Watch and Listen to Italian News Live for Up-to-date Italian Learning

“Dall’ascolto arriva la saggezza. Dal parlare il pentimento.” (“Wisdom comes from listening. From speaking, repentance.”)

The first part of this old Italian proverb hits the nail on the head: Listening and learning go hand in hand.

The second half, about speaking and repentance? That’s a judgment call I’m not prepared to make. I’ll leave that to you to decide.

Most learners know that there are four main facets of language learning: reading, writing, speaking and listening. They’re all, undeniably, important. But we sometimes overlook the listening part.

Italian learners can make great progress with their language skills by tackling the listening aspect head on.

And if you listen to authentic, relevant content on a daily basis, you’ll really power up your Italian skills!

So, are you listening? We’ve got one excellent way to practice: by tuning in to Italian news.

While you’re getting up-to-speed on politics, the global economy or entertainment scandals, your Italian will get a huge boost.

There are tons of interesting Italian radio and video news programs to stream live.

Just turn on a program and it’ll feel like you’re under the Tuscan sun!

How Live Italian News Programs Can Speed Language Learning

Many of us would agree that immersion is the fast track to language acquisition.

Really, who wouldn’t want to get lost in Rome, tour Sicily or eat pizza in Naples—especially in the name of language learning?

But a lot of us (maybe most of us!) would also have to concede that going to Italy for language learning isn’t always possible.


But don’t give up entirely! If you bring immersive resources to your language program, you can experience at least a bit of what an on-location immersive program would give you.

Another great way to immerse yourself in the Italian language and culture is by listening to or watching news shows from Italy.

Live news, in particular, means things are happening in real time. You have to really tune your ears to the language in order to understand what you’re hearing!

It’s also a boost for vocabulary acquisition and even helps with learning idioms and other common expressions.

If you’re the type to talk back to the newscaster, you can even get a little speaking practice in!

Many radio stations offer other listening materials on their sites. Music, podcasts or even archived news stories are often available to download.

Additionally, lots of television stations put forward more than news shows: They’re the go-to places to watch Italian dramas, sitcoms or reality shows.

Make full use of all these features for a well-rounded study session.

Tune In to Italian News Live with 3 Radio and 3 Video Resources

Italian Streaming Radio Options That Bring Italy to You

Stella FM


Stella FM is a station worth checking out. It has a little bit of everything—and an awful lot of excellent language learning resources!

It’s a great source for news programming. An added bonus is that the news show currently on the air is highlighted right on the home page in the sidebar. So if you find one newscast you really like, note the time it airs and go back to listen every day!

After you’ve had your fill of listening to the world news, tune in to some music. Listening to Italy’s chart-toppers like Laura Pausini and Eros Ramazzotti or enjoying some Italian “oldies” are nice bonuses that this news-heavy station offers.

There are also written news stories, audio interviews and more.

Why not use all the excellent resources?

This station broadcasts from northern Italy so if you’re interested in hearing dialects specific to that region, this is the news station you’re looking for!



RDS is a station headquartered in Rome that’s very popular for its relevant news broadcasts and spotlight on pop music.

There are viral news stories on the site but it tends to focus on celebrity news and news from the music industry. So if you’re interested in music and the Italian music scene, give this one a listen.

Keep in mind that some of the music played here includes English songs, but written content and special programs are in Italian.

Of course, there are global news broadcasts that deal with current events, as well. And they manage to squeeze in horoscope information, traffic news and sports news, too! There’s a little something for everyone here.

As you listen, check out the tabs below the stream: You can see the lyrics of the song currently playing, talk to other listeners through messages and even listen to peoples’ audio messages in the “audio wall”!

RSI Rete Uno


This Italian-language station comes to the world from its headquarters in Switzerland.

There’s so much offered by this resource that it’s hard to not get caught up looking at and listening to everything.

Plenty of world news and entertainment news programming make this a super choice learning Italian through many different topics.

Listen and model your own speaking practice after the broadcasters. The opportunity for pronunciation practice is limitless when you’re listening to the radio. Don’t be shy! Speak up!

This stream is very well-rounded: Anything news-related is up for grabs here, including sports, weather and trending topics.

The site also offers a podcast and written news articles. You can also use quick links to access specific programs if you’re in the mood for something in particular.

Scroll all the way down to see the airtimes and dates of the programs and click on any of them to listen to archived clips.

Italian Video News to Stream Live

TLT Molise


This is a station that broadcasts from the southern city of Campobasso, Italy. Campobasso is famous for its Castello Monforte (Castle Montforte) which was built in the 15th century and still draws visitors today.

Despite being based in a history-rich spot, this TV station produces a modern, globally-relevant assortment of local, sports and world news programming.

The site is no-frills and lets you listen live or tune in to archived content. (It even has an old-school visitor counter!)

When you’re watching this news out of Italy, why not pretend you’re in Campobasso and let the authentic vibe wash over you? Remember, this can be an immersive experience that comes to you!

Euro News


Euro News is a global news source. The website provides the latest-breaking news for free and on demand. It brings Europe, the world, business, sports, culture and any newsworthy topic to its listeners!

The headquarters for this station is in Lyon, France but the broadcast is in Italian.

From natural disaster coverage to entertainment news, this is a great place to give your listening skills a boost. As a bonus, you’ll be completely in-the-know on world news events!

Don’t have time to watch an entire news program? No problem! The site is full of bite-sized clips highlighting key news. If you’re struggling to understand the live broadcast, start with a clip describing news you already know, then work your way up in difficulty from there.

TV Parma


TV Parma is produced in the Emilia-Romagna region and is a testament that there’s more to Parma than the amazing cheese!

This network offers several news programs for its viewers. Some are standard news shows but there are also health, sports and current affairs programs on the schedule.

You can also watch local news to see what’s happening in Italy, from an insider’s point of view.

Additionally, there are cooking shows which are definitely appealing to anyone who wants to learn authentic Italian cooking techniques. Think about it—it’s like bringing an immersive experience to your very own kitchen!


Listening practice is essential to language learners.

Fortunately, Italian news is both entertaining and beneficial!

Moreover, it’s free, available anytime and completely mobile. Tune in and ramp up your listening skills wherever, whenever!

What’s not to love?

Good luck—and happy listening!

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