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14 Powerful Apps for Learning Italian in 2022 [Personally Tested and Reviewed]

Traditional textbooks and self-teaching guides are great, but the ever-growing world of technology has brought a whole new level of convenience to learning a language. 

You probably always have your smartphone with you, and you can easily use it to spend more time studying Italian. We have created this list to help you find the best apps to make your Italian learning journey even easier.

Many of the apps below are multimedia and allow you to learn through audio or video as well as text. A few of them even offer the opportunity to connect with native speakers.

In this post, I’ll present 14 favorites that I think should be considered for a spot in any Italian language learner’s pocket.


1. Duolingo



Duolingo is a good resource for boosting your Italian vocabulary. It includes a variety of units for different levels of learners that are based around various themes, such as education or work environments.

Instead of focusing on grammar, the app helps you learn vocabulary and structures that allow you to communicate in particular situations.

The exercises include repeating audio, phrase translation, matching photos to words and other quiz-type features. Each lesson is designed to be short enough to fill your spare moments with Italian learning.

2. FluentU 


FluentU supplies you with language lessons through Italian media clips, from news segments to movie trailers. This authentic content lets you hear Italian spoken by natives, which is handy for pronunciation practice and picking up conversational phrases.

Each clip contains clickable interactive subtitles and comes with learning aids like example sentences, pronunciation guides and video references to show you how vocabulary is used naturally in conversation.

New words and phrases from the videos can be reviewed with personalized flashcards and you can even test your pronunciation through the speaking feature on the adaptive quizzes.

3. Busuu 

iOS | Android


Like Duolingo, this app offers cheerful, quick lessons on a variety of topics and at different levels. The Italian lessons are not as culturally specific, but can be used in conjunction with other resources that give you more access to Italian culture.

One of the great features of the app is its opportunity to interact with natives. You can write short texts using the vocabulary that you’ve learned in lessons and then have them corrected by native Italian speakers.

4. In 24 Hours: Learn Italian


This app wants to teach you Italian in “24 hours.” Talk about lightning-fast!

While it may not make you fluent in that time, the app gives you the most useful words and phrases in the language, dealing only with the most common adjectives, adverbs and nouns.

There are 24 sections from different categories that give you only the most important vocabulary having to do with each topic. You will receive only the translation and pronunciation of the vocabulary provided. So, for “Excuse me,” you’ll get “Mi scusi” and an audio of how it should be pronounced. 

While it may seem minimal, the app is perfect for travelers, tourists and for anybody who needs some quick, painless Italian lessons. 

5. Anki 

iOS | Android


Anki is one of the best flashcard apps that you can use to learn a language. I particularly like that you can add media to your flashcards including photos or audio.

You could even get your language teacher or Italian exchange partner to record a word or phrase that you want to remember, and then quiz yourself on it later.

There are dozens of user-submitted decks out there already for Italian, but I encourage you to create your own. That way you’ll study the vocabulary that’s most important to you, and the process of making the cards will help reinforce the memorization aspect.

6. Radio Italia

iOS | Android


This app gives you access to a whole world of native Italian videos, podcasts, music and interviews from Radio Italia.

The app is in Italian only, so this is best for learners with an intermediate to advanced level who want to find more material to study or just interesting programming to listen to.

7. Pocket Casts



There are lots of great Italian podcasts out there (which we explore in this post), and this is the app that I think Italian learners should be listening to them on.

You can use any podcasting app, of course, but this one offers the ability to significantly slow speech down, easily skip back ten seconds and even synchronize what you’re listening to across devices.

8. WordReference 

iOS | Android


If I had to choose just one Italian dictionary app, WordReference would be it. It contains an excellent professionally edited Italian-English dictionary and, a vast Italian-English forum.

Any search will also take you to relevant conversations that can open doors to a ton of useful information.

The app also provides helpful conjugations of any Italian verb as well as a link to Google Image searches for terms at the bottom of entries.

9. Mondly

iOS | Android

Mondly features simple conversations between native speakers in full, excellent audio. Conversations contain the target words and phrases that you are tested on through exercises such as matching, forming sentences, and translating.

With the help of Mondly’s non-repetitive exercises, you’ll assimilate the vocabulary into your long-term memory.

Like FluentU, Mondly uses adaptive learning technology, so the app is responsive to the quirks and eccentricities of individual language learners to ensure you continue to practice a skill until it’s retained.

10. 50 Languages


The 50 Languages Italian app powerfully pairs text and audio to teach vocabulary.

With this app, you can check the phrasebook, do some crossword puzzles, play “Find the Opposites,” and even more. 

The vocabulary tools are the most useful as you will hear native speakers pronouncing words and you can repeat the audio as often as you like. There are also flashcards to help drill the words into your head.

When you think you’re ready to be tested, choose from the five tests available: written answer, multiple choice, word order, fill in the blank and even a bubble game.

The interface is a little bit basic, but it can still teach you a thing (or 10) about Italian.

11. Learn Italian Vocabulary

iOS | Android

This app is focused on teaching you Italian vocabulary with several vocabulary lists and activities. The app provides you with different categories that you can choose from, and each comes with various exercises.

I would recommend you always choose “Vocabulary” as your first activity since this is the one that actually introduces you to the vocabulary words related to your chosen topic.

After that, you can take your pick of exercises such as “Find Image,” “Listen & Write” and “Match Words.”

12. HelloTalk

iOS | Android

best app to learn italian for travel

HelloTalk is a language exchange app that connects learners with native speakers via text and audio messages. It’s ideal for enhancing conversational skills, practicing listening skills and learning slang.

It’s a great way to get a taste of Italian culture, learn about must-see attractions and gain an insider’s view of local events.

HelloTalk’s translation feature can clear up any misunderstood words or phrases with the tap of a finger, making anyone ready to chit-chat in Italian!

13. italki

iOS | Android

best app to learn italian for travel

Using italki is an ideal way to really hone in on your Italian conversational skills.

The app connects learners with teachers for an individualized learning experience. It also allows learners to pair up so you’re never at a loss for a conversation partner. It’s an excellent way to strengthen your skills while learning about Italian culture.

14. MosaLingua Learn Italian

iOS | Android

best app to learn italian for travel

MosaLingua works based off the idea that it’s possible to speak Italian proficiently without spending a huge chunk of time on vocabulary. It showcases common words and phrases and presents them in typical, everyday situations.

Focusing on common words and phrases adds to anyone’s conversational abilities. Grab a few phrases that you don’t typically use and add some flair to your conversations!


Now that you have 14 more apps to help you with your Italian, your learning journey will flow much easier! With the convenience of having opportunities to practice Italian at your fingertips, your skills will grow tremendously. Buona Fortuna (Good Luck)! 

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