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6 Websites for Finding Italian Tutors

Let’s face it: Italian language learners are just like pizza—they come in many varieties.

But every variety of Italian learner can find the perfect one-on-one tutoring arrangement for their pizza toppings—er, I mean, level of Italian and learning goals.

In facy, Italian tutors know exactly which options to offer and how to make them work best with individual learners.

Let’s take a look at some excellent options so you can get started!


What to Look for in an Italian Tutor

  • Consider the price of each tutor. Many factors influence pricing, such as location, method of delivery (online or in-person), the tutor’s experience and even scheduling. I’ve known tutors who charge higher rates on the weekend. Decide what your perfect price point is and then shop around for a tutor who’s in that range.
  • The delivery method is important. Are you looking to Skype, Zoom or Facetime? Most online tutoring sessions use these methods. Set your computer, phone or tablet up for the one you choose in advance of your first tutoring session.
  • Scheduling may be one of the biggest factors in finding a tutor. Most tutor profiles show exactly which hours they’re available. Remember that your Italian tutor may be in Italy, so factor in the time difference when considering who to work with.
  • Can you “test” interview before going full-on with the person? Many tutors offer a free meeting or trial lesson to see if you’re comfortable with them. If it’s offered, take the opportunity. And if it’s not and you’d like to meet before committing, consider contacting the tutor to send them your questions in a message.
  • What sort of tutoring arrangement are you willing to get into? Do you want to have a contract or a subscription? Or maybe you just want a one-time tutor. There are plenty of options, so choose what you feel comfortable with. Also, inquire about terminating the arrangement if you find you aren’t happy with it. Are you locked in or can you discontinue if you aren’t satisfied?

So, Where Can You Find a Language Tutor?

Before getting into the best online resources for finding an Italian tutor, you might find you have plenty of local tutors you can meet with in-person.

Many communities offer excellent tutoring resources. Check out universities, libraries and Italian social clubs in your area.

Also, consider working with a senior. In my area, residents in a nursing home offer language tutoring sessions for free. It’s a good situation for everyone!

Do you live in an area where there simply aren’t any local Italian tutoring options?

Don’t despair!

Go online, where there are nearly as many tutoring resources as there are pizza toppings. Let’s check some out!


italian tutor

Italki is a very straightforward method for booking an Italian tutor. There are hundreds to choose from, which might seem overwhelming at first, but it also means you’re more likely to find a tutor who meets all of your criteria.

Each tutor’s profile clearly shows what additional languages they speak, what their hourly rate is, whether or not they offer a trial lesson, what their qualifications are and much more.

They also include a short video introducing themselves and explaining how their classes work!

Choose a tutor who not only seems like someone you’d be comfortable working with, but is also someone who might specialize in the language goals you have for yourself.

For example, if you want to hammer down on grammar, find a tutor who indicates competency in that area. I did a fast scan and found two who claim to be “grammar lovers” in less than five minutes!


italian tutor

Preply connects you with Italian tutors pretty much effortlessly. Their teachers indicate whether or not they’re native speakers, self-taught or possess degrees in Italian language and culture.

Plus, assessing a teacher’s skill level and reviewing other learners’ experiences is simple.

All the information is provided for prospective learners to evaluate. So if you’re looking for a tutor who’s going to go over all the foundational skills and phrases that beginners need to know, read the reviews to see who’s doing that well.

Additionally, if you want a native speaker who’s going to have fast-paced Skype chats with you, you can also look to the reviews to see if you’re a good match!

This site makes hiring an Italian tutor a breeze.

Learners sign up for an account, post their requirements and then wait for prospective tutors to contact them. It’s easy to review tutors’ credentials, check references and schedule an interview.

You can also review the tutors’ profiles and contact one if you feel you might’ve found someone you’d like to work with.

The profiles are excellent in that they show experience, rates and much more. Each tutor offers a little blurb about themselves, which often indicates a method of teaching. Some prefer to use textbooks while other stress conversational skills.

Once again, it’s important to find a tutor whose methodology is aligned with your language goals!


italian tutor

HeyTutor is a great way to find a local Italian tutor. Learners just type in their zip code and all available tutors in your area pop up for review.

Tutors list their qualifications like educational background, how long they’ve been teaching Italian and personal views on methods and teaching styles.

So if you want someone to stress beginner, intermediate or fluent skills, search for that tutor to find your perfect fit!

This tutoring option offers a package plan, so learners purchase a set number of lessons and pay in advance.

But if you don’t necessarily want a local tutor, don’t fret—learners aren’t required to choose from the tutors in their area. All tutors are options for Italian learners, regardless of location!


italian tutor

Wyzant offers Italian tutoring online for every level of learner.

Private tutors share extensive profiles that allow learners to not only see a tutor’s experience, but also their current employment situation, the method they used to teach the language and much more.

There are also comments regarding which resources tutors utilize, giving learners a chance to decide whether they might be a good fit or not.

One spectacular feature of this site is that it actually shows how many hours each tutor has completed in tutoring! Plus, rates and reviews are clearly displayed.


italian tutor

Thumbtack is basically a virtual message board that facilitates tutor and learner matchups.

Tutors “thumbtack” their credentials and information, and learners choose who to contact.

They provide estimated hourly costs, reviews, whether or not there are discounts available and much more.

Learners can also filter out some tutors by choosing to identify literacy and speaking goals as well as their current reading level. This is a plus, especially for fluent learners who might not want to search through all the tutors who specialize in teaching beginners.


An Italian tutor makes a great topping to any learning routine.

Plus, you can gain so much cultural knowledge! Have questions about Italian culture or plan to travel to Italy? Ask your tutor to get some in-depth replies and explanations.

There’s a tutor for every learner—just like there’s a pizza for every pizza lover’s appetite!

Check around to find a tutor that satisfies your appetite for Italian language learning. And then—have fun!

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