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Write It out! Learn to Write Korean with These 6 Handy Tools

If you’re a newbie to the Korean language, chances are you’re looking at 한글 (hangul) — Korean characters and wondering where to even start.

It’s an understandable feeling. If you’re only used to the way English works, 한글 may look impossible to master.

Luckily, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

한글 is actually a fairly simple writing system once you get the hang of how it works!

You may find yourself able to comprehend it much faster than you’d expect. The six resources on our list will help you conquer writing in Korean quickly and with a bit of fun.

Ready to dive into our list? Before we go over these great resources, let’s begin by looking at why learning 한글 is so vital for Korean fluency.


Is It Really Necessary to Be Able to Write in Korean?

The short answer? Yes!

If you’re traveling to South Korea, you may see the occasional English word on public signs. But to truly be able to navigate a city like Seoul, you’re going to need to be able to read 한글. And learning how to write in Korean is arguably the best way to master how to read it.

Are you studying the Korean language but aren’t dead-set on traveling to South Korea anytime soon? It’s still crucial to focus on writing in Korean! This skill will only fast-track your way to fluency.

The resources on this list are also perfect for improving your typing, comprehension, translation and transcribing abilities. These are all vital skills to have if you plan on studying Korean long-term.

Ready to see what we put together? Check out these fantastic resources for writing in Korean below!

Learn to Write Korean: Conquer Hangul Once and for All

Write It! Korean (App)

iOS | Android

learn to write korean

This app is perfect for working on stroke order and the overall composition of 한글 characters. It features a ton of great memorization techniques, such as taking customizable quizzes and listening to audio clips of the text you’re looking at.

You can also challenge yourself in a game mode. Earn stars to further progress to more complicated characters!

Write It! Korean is also very aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly. Just about any level of learner can use this app and learn a substantial amount of 한글 characters. Best of all, it’s free to download.

Learn Hangul in 35 minutes – How to Write and Read Korean (Video)

Sometimes instructional videos can be the best possible resources for learning how to write in a new language. “Learn Hangul in 35 minutes – How to Write and Read Korean” from Learn Korean with KoreanClass101.com’s YouTube page is one of the best video guides you’ll find on learning how to read, write and comprehend Korean.

Thirty-five minutes may seem like a long watch, but you may be surprised by all the information you pick up in just over half an hour! You’ll learn quite a lot about vowels, consonants, double consonants, double vowels, 받침 (badchim) — sound changes and pronunciation rules in the Korean language.

The most valuable thing you can get out of this resource is probably the visual video clips showing exactly how to write 한글 by hand, stroke order and all.

Hangeul 101 – Learn Korean Alphabet (App)

iOS | Android

learn to write korean

Hangeul 101 – Learn Korean Alphabet is a great app for beginners, intermediate learners and advanced learners alike. You can access all 40 letters from the modern Korean alphabet, 24 basic consonants and vowels, 16 consonants and vowels and 140 syllables complete with syllable structure formats. (If that all sounds like gibberish to you, don’t worry, you’ll understand what it means after downloading the app!)

It comes with a Korean keyboard tutor and several dozen basic exercises. You can listen to authentic audio pronunciation clips and word examples, as well. All of these features cumulatively make up the app’s quiz system so you can study and test yourself over and over.

The app is free to use with ads with in-app purchases available.

Learn to Read, Write and Pronounce Korean (Guide)

learn to write korean

Sometimes a straightforward written guide is all you need to get the hang of a new skill. This five-part guide from Learnlangs (with a sixth installment in the works) is a great resource to try out if you prefer reading lesson-based guides when learning a new language.

This free guide covers everything you need to know about reading and writing Korean script. You’ll begin with a full breakdown of the 40 letters in the modern Korean alphabet. You’ll also learn the basics of word composition and how 한글 is formed.

It’s rare to find a short and simple guide that can break down exactly how Korean script works! This one is free to access, and beginners and intermediate learners can definitely benefit from giving it a read.

“How to Write a KPOP Fan Mail / Letter in Korean” (Book)

How to Write a KPOP Fan Mail / Letter in Korean: Complete Step-By-Step Guide With Over 400+ Expressions & Sample Letters

This book may seem a bit silly if you aren’t a K-pop fan. We get it. But whether or not you’re in love with the music genre, this Korean writing resource is pretty awesome to have on hand.

This book, which you can buy on Amazon as a paperback book or as a Kindle download, is full of ad-lib templates and mini-lessons on Korean characters and grammar.

“How to Write a KPOP Fan Mail / Letter in Korean” is really only appropriate for beginners and probably shouldn’t be the only resource you have on hand for learning Korean writing and reading. It’s very basic, but it’s a fantastic introductory method to the Korean writing system. It also introduces a lot of information about what’s culturally acceptable in South Korea and what isn’t, which is vital for learners who plan on traveling to the country someday.

Learn Hangeul (Guide)

learn to write korean

Collectively written, open-source, accurate and easy to read. This simple guide from the Korean Wiki Project is great for beginners who need a crash course on writing in Korean, as well as for the intermediate or advanced learner who wants to brush up on the basics.

This guide is broken down into six steps. You’ll go through all the basics of 한글, from a breakdown of the history of the written Korean language to consonants to vowels to 받침. There’s also a separate section available for advanced learners to learn about obsolete letters, word spacing and consonant assimilation. Talk about a comprehensive guide!


We understand the importance of having a variety of resources available when it comes to learning to write in a language, especially a complex language like Korean.

Be it a video, an info guide, a book or an app, everybody has their favorite type of learning resource. This list will come in handy when you’re ready to kick your 한글 skills up a notch, no matter how you prefer to learn!


Em Casalena is a published author, freelance writer and music columnist. They write about a lot of stuff, from music to films to language.

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