6 Italian Quiz Resources to Put Your Skills to the Test

Pop quiz time!

No, just kidding: this is a post about where to find quizzes.

Taking Italian quizzes online is an easy, efficient way to study while they help keep your study routine fresh and show you where to focus your studies when your answers are incorrect.

Check out where to find some useful quizzes to help sharpen your Italian journey.




SoftSchools is a good website to begin with if you want to dabble in Italian quizzes.

This website is an education resource primarily aimed at helping students between the levels of preschool and high school. While this does make it a great site for young students to practice with, it doesn’t mean that adults can’t get anything out of it.

Simple websites like SoftSchools can be highly beneficial to beginning students, giving them a place where they can ease into learning and test their earlier skills before moving on.

This website provides quizzes specifically made to help with vital starting points like grammar, present tense verbs, pronouns and numbers. After starting out in learning Italian, newbie students can use SoftSchools to both review and evaluate their progress. The website even offers helpful study sheets prior to each quiz.

More experienced learners shouldn’t turn their nose up, either. It never hurts to brush up on the basics. SoftSchools’s quizzes are free and readily available online for students of all backgrounds and skillsets.



Although FluentU isn’t specifically a quiz website, it does teach language through a quiz feature.

It’s a language learning program based on authentic videos and interactive captions. Each video is accompanied by a personalized quiz that combines videos and other visuals into an interactive test of your understanding. As you keep progressing with the program, the quizzes take into account what you’ve already learned to test you on areas you haven’t mastered yet (and to keep old lessons fresh).

You can add words to your vocabulary list to get quizzed on them later or click on “Already Know” to let the program know you’ve already mastered the word. You’ll also have the option to answer your quiz questions in text or by speaking.


This is another spot where students can find tests for practice and review, but the lines between levels are clearer.

The website offers its tests at three distinct levels: basic, intermediate and advanced. Those who are confused about where they stand might benefit from taking a more specific placement test—we’ll get to those soon in this very same post.

The tests here are divided a bit further past the skill level, with each test covering three topics. These typically revolve around grammar and vocabulary, and the beginner test has a specific section devoted to pronunciation.

The quizzes examine key aspects of the language and each consists of 10 questions. Students taking these quizzes can get a better idea of their abilities and where they might exceed or have issues.

With each quiz being relatively brief, it’s not difficult to find the time to take a closer look at your Italian skills with this site.

The website also offers a number of other resources to follow suit with after you finish, such as grammar lessons and cultural information.

Online Italian Club


Remember what we said earlier about placement tests? It’s time to get into that.

Placement tests can be extremely useful, especially when your background in Italian is a little muddled.

Maybe you want to begin learning and have spotty experience. You might know some basics but aren’t sure where to start. Maybe you used to be more advanced, but it’s been a long time since you last studied hard or got to speak often.

Placement tests can be a solid guide to where you stand as a student and how to proceed.

Online Italian Club’s website offers a free placement test with a simple, understandable way of presenting its results.

Students take a 40-question quiz, which gives a comprehensive amount of content to work with. When completed, test-takers are given a score between zero and 40, with one point per correct answer. The website has a key for results on the page.

A placement test can be a great place to begin for many Italian students, and even those with experience can use it to figure out how far they’ve come and where to go next.


This site is a good place to go when you want a review, and it best benefits newer students. The prominent focus of the quiz is beginner-level vocabulary, with some additional grammar questions thrown in.

The quiz provides you with a score at the end, giving you a more solid idea of your results and where you might be having particular trouble in your studies.

It’s estimated on the website that the quiz only takes about seven minutes to finish, which makes it an easy go-to for students who want to figure out where their early studies are taking them. Students who are just starting out may want to check in with this test to see if their current course of study is succeeding.

If you’re having particular trouble, has a special guide linked within the quiz page where they can review relevant lessons.

Even if the quiz doesn’t go over well, students can learn something new from it. It doesn’t take long, provides further resources and lets you check in on how far you’ve come as a beginner. Don’t be afraid to give it a go!



We’ve established that placement tests can be particularly useful for many reasons, but there are also quite a few to choose from. CyberItalian is another place you can go to check out where you stand as an Italian student, and it might be better suited for you if others haven’t been quite as helpful.

Everyone learns differently, so it can’t hurt to try out other quizzes if the first ones you try haven’t worked out for you, personally!

The great thing about CyberItalian is how thorough it is in its testing. While most placement tests understandably focus solely on knowledge, this website takes several other important factors into account when determining your results.

The test is divided into two parts that aim to measure important Italian skills such as grammar and vocabulary. After that, however, the quiz goes on to survey your background on a more personal level.

It details levels of experience, giving you a specific way to map out your Italian abilities.

The test covers different forms of learning, including audio lessons and readings. Students can then get their results and some free learning material from the website.

This particular placement test has lots to offer, so taking some time to work on it can benefit your Italian lessons in quite a few ways!


These quizzes can offer several unique ways to change up your Italian practice and learn more about yourself as a student.

Shifting your routine to do a few of these quizzes, whether at home or on a mobile device, has the potential to improve your studies in ways you might not even have thought of.

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