230+ Cute Nicknames from Around the World

I can’t remember the last time I called my husband by his name. I only call him babe, baby or—when I need to differentiate between him and our daughter—bigger baby.

Whether you’re calling out to your darling in Spain or making new friends in Japan, you’re likely to need a nickname.

Check out over 230 cute nicknames from around the world that you can use with your loved ones—both the romantic and the platonic kind.


Nicknames in Spanish

The use of nicknames in Spanish-speaking cultures is quite common and deeply rooted in daily interactions. Known as “apodos” or “sobrenombres,” Spanish nicknames can be based on various characteristics, physical traits, personality traits, or even events associated with the person.

Sometimes, the nicknames don’t even make sense: In my husband’s Peruvian family, every person has a nickname that seems to have been pulled out of thin air. I don’t even know what aunt Pecos’ real name is!

Nickname (with audio)EnglishType of Use
Amado BelovedRomantic
Amorcito Little loveRomantic
Angelito Little angelPlatonic
Azúcar SugarPlatonic
Bebé BabyPlatonic
Bombón CandyPlatonic
Carino DarlingRomantic
Chiquitín Tiny onePlatonic
Cielito Little skyRomantic
Conejito BunnyPlatonic
Corazón HeartRomantic
Dulzura SweetnessPlatonic
Estrella StarPlatonic
Lucero Bright starPlatonic
Mariposa ButterflyPlatonic
Mariquita LadybugPlatonic
Media Naranja Half orangeRomantic
Mi Alma My soulRomantic
Mi amor My loveRomantic
Mi Vida My lifeRomantic
Muñeco DollPlatonic
Osito Little bearPlatonic
Pequeñín Little onePlatonic
Pimpollo BudPlatonic
Querido DearRomantic
Rosita Little rosePlatonic
Sol SunRomantic
Solcito Little sunPlatonic
Tesoro TreasureRomantic

Nicknames in French

Nicknames in French are called “surnoms” or “petits noms.” The second phrase literally means “small names” and this is a pretty good assessment of the use of nicknames in French culture: They frequently feature diminutives. You might not think calling someone a cabbage is endearing, but call them “mon petit chou” (my little cabbage) and suddenly that’s a nickname I’d want someone to have for me.

Nickname (with audio)EnglishType of Use
Amour LoveRomantic
Amoureux / Amoureuse LoverRomantic
Ange AngelRomantic
Belle BeautyRomantic
Biscuit CookiePlatonic
Câlinette CuddlyRomantic
Chaton KittenPlatonic
Chéri / Chérie DearRomantic
Chou CabbageRomantic
Choupinette CutieRomantic
Ciel SkyRomantic
Coccinelle LadybugPlatonic
Coeur HeartRomantic
Colombe DovePlatonic
Doux / Douce SweetRomantic
Étoile StarRomantic
Fleur FlowerRomantic
Grenouille FrogPlatonic
Lapin RabbitPlatonic
Lune MoonRomantic
Ourson Little bearPlatonic
Papillon ButterflyPlatonic
Perle PearlRomantic
Petit Bonbon Little candyPlatonic
Petit Loup Little wolfPlatonic
Puce FleaPlatonic
Soleil SunRomantic
Souris MousePlatonic
Trésor TreasureRomantic

Nicknames in Chinese

Chinese nicknames are referred to as 小名 (xiǎo míng) or 绰号 (chuò hào). Similar to Spanish nicknames, Chinese nicknames are often derived from physical characteristics or personal features. For instance, someone with big eyes might be called 大眼 (dà yǎn), meaning “big eyes.” There are also nicknames that denote familiar relationships, like 大哥 (dà gē), meaning “big brother”  or 老大 (lǎo dà), “eldest brother.”

Nickname (with audio)PinyinEnglish
亲爱的 (Qīn'ài de)DearRomantic
傻瓜 (Shǎguā)FoolPlatonic
可爱猫 (Kě'ài māo)Cute catPlatonic
大眼睛 (Dà yǎnjīng)Big eyesPlatonic
太阳 (Tàiyáng)SunPlatonic
安安 (Ān ān)PeacefulPlatonic
宝儿 (Bǎo'ér)PreciousPlatonic
宝宝 (Bǎobǎo)BabyPlatonic
宝贝 (Bǎobèi)TreasureRomantic
宝贝儿 (Bǎobèi er)DarlingRomantic
小公主 (Xiǎo Gōngzhǔ)Little princessPlatonic
小可人 (Xiǎo kě rén)Little cutiePlatonic
小天使 (Xiǎo Tiānshǐ)Little angelPlatonic
小王子 (Xiǎo Wángzǐ)Little princePlatonic
星星 (Xīngxīng)StarPlatonic
月亮 (Yuèliàng)MoonPlatonic
珍珠 (Zhēnzhū)PearlPlatonic
甜心 (Tiánxīn)SweetheartRomantic
甜甜圈 (Tiántiánquān)DoughnutPlatonic
甜美 (Tiánměi)SweetPlatonic
笑容 (Xiàoróng)SmilePlatonic
糖丸 (Tángwán)Sugar pillPlatonic
糖果 (ángguǒ)CandyPlatonic
美人儿 (Měirénr)BeautyPlatonic
美眉 (Měiméi)Pretty girlRomantic
花瓣 (Huābàn)PetalPlatonic
蜜桃 (Mìtáo)PeachPlatonic
蜜蜂 (Mìfēng)HoneybeePlatonic
雪儿 (Xuě'ér)SnowPlatonic

Nicknames in German

Contrary to their stereotypical portrayal as serious and reserved, Germans do use some very sweet and playful nicknames in informal settings. German nicknames, known as “Spitznamen” or “Kosenamen,” are mostly used within close circles of family, friends and colleagues. German nicknames can be endearing and often reflect a person’s physical attributes, personality traits or even preferences. Similarly, nicknames like “Schatzi” (meaning “treasure” or “sweetheart”) or “Hasi” (meaning “bunny”) are commonly used between romantic partners.

Nickname (with audio)EnglishType of Use
Augenstern Star of the eyesRomantic
Bärchen Little bearPlatonic
Blume FlowerRomantic
Engel AngelRomantic
Hase / Hasi BunnyPlatonic
Herzblatt HeartleafRomantic
Herzensmensch Person of the heartPlatonic
Himmel SkyRomantic
Hübsche PrettyRomantic
Keks CookiePlatonic
Kuschelbär Cuddle bearPlatonic
Liebes / Liebchen LoveRomantic
Liebesperle Love pearlRomantic
Liebling DarlingRomantic
Lieblingsschatz Favorite treasureRomantic
Liebster / Liebste DearestRomantic
Mäuschen Little mousePlatonic
Mausezähnchen Mouse toothPlatonic
Schatzilein Little treasureRomantic
Schatzl TreasureRomantic
Schmetterling ButterflyPlatonic
Schnecke SnailPlatonic
Schnucki SweetieRomantic
Sonnenschein SunshinePlatonic
Spätzchen Little sparrowPlatonic
Sternchen Little starPlatonic
Süße SweetRomantic
Traum DreamRomantic
Wölkchen Little cloudPlatonic

Nicknames in Japanese

In Japanese culture, nicknames, known as あだ名 (adana) or 愛称 (aishou), are relatively less common due to the strong emphasis on politeness and formality. Even among married couples, a common term of endearment is あなた (anata), which is often translated as “darling” but really, literally just means “you.” This is in part because the use of nicknames tends to be replaced by the more common use of honorifics, and adding “-kun” or “-chan” to any name can make it sound cute and charming.

On the other side of the Japanese nickname spectrum, the rise of online culture has led to the adoption of internet pseudonyms or usernames as virtual nicknames. Just call me “Kinikini-kun”!

Nickname (with audio)EnglishType of Use
あなた (Anata)YouRomantic
いちご (Ichigo)StrawberryPlatonic
いんこ (Inko)ParrotPlatonic
うさぎ (Usagi)RabbitPlatonic
かわいい (Kawaii)CutePlatonic
きせつ (Kisetsu)SeasonPlatonic
キャンディ (Kyandi)CandyRomantic
くま (Kuma)BearPlatonic
こいびと (Koibito)LoverRomantic
こころ (Kokoro)HeartPlatonic
こころのおと (Kokoro no Oto)Sound of the heartRomantic
こころのともしび (Kokoro no Tomoshibi)Light of my heartRomantic
さくら (Sakura)Cherry blossomPlatonic
さくらんぼ (Sakuranbo)CherryRomantic
すず (Suzu)BellPlatonic
すみれ (Sumire)VioletPlatonic
だんなさん (Dansan)HusbandRomantic
ちゃん (Chan)DearPlatonic
つばさ (Tsubasa)WingsRomantic
てんし (Tenshi)AngelPlatonic
ねこちゃん (Neko-chan)KittyPlatonic
ひかり (Hikari)LightPlatonic
ひな (Hina)ChickPlatonic
ほし (Hoshi)StarPlatonic
ほしのかけら (Hoshi no Kakera)Fragment of a starRomantic
ぽんぽこ (Ponpoko)PlumpPlatonic
まめ (Mame)BeanPlatonic
むすめ (Musume)DaughterPlatonic
もも (Momo)PeachPlatonic

More Nicknames from Around the World

Want even more? Here’s a collection of nicknames from around the world, featuring languages I haven’t mentioned yet!

LanguageNicknameEnglishType of Use
Amharicእድሜ (Edme)BelovedRomantic
Arabicقلبي (Qalbi)My heartRomantic
Assameseজীৱন (Jibon)LifePlatonic
Bengaliপুড়ি (Puri)PuddingPlatonic
Bengaliখোকা (Khoka)Baby boyPlatonic
CroatianSrce mojeMy heartRomantic
Georgianმზის ბურთული (Mzis burTuli)Sun butterflyPlatonic
Greekκαρδιά μου (Kardia mou)My heartRomantic
Greekλεμονάδα (lemonáda)LemonadePlatonic
Haitian CreoleChouchouSweetiePlatonic
HausaMasoyiyaMy loveRomantic
Hebrewדגל (Degel)FlagPlatonic
Hindiगुलाबी (Gulaabi)RosyPlatonic
HmongTsom XyoojDarlingPlatonic
HmongPhoo SiabHeartPlatonic
IgboObimMy heartRomantic
IgboObim nnemMy dearestRomantic
KazakhДәмді (Dämdı)SweetPlatonic
KazakhСұлу (Sulu)FlowerPlatonic
Khmerទេសចរណ៍ (Teasjor)Little starPlatonic
Khmerមេឃមេឃ (Mekmek)CutePlatonic
Korean해달 (Haedal)OtterPlatonic
MalteseĦobż (Hobz)BreadPlatonic
MaoriTāne MahutaGod of the forestPlatonic
Nepaliचामेली (Chāmelī)JasminePlatonic
Nepaliसूर्यकिरण (Sūryakiraṇa)SunbeamPlatonic
Pashtoزړه ښه (Zra sha)Little heartPlatonic
Persianگلم (Golam)My flowerRomantic
PolishMiśkuTeddy bearPlatonic
PortugueseDocinhoLittle sweetPlatonic
Punjabiਜੀ (Jī)DearPlatonic
RomanianInimioarăLittle heartRomantic
RussianЗайчик (Zaychik)BunnyPlatonic
SerbianСунце (Sunce)SunPlatonic
Sindhiمحبت (Muhabbat)LoveRomantic
Tamilநேரு (Neru)CutePlatonic
Tamilபூவிளந்தா (Pūviḷantā)Little flowerPlatonic
Tatarмиң (Miñ)SweetPlatonic
Teluguచిన్నప్పుడు (Chinnappudu)Little onePlatonic
Thaiทิ่งกี้ (Ting kee)KittenPlatonic
TurkishCanımMy soulRomantic
UkrainianСонечко (Sonechko)SunPlatonic
UkrainianМилка (Milka)SweetiePlatonic
Urduجان (Jān)LifeRomantic
UzbekEr-omsinMy soulmateRomantic
VietnameseMèo nhỏ (Meo nho)Little catPlatonic
XhosaMntwan'amMy childPlatonic
Yiddishשײַנערל (Shaynerl)SweetiePlatonic
YorubaOlolufeMy loveRomantic
YorubaIfemiMy loveRomantic


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