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Going off the Grid? You Can Still Use These 6 Offline Translator Apps!


You walk into an amazing, authentic Chinese restaurant.

The menu is completely in Chinese. The entire staff and all the other people eating there are Chinese. Talk about the real deal!

The only problem? There’s no Wi-Fi in …

Flex Your Language Muscles Through These 6 Foreign Language Training Programs


Learning a foreign language is kind of like going to the gym.

You only make noticeable progress if you train regularly and strategically, with the right tools and techniques.

You wouldn’t expect to get swole just by picking up …

Ins and Outs of the Critical Language Scholarship Program


Americans aren’t exactly known for their foreign language prowess.

If you’re an American and have ever actually mastered a language you’ve studied, congratulations, you’re in an elite club.

For a variety of reasons, many Americans simply aren’t motivated to

4 for the Money! 4 of the Most Profitable Languages to Learn


As you’re reading this, I can assume you want to learn a language.

But why do you want to?

There are as many reasons for learning languages as there are languages themselves.

There’s travel, food, people—and money.…

Hola, Bonjour, Ciao! 3 Ways Being Multilingual Will Change Your Life

multilingualism advantages

Do you love languages?

Believe it or not, you’re in the minority.

Most people don’t think much of languages one way or another. A lot of monolingual people would even prefer to stay that way.

That seems strange …

After Spanish, These Are 6 of the Best Languages to Learn


Choosing a language to learn may not seem like a strategic move.

After all, for many, Spanish is the obvious choice.

But after you learn Spanish—

Wait, hold on. After?

Well, yes.

Spanish covers a lot of the world. English …

Learn a Language in 10 Days Challenge: Two Approaches


Challenges are fun.

There are a lot of people out there who enjoy doing language learning challenges.

Doing things fast is also fun.

And trying to accomplish the great mental feat of learning a language as fast as possible

The Best in Parallel Text Books Online: 8 Refined Resources


Let’s say you’re in a place where you can’t read the local language.

You can’t read any stickers, pamphlets, slogans or warning signs in that language.

Only there are signs in both English and the primary spoken language, so you …

The Top 8 “What Language Should I Learn” Online Quizzes


Language learning is tough work.

And if you want to be a polyglot, you’re going to have to endure the daily grind over and over in your life.

It takes a whole lot of effort to maintain the languages

Step Up! 4 Paths to the Ability to Learn Languages Quickly


It’s a fast-paced world out there.

How many times have you seen someone waiting at the bus stop, constantly checking their watch, getting more and more frustrated with a delay of just two or three minutes?

It’s no surprise, then, …