From Digital Nomads to Fashionistas: 8 Cool Italian Blogs for All Interests


Nowadays we can access almost everything we want at the click of a button.

You can watch all the cat videos you want, see world news unfold before your eyes or keep tabs on the friends you haven’t seen in ages.

But what about incorporating Italian into your everyday life?

A single click can do that too!

Keeping up with your Italian is easy with so many options online. And blogs are one of these incredible tools that can boost your language skills and motivate you—whether you’re a beginner, intermediate or advanced Italian learner.

“Wait, blogs?” you might be asking. “I’ll improve my Italian by reading blogs?”

Absolutely! Here’s why, plus eight awesome blogs you can start reading today.

Why Learn Italian with Blogs?

Following a language learning blog is a great way to see how others navigate the language and how others overcome challenges that may be hindering your own progress. Blogs offer great tips and tricks for Italian language learners.

But the best part? Blogs written exclusively in the Italian language by an actual Italian speaker offer a glimpse into colloquial Italian language not used or discussed in the classroom or in textbooks. Further, these blogs offer learners a glimpse into Italian text “in the wild.”

You can read comments left by native speakers on blog posts, and even comment on a post yourself to put your writing skills to use. Often bloggers will have Twitter or other social media accounts, so you can follow and jump into the conversation there as well.

Whether you just need some pointers on learning the language or you’re ready to immerse yourself in that elusive Italian “in the wild,” here are eight of the best blogs for Italian language learners.

8 Must-read Italian Blogs for Language Learners

1. Learn Italian with Lucrezia

As a 20-something from Rome, Lucrezia is a language learner who wanted to help Italian language learners experience the beauty of Italian as well as the magnificent culture of il bel paese (the beautiful country)—Italy!

As such, Learn Italian with Lucrezia is appropriate for intermediate-level language learners who are ready to read Italian in the wild but aren’t necessarily able (or willing) to dive into Dante’s “Divina Commedia” (the Divine Comedy) just yet.

Lucrezia’s blog is almost entirely written in Italian, and it offers topical posts on conversational Italian, Italian books and Italian idioms. Further, it offers informal blog posts about Italian traditions and everyday Italian life. While the focus of this blog isn’t necessarily grammar, Lucrezia offers many tips about using everyday Italian and its idiomatic expressions: an invaluable tool from a native speaker! Keep a list of these expressions and wow an Italian speaker with your trendy language.

The best uses for this blog? Lucrezia not only keeps a Spotify playlist with over 100 of her favorite songs, but she regularly uploads videos on YouTube and then writes out their transcripts on the blog so learners can follow along. If you’re fearing extra daring, try watching the video without reading the transcript first and see how much you can understand!

2. FluentU’s Italian Language and Culture Blog

FluentU publishes blog posts on topics of interest to Italian learners just like you. In these posts—like the one you’re reading now—FluentU covers the best and most exciting tools for learning Italian today, including music, movies, books, sites and apps. The blog also offers tips and advice for learning efficiently, aiming to give you the best methods for learning Italian.

You can also check out the established and growing blog for language learners, which is loaded with useful advice and resources for anyone interested in learning any language.

FluentU actually has a language learning program that can be used alongside the blog or any other blog you choose to follow. This program focuses on authentic Italian short videos like music videos, news segments, snippets from TV shows and movies, vlogs and more.

Videos are enhanced with interactive subtitles (click to see a contextual definition or add a word as a flashcard), personalized quizzes, transcripts, key word lists and other useful tools for learners.

3. Becoming Italian Word by Word

You can become Italian one word at a time?

Who knew?

While the concept of this blog is simple, Becoming Italian Word by Word is a blog aimed at higher-level beginners who are looking to enhance their language with a little colloquial and cultural flair. Whether you’re interested in Italian idiomatic expressions, Italian holidays or the most influential people in Italian history, this blog not only offers enough trivia to win Trivial Pursuit any day, but it gives you the Italian words and expressions to say it.

The best part? Helpful videos assist with pronunciation and display some of the best modern Italian music. Find the lyrics to the songs and follow along to become Italian word by word.

4. Csaba dalla Zorza

From renowned writer, cook and television personality Csaba dalla Zorza comes a blog combining Italian food, lifestyle and home. While this blog is about as native as it gets, it offers unique and tasty recipes for learners looking to improve their Italian as well as their cooking skills. With Italian cooking being so intricate and complex, learning vocabulary this way will be easy (and tasty!).

Aside from cooking, this blog has great articles about homes and the latest trends in Italian lifestyle. Try reading a blog post on traveling to Paris while covering the pictures to see how much you can understand, or try watching a video about setting the table for Easter while covering the screen to hone those listening skills. This is definitely a blog for those looking for an Italian flair in their life, and you’ll be living la dolce vita (the good life) in no time.

5. Nomadi Digitali

Have you been bitten by the travel bug?

Translated to mean “digital nomads,” Nomadi Digitali is just that: a blog created by wanderers who document their travels around the world online. Geared toward advanced learners and native speakers, this blog specializes in travel tips, guides and accounts from real-life world travelers, taking readers from popular travel destinations like Europe and the USA to more exotic places like Bali and Thailand. Further, this blog also offers tips and tricks for becoming a long-term traveler and freelancer as well.

After reading some of the blog posts about destinations where the writers have been, try using the vocabulary you’ve learned to write a post of your vacation of your own. Who knows? Maybe you can become the next big Italian travel blogger!

6. Luca De Biase

Travel, food and home not for you? Don’t worry, I’ve got the blog for you!

While a little technical for the average Italian learner, the blog of Luca De Biase specializes in economy, technology and politics à la The Economist or Scientific American. Whether you’re interested in robots, modern city planning or mathematics, this blog is perfect for the brainiac language learner.

Due to the nature of this blog, the learning curve for some of the technical vocabulary used in the posts may be a little steep, which is why I recommend it for advanced learners. However, this is a great blog for techies and learners alike who want an academic touch to their Italian learning, and who are ready to stretch their Italian to tackle some higher end abstract ideas.

Try writing short summaries on the posts you’re reading to check your comprehension and build that niche vocabulary.

7. Mindcheats

Are you constantly looking to improve your life?

Look no further. Whether you want to learn how to be more productive, simplify your life or learn how to meditate, Mindcheats—a blog for advanced Italian learners—offers great tips and resources for those interested in personal, mental, physical or job growth.

Keep a word list while reading posts on Mindcheats because, like Luca De Biase’s blog, these posts can get a little scientific. If you’re feeling extra-invested in personal growth, try keeping a journal to track all your improvements—in Italian, of course!

In a nutshell, this is a great blog for learners who are interested in growing personally while they grow their competence in the Italian language.

8. TheChiliCool

Where are my fashionistas at?

There is one Italian word you need to know if you don’t already: la moda (fashion).

And where better to see fashion than in an authentic Italian fashion blog? Introducing: TheChiliCool!

This blog is perfect for learners obsessed with fashion—especially Italian and European fashion. Not only that, but this blog has diversified in recent years to include enough lifestyle, travel and beauty posts to have Italian learners completely redesigning their lives!

Before reading, try looking at the pictures that accompany each post, describing them and then predicting what the post will talk about. Once you’re done reading the post in Italian, you have the option to switch the site’s language to English to see how much you understood.

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