Beyond the Basics: 9 Advanced Italian Courses for Achieving Language Mastery

When you’re at an advanced stage in your language learning, you’re so close to fluency you can almost touch it!

You just need a little push to get to it, and advanced Italian courses are the boost you need.

Italian courses give you your learning structure and guidance. They provide you with some tangible goals and the tools you need to achieve them.

In this post, I’ll supply some excellent advanced courses to get you to the top!


Are You Ready for Advanced Italian Courses?

Before you start climbing, make sure the mountain is the right size for you. 

But how do you know if you’re ready for an advanced language course?

advanced-italian-coursesCheck out the Common European Framework of Reference of Languages (CEFR) guidelines to see where you fall on the scale.

If you’ve reached a B2 level of proficiency, then you’re ready for advanced coursework. Level B2 shows that a learner is able to speak on a variety of topics, has a good grip on grammar rules and can initiate conversations and speak coherently, among other things.

Not sure what your Italian level is? Take a placement test to see if you’re ready to tackle advanced coursework.

Reaching an advanced stage in your Italian learning means that you’ve gone beyond beginner and intermediate learning and need a course will stretch your abilities and challenge you.

Advanced courses do that: They take learners past the intermediate stage to mastery.

A good course should be engaging, budget-friendly and easily accessible or mobile. At this stage in your learning, you’ll also benefit from authentic content, so you can get lots of culture as well as language learning!

How to Find an Advanced Italian Course Near You

If you’re hoping to find advanced Italian courses near you, the answer may be closer than you think!

Most colleges and adult learning centers offer language courses. Check out listings for those near you and make a call. Chances are, you’ll find a course or two that suit your needs.

No luck? Check your local library for advanced language classes. Often, classes are scheduled in advance or begin when enough people join, so sign up early!

For even more options, look into local cultural groups, foreign language movie clubs or Italian cooking courses. Watching a Fellini masterpiece or tackling a complicated Italian meal—in Italian!—is sure to build confidence and language skills.

If none of those options are open to you, don’t despair! There are other great ways to take your skills to the next level, right at your fingertips. Below are nine of our favorite courses for advanced Italian learners—most found online and some taught in-person and on-location.

Grab your gear and let’s climb!

Online Advanced Italian Courses

You don’t have to leave your home to study Italian, even at an advanced level. Below are six courses we recommend for Italian learners who want to reach fluency from the comfort of their own home environment.

Italian Language and Culture: Advanced

advanced-italian-coursesThe excellent course platform edX is an online learning resource and MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) spot that offers hundreds of courses on nearly every subject through some of the world’s most prestigious colleges and universities. This course is just one of the many Italian learning options offered on the platform.

Italian Language and Culture is a free, 8-week, self-paced course offered through Wellesley College.

The course uses a variety of techniques to teach advanced language skills, including authentic content videos that show Italian students participating in daily campus activities, downloadable podcasts, reading materials and actual video lessons with a teacher.

There’s an emphasis on Italian culture, as well. Materials cover the Italian socio-economic issues in current headlines, theater and literature.


FluentU is an immersive program that creates lessons for learners through authentic Italian videos. 

There are interactive, translated captions—just hover over any word to see its definition, an associated image and other videos in which it appears. Keep track of unknown words with personalized vocabulary lists, flashcards and quizzes that adapt based on what you already know.

Videos are conveniently organized into lessons and sortable by difficulty, so you can work toward a particular objective, topic or skill that’s at the level you need it to be.

FluentU also allows you to keep the targeted learning going using topics you find interesting.

Rosetta Stone Advanced

advanced-italian-coursesRosetta Stone is an immersive language-learning program that uses a combination of speech recognition, native speakers and vocabulary-building exercises to build your Italian knowledge step by organized step. It has courses designed for various levels of language learners, including an advanced Italian program.

This interactive online course requires a subscription and teaches through a series of lessons designed to bring learners up to a C1 level of proficiency on the CEFR scale. This means you’ll learn to express yourself clearly in more complex situations, understand implied meaning and generally improve your communication skills in Italian.

The course contains all the content offered on Rosetta Stone’s CD program, but it’s accessible from a computer, tablet or phone, so it’s mobile and suitable for tight schedules. Find a few minutes of spare time? Log on for a quick lesson!

There’s a placement test to determine where to begin in the course. Additionally, there’s a free trial offer to test whether or not it’s the right course for you!

Italian Accelerator

advanced-italian-coursesThis free advanced course from Italy Made Easy consists of eight lessons centered around the YouTube series by the same name. The course takes these videos and turns them into a thorough curriculum with comprehension exercises and quizzes to make sure you really understand the content.

The videos consist of conversations between host Manu and various guests on topics covering everything from ordering coffee to getting married. Conversations are fast and authentic and may be tough to keep up with at first, making this an excellent resource for pushing you beyond your comfort level and onto the next level of Italian.

Italy Made Easy has a collection of other courses for various levels, including a podcast-centered advanced course (also free!).

Besides the course, check out the interactive forums on the site, where users and native Italian speakers can chat and help each other by answering questions.

A basic account is free and gives learners a taste of the overall course. To gain full access to all the coursework, learners must join the Academy.

But even if you don’t choose to join, there are even more YouTube videos on their channel that are useful and absolutely free!



Lingoci offers learning with tutors via Skype. Each course is individualized, scheduling is flexible and tutors are native Italian speakers who also speak good English and have teaching experience.

Lessons are 55-minutes long and focused on what you want to accomplish. Discuss your goals with your tutor before you dive in and you’ll receive guidance and a chance to communicate with a native speaker.

There are no books or materials to purchase; tutors will provide online sources whenever necessary to maximize learning on an individualized basis.

You can book a 30-minute trial lesson for free to assess the program.

Rocket Italian Platinum

advanced-italian-coursesRocket Italian Platinum is the most advanced Italian course Rocket Languages offers. It teaches using interactive audio tracks that cover topics such as socializing, culture, food and Italian culture and travel.

Each of the 29 audio lessons is about 25 minutes long and comes with a written transcript so you can follow along. Conversations are divided into chunks, which are translated and explained with accompanying grammar notes.

The lessons are held by native Italian speakers and are spoken at a slightly slowed-down speed with clear pronunciation so you can understand every little word!

There are additional topics so once you’ve mastered a few, move on to the others!

Learners get to pick and choose their curriculum from the topics available to structure an individualized learning program. This way, you can learn about what interests you and work toward your own personal learning goal.

You can hear a sample lesson on the site to see if Rocket Italian is right for you.

In-person Advanced Italian Courses

Want to learn Italian in a more traditional and immersive setting? Get off the computer and head over to Italy!

Here are three locations in Italy where you can experience the culture and learn advanced Italian while

you’re at it.

Italian Language School

advanced-italian-coursesItalian Language School is based in the seaside village of Otranto, Italy. They offer students an immersive Italian learning experience that covers language skills as well as cultural experiences.

Receive individualized support from the staff as you explore the beautiful Otranto. The location is slower than a major city might be, making it especially conducive for immersing yourself in the language without becoming overwhelmed.

But if you’re unable to head to Italy they can still facilitate your advanced language journey! The school offers one-on-one Skype lessons hosted by experienced Italian teachers.

Courses are personalized to your goals, and can cover everything from Italian grammar and communication to Italian history as well as Italian used in legal and business settings—and more!

Centro Lingua Italiana Federico II

advanced-italian-coursesStudy at this language school in Sicily to make the most of your Italian skills in an immersive setting.

Classes are small so there’s an opportunity for personalized instruction and topics cover every facet of language learning, including reading, writing, speaking and listening.

To bring culture to the learning program, daily tours around the city are open to students.

This school provides a certificate of course completion at the end of the program, useful for employment or educational purposes.

ABC School Firenze

advanced-italian-coursesLocated in Florence, Italy, this school offers immersive advanced Italian courses.

There are 20 lessons weekly and the duration of each course is dependent on each individual student. Study until you’ve achieved the competency you’re aiming for!

Learners may join classes at any time. To join, you’ll take a placement test which will place you in the proper level class. This test can be taken in advance or on the day of arrival in Florence. Live spontaneously!

Bonus: Italy Magazine

advanced-italian-coursesAlthough it’s not a full-on course, this Italian magazine offers a few fun lessons. It’s a taste of culture and a way to practice reading and comprehension skills—while getting the inside scoop on all things Italian!

While Italy Magazine can’t replace a course, it’s a great supplemental resource for advanced learners.


Per ogni nuova lingua che parli, vivi una nuova vita. Se conosci una sola lingua, vivi una volta sola. (For every new language you speak, you live a new life. If you know only one language, you live only once.)

Don’t live just once!

Master Italian and you’ll discover that la dolce vita (the sweet life) sure feels sweeter in Italian! And it sounds so beautiful, too.

With the help of these advanced courses, you’ll soon reach the pinnacle of the language: speaking like a native.

Buona fortuna! (Good luck!)

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