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How to Book Private Language Lessons with an Online Tutor [2024 Edition]

Whether you’re learning for fun, preparing for future travel abroad or anything in-between, online language tutoring is a must.

Along your private language learning journey, you’ll be exposed to new people, cultures and backgrounds.

In this post, I’ll introduce you to some top resources language learners use to find great language tutors.


Great for Everyone Regardless of Your Budget: italki

Price: $-$$ per hour 

italki logo

italki is a language learning platform that connects freelance instructors and native speakers with foreign language learners.

italki hosts a roster of over 1,000 professional teachers and 2,000 community tutors who speak almost every language you can think of. The first category, teachers, is the most experienced and formal.

Teachers are usually certified and well-experienced, meaning they charge more than the second category, tutors, who work for very reasonable prices to teach you their local slang so you can enjoy conversing informally.

Based on instructors’ profiles (i.e., student reviews, video, country and pricing), you can decide which options best fit your needs.

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Best for Learners On-the-Go: Verbling

Price: $$ per hour 

verbling logo

Verbling is without a doubt the best one-on-one teaching resource when it comes to convenience. With the dashboard’s all-in-one toolbox, you can review your vocabulary cards, schedule lessons, manage assignments and much more.

Also, its integrated HD platform, Verbling Video, means you won’t have to be juggling external communication apps and software. You only need to log into Verbling and get started.

Verbling gathers top language teachers from all over the globe with whom you can schedule unlimited trial classes until you find the right match.

You also can access Verbling’s community between classes to practice with learners from different parts of the world.

For Anyone Who Likes Short Lessons: Rype

Price: $$ per month

rype logo

Are you afraid of spending hours on learning and commuting to your traditional language school?

Rype has got you covered. There you’ll spend only 30 minutes in every language learning session instead of hours at your language school. According to Rype, students should spend just two to three hours every week learning their target language.

Rype offers one-on-one tutoring with well-established teachers all around the world in English, French and Spanish.

All teachers use a very down-to-earth methodology in their teaching, which can be adopted by all learners (i.e., total beginners or advanced speakers).

Plus, Rype provides all of its students with customized lesson plans based on several factors such as your goals and proficiency. Your teacher tailors your plan after arranging a free consultation with you.

Best for Traditional Learners: Live Lingua

Price: $$ per lesson

live lingua logo

Live Lingua is an award-winning online language school based in the USA and Mexico.

Currently, Live Lingua offers private language lessons in eleven languages including English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Korean and Japanese.

Every student has the right to take a half-hour free trial lesson on Skype or Zoom. They receive a language learning plan and decide whether they like the teacher or not. A personal class coordinator will work with you to find the teacher that best fits your needs.

Live Lingua gives you total flexibility when it comes to booking language lessons.

For Anyone Who Struggles to Choose a Tutor: Wyzant

wyzant logo

Price: $$ per lesson

Wyzant is a one-on-one learning platform for students and language learners. With over 80,000 tutors, you can easily find your ideal online language teacher.

After answering a few questions about yourself, Wyzant will introduce you to a couple of teachers who best match your answers. Afterward, based on teachers’ rates, reviews, style, qualifications, etc., you can pick the tutor you like the most and kick-start your private language lesson adventure.

All tutors at Wyzant are based in the USA; therefore, communication and translation won’t be a barrier.

Great for Tutoring on Your Phone: Tandem

Price: Free

tandem logo

Tandem is a free language learning app available for Android and iOS devices.

To pick the right teacher, Tandem allows you to try 15 minutes for free. If you like the teacher, you can book 20, 40 or 60-minute lessons.

What sets Tandem apart from the crowd is its selectivity when it comes to hiring new tutors. Every prospective tutor should be characterized by “professionalism, knowledge and fun factor.”

Unfortunately, Tandem doesn’t support web browsers so you’ll need to use your mobile device to have access to it.

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For Everyone Who Likes Tracking Progress: Verbalplanet

Price: $$ per lesson

verbalplanet logo

Verbalplanet is a fab community of language teachers and students from over 100 countries.

Like most private language learning websites, Verbalplanet connects online tutors and language students via Skype.

To make sure you stay motivated, your tutor will provide you with a customized fluency analysis based on your speaking and listening performance during every language lesson. This will also help you track your progress and set realistic language learning goals.

If you want to accelerate your private language learning with immersive lessons, you can try the online program FluentU.

FluentU takes authentic videos—like music videos, movie trailers, news and inspiring talks—and turns them into personalized language learning lessons.

You can try FluentU for free for 2 weeks. Check out the website or download the iOS app or Android app.

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Without a doubt—online private language lessons are the fuel that’s going to drive your language level’s growth.

That’s why you should start booking online language classes today!

Let’s add some fuel to that fire!

And One More Thing...

If you dig the idea of learning on your own time from the comfort of your smart device with real-life authentic language content, you'll love using FluentU.

With FluentU, you'll learn real languages—as they're spoken by native speakers. FluentU has a wide variety of videos as you can see here:

FluentU has interactive captions that let you tap on any word to see an image, definition, audio and useful examples. Now native language content is within reach with interactive transcripts.

Didn't catch something? Go back and listen again. Missed a word? Hover your mouse over the subtitles to instantly view definitions.

You can learn all the vocabulary in any video with FluentU's "learn mode." Swipe left or right to see more examples for the word you’re learning.

And FluentU always keeps track of vocabulary that you’re learning. It gives you extra practice with difficult words—and reminds you when it’s time to review what you’ve learned. You get a truly personalized experience.

Start using the FluentU website on your computer or tablet or, better yet, download the FluentU app from the iTunes or Google Play store. Click here to take advantage of our current sale! (Expires at the end of this month.)

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