience) may not be exclusively a language-learning podcast, but it’s a goldmine for those interested in exploring the Russian language in an intellectual context. ПостНауки logo

This podcast delves into fascinating topics in science, technology, and culture, all presented in Russian.

It’s a fantastic resource for advanced learners who want to engage with complex subject matter and expand their vocabulary.

Why Listen to Russian Podcasts?

  • They offer practical listening skills. If you don’t listen to spoken Russian often, you’ll struggle to understand spoken words; this is true even if you can read and write Russian flawlessly. Listening is an entirely different skill. And listening to podcasts will help you hone that skill. This is especially true since podcasts often simulate actual conversations.
  • Russian podcasts are often conducted by native speakers. Listening to native speakers will help you improve your pronunciation and your ability to understand real Russian. You’ve heard how non-native English speakers often have accents, right? Well, you also have an accent when speaking Russian. Listening to native speakers will help reduce it.
  • Podcasts are episodic and usually short. This means you can focus on specific themes without worrying about having to put forth too much of a time commitment. This makes it easy to pick and choose what you want to learn about and fit it into whatever time you have available.

How to Get the Most out of Russian Podcasts

  • Study accompanying guides. Many podcasts have accompanying printed guides you can use to aid your learning. Studying them will improve your reading skills and make listening easier at the same time.
  • Listen often. Whether listening to new podcasts or the same podcast time and again, the more you listen, the more you’ll learn. Remember: Repetition is the key to learning any language.
  • If a passage is confusing, play it back until you figure it out. Context clues are often key. Considering the focus of the podcast, what might a particular word mean? Forcing yourself to learn from context will help you develop problem-solving skills that can be applied later on to actual conversations.

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So, if you want to earn a perfect 10 in Russian listening, give Russian podcasts a try!

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