21 Italian YouTube Channels That Pack a Language Learning Punch

Just like Italian language learning apps and audiobooks are beneficial resources for your language learning experience, Italian YouTube channels are another invaluable way to learn the language.

Our list of 21 Italian YouTube channels is not only educational but entertaining and informative as well. 

It’ll provide you with the perfect combination of Italian language learning material from grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation lessons, to news headlines, culture, travel and cooking.



1. Italy Made Easy

This channel is true to its tagline of “building the largest community of learners and lovers of the Italian language.”

Hosted by the Italian native, linguist and polyglot, Manu—his teaching methods are easy, modern and thorough for beginning to advanced learners.

From grammar lessons, Italian conversational videos, Q&A’s and verb conjugations, to travel tips and hacks, vlogs and subtitled videos, this channel covers everything.

And, as proof of the channel’s responsiveness to viewer comments, the channel also has an “Ask Manu” series where the host fields specific language questions coming from subscribers.

2. Learn Italian with Lucrezia

This channel has plenty of content for learners of all skill levels and has a growing community of subscribers.

The beginner’s section covers the standard content—Italian lessons on numbers, days of the week and introductions/greetings. There are also intermediate lessons about the use of prepositions, adjective conjugations and other key elements of Italian grammar.

But the special something that sets this channel apart is the fact that it has a vlog series (in Italian) that shows the host of the channel, Lucrezia with her friends in their natural habitat, living their authentic life in the beautiful city that is Rome.

Lucrezia also teaches you how to prepare real Italian meals on her channel. 

3. ItalianPod101.com

ItalianPod101 has a variety of resources at hand for speaking Italian with an extensive video library full of content for any interest, utilizing native speakers who guide you through learning in a dynamic and fun way.

One of the channel’s best qualities is its ability to cater to diverse skill levels. Anyone from absolute beginners to seasoned students can find something to learn. This makes it ideal for those who are just dipping their toes in the water or those who simply need supplemental resources.

The channel’s videos are usually labeled by the level of difficulty, making it even easier for students to find the content that works best for them.

You’ll learn grammar, sentence structure, vocabulary, Italian culture and listening skills.

Although you can upgrade to a paid account for more resources, ItalianPod101’s YouTube channel is free.

4. Parlando Italiano

Parlando Italiano (Speaking Italian) is another great resource designed by native speakers.

It’s great for beginners since many of its lessons are subtitled and explained in English with Italian vocabulary weaved throughout. Some advanced learners might find these lessons a bit underwhelming, but they can be a big help to newbies and even intermediate students who need a refresher on certain topics.

The channel focuses on speaking topics that beginning students will need, such as basic vocabulary and grammatical structure. The videos also help build a strong foundation in Italian by giving viewers a variety of correct pronunciation and speaking patterns examples.

5. Weilà Tom

Weilà is a casual Italian phrase that roughly translates to “hey there.” This greeting sets the tone for all of Weilà Tom’s videos: a relaxed, easygoing language learning channel that teaches in-depth Italian.

This channel has plenty of resources for just about any learner. His videos are in English and explained clearly, usually about ten minutes each. The lessons often come with accompanying blog posts and Italian education resources in the description box, providing a pretty cohesive experience for viewers of any skill set.

Tom’s videos can benefit both beginning and advanced speakers—covering grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation and listening skills. More experienced learners can brush up on their skills, as well as check out Tom’s Italian vlogs for immersion in speaking everyday Italian.

This channel is a good introduction to everyday Italian. It’s worth a try no matter what level you’re at.

6. ITALIamo

Beginners can easily find something to learn on this channel. All of the video content—while fully in Italian—contains PDF documents with the full script for each lesson in both English and Italian (look out for the instructions underneath each video).

The ability to listen to Italian while having support documentation available in English provides an immersive experience that benefits listening and pronunciation skills.

ITALIamo fits lessons into videos that are five minutes or less in length, making it easy to jump in and out of new content as needed. The videos cover a variety of fun topics and take viewers through different lessons in easily-digestible chunks.

Beginners can use the support resources to ease into Italian content, and advanced learners can use the videos to test their fluency. With content for all levels, this is a channel worth reviewing.

7. Sgrammaticando

While this channel boasts over 400 diverse lessons teaching on several topics, the lessons are completely in Italian with no English subtitles, which may prove challenging to beginners. 

All of the channel’s videos are also captioned in Italian, providing that extra support for learners to hone their listening skills by matching the captions to words and easily turning to closed captioning when they’re struggling. (An added benefit of this is that it helps your Italian reading skills!)

The channel’s videos are ideal for advanced students looking to incorporate more complex sentences into their daily speech. 

There are hundreds of lessons to choose from and new ones posted every few days, so don’t be afraid to jump right in and start learning.

8. FluentU Italian

The FluentU Italian channel teaches Italian through immersion via news clips, movies, lectures and music videos.

Join my colleagues as they cover Italian grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation and listening skills, by showcasing how natives use Italian via scenes from your favorite drama or movie scene. I find their teaching method both educational and entertaining!

9. Easy Italian

This channel teaches Italian in a unique, yet authentic way—interviewing people on the streets in Italy, asking them genuine questions and subtitling their content in both English and Italian for learners.

Not only are the videos fun and inviting, but each clip is also loaded with linguistic gems and conversational Italian. 

You’re also learning the pronunciation of words from real-life individuals in the heart of Italy, as well as learning listening skills and the usage of words in sentences. 

10. Italian Mastery

If you’re interested in improving your Italian grammar, this is the channel for you. It’s comprehensive and well-paced.

Both the videos and lessons are presented to you in a single slide, showing you all the content at once.

With a cursor that guides you while you’re viewing the videos, you’re never lost during the lesson. The lessons are well-paced, which means ample time is given for the speaker to elucidate different points of grammar.

The host explains the topics well and in simple English. Each video has a list of time stamps you can click on to skip to key points, like examples and the introduction of new vocabulary.

The community here extends beyond YouTube. Join the Facebook study group to receive more study resources and meet like-minded language learners!

11. One World Italiano

This is another Italian YouTube channel taught by a native Italian—Veronica from Sardinia.

The great thing about this channel is that the lessons have been curated according to the standards set by the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). On this channel, you’ll find lessons for A1 (beginner), A2 (elementary) and B1 (intermediate).

The first lessons are short in length, with the duration lengthening as you progress. And all the Italian versions are subtitled.

And a bonus that other channels don’t have: You can take the A1 lessons twice, once in English and a second time in Italian!

Veronica also uses props, visual aids, gestures and repetition quite effectively to teach her lessons. So regardless of your level, your time will be well spent on this channel.

12. Passione Italiana

Alex, Marta and Sylvia’s channel Passione Italiana (Italian Passion) blends both language lessons and rich cultural insights.

You’ll find language lessons covering elementary and intermediate topics in Italian grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation and more. You’ll gain valuable listening practice, along with recommendations for further exercises, reference books, travel tips and recipes.

And, as a bonus, you can register for online courses, webinars, workbooks with downloadable material and trips to Italy through their website.

13. Marco Nisida

This channel focuses on Italian phrases, conversational dialogues, grammar, interactive lessons and written and pronunciation exercises.

Motivational phrases to help improve your self-esteem are the primary focus of this Italian language channel and Marco believes teaching in a fun and enthusiastic way is key to developing and strengthening your language skills.

With new videos uploaded every Tuesday and Thursday—providing you with fresh content twice per week—you’ll have plenty of language lessons to follow.

14. Dolce Vita with Luca and Marina 

If you need to learn Italian fast, this playlist from the Italian learning channel Dolce Vita (Good Life) with Luca and Marina promises essential language skills in a month.

Luca and Marina, the channel’s hosts, bring energy and fun into their lessons—teaching you common words and phrases while demonstrating how they’re used in real-life situations.

If you find you need a break from language learning videos, you can also check out the rest of their channel content on Italian cooking, Italian culture and travel.

No matter what level of Italian you’re currently at, Dolce Vita with Luca and Marina will be entertaining and educational!

15. Rafael Sozzi

Professor Rafael Sozzi’s extensive background in Italian language, literature, and culture provides the in-depth exposure you need when it comes to learning the intricacies of Italian culture, with several videos available on the Italian language as well.

This channel is best for students who want to pick up the culture while also honing their listening skills with native speakers.

The topics Professor Rafael Sozzi covers are both fun and fascinating, highlighting every aspect of the linguistic, historical, geographical, artistic and gastronomic of each region of the peninsula.

16. Learnita

This YouTube channel has a collection of straightforward, fun, animated language learning videos.

The videos are geared towards Italian conversation, adjectives, vocabulary, proper and common nouns, greetings and more.

Each of them is designed to work with your preferred choice of subtitles, meaning you won’t have to worry about knowing the words in English—a translation will appear on your screen in whatever language suits you best. 

17. Cook Around Recipes

While this channel is not geared towards teaching Italian verbs, adjectives and pronouns, it offers viewers and subscribers the ability to hone in on their Italian listening skills, and pronunciation—all while cooking wonderful Italian and international meals.

The names of the ingredients are highlighted in Italian on each video, providing you with insight into the spelling of many Italian food groups.

You can also choose English and Italian subtitles in the settings of each video, so you can follow along and test your Italian language knowledge.

18. Vincenzo’s Plate

There’s no better way to learn Italian, than by immersing yourself completely in the language and this channel is perfect for absolute beginners to advanced learners—providing entertaining lessons to all.

Vincenzo is an Italian food ambassador enlisting his family to teach the world one Italian recipe at a time through his channel.

Not only will you be learning valuable listening skills by watching the videos on Vincenzo’s playlist, but you’ll also learn pronunciation, cultural practices and best of all—cooking authentic Italian recipes.

19. Fanpage.it

This YouTube channel tackles economic and social issues confronting Italians every day. It features surveys, interviews and news reports about the latest developments in politics, business, lifestyle, social media and entertainment.

By watching the interesting, short Italian videos on this channel, you’re learning pronunciation, actively participating in strengthening your listening skills and hearing about the Italian culture and language. 

You also gradually train your brain to pick up vocabulary, grammatical structures and conversational Italian as well.

20. Euronews (Italia)

Euronews (Italia) covers the headlines, political and social comings and goings in the region, with clips ranging in length from under one minute to fifteen minutes.

With Euronews, you not only learn about the latest headlines in Italy but you also get an authentic dose of the Italian language. The broadcast is aimed at native speakers so language learners get the same news that native speakers watch and you can opt-in for subtitles in your language or Italian to help you better understand the content.

For Italian learners, the channel provides a living context to language learning by using current events as an engaging backdrop. Studying the language then ceases to be an academic enterprise and becomes a practical and useful way of understanding real-life issues.

21. Digitechmedia

This channel offers post-production videos on Italian news, sports, entertainment and politics. The beauty of this channel is that each of the videos is subtitled for the hearing impaired—lending valuable language lessons to the viewer seeking to learn Italian.

This channel is great for learners to dive into the headlines in Italy while learning the language through subtitles. If you hear and see words in Italian you don’t understand, jot them down and reference them in a dictionary later to learn the meaning.

You’ll also learn essential listening skills and pronunciation through the videos on this channel, along with the spelling of the words being said via their automated subtitles. 

It’s a valuable language learning tool to keep you abreast of real-life topics in a thought-provoking way.

What Is the Best Channel for Learning Italian?

We’ll. we’ve got some great candidates listed above, but which channel is best really comes down to you. Here are the basic qualities that we recommend searching for when choosing the best channels to subscribe to:

  • Caters to multiple skill levels: When finding YouTube channels or playlists to learn from, you should look for resources that continue to challenge you as your knowledge grows. Try to aim for resources that have both beginner and intermediate videos (at least!) for you to learn from.

This will help you keep your momentum up in your studies. You won’t need to waste time searching for new videos, and you won’t need to get familiar with a new video’s style or a new narrator’s accent every time your skills jump up.

  • Entertains you: Here’s the bottom line—if you don’t enjoy what you’re watching, you won’t get anything from it. Your attention will wander and you won’t get the education you were hoping for.
  • Has an engaging host: The host should have an engaging personality, the kind that makes you want to finish the whole video as if it’s an exciting Italian movie. They should teach their lessons or tell their stories with passion, humor and a great understanding of Italian culture.

How do you know if the host is right for you? Just see if they pass the “airport test”: Would you want to be stuck with them in an airport, during a snowstorm? If the answer is a vehement yes, then you’ve got yourself a keeper.

  • Offers visual cues: Many good Italian language learning videos also have well-timed, non-intrusive graphics and audio that help the viewers understand what the host is talking about. These visual and audio extras help tell the story or deliver the lesson, punching it up.

For example, if the host is talking about Italian gelato, a picture of the cold treat suddenly appearing would deliver more impact and make the lesson more memorable. Or if the host suddenly switches to Italian, a helpful subtitle would allow viewer to follow.

  • Has a community that comes with the package: Open the three latest videos in a channel and scroll to the comments section. Is there a healthy discussion brewing? Is the presenter or host interacting with the audience? Sometimes you’ll even find community members jumping in to help answer questions or clarify concepts in the comments. Having a vibrant community of watchers interacting in the comments section is very valuable to your learning experience. 

How YouTube Videos Can Help You Learn Italian

Can you really learn Italian by watching YouTube? Consider these benefits:

  •  YouTube gives you access to native Italian speakers. Listening to native speakers gives you an audiovisual guide to pronunciationcommon slang and vocabulary in context.
  • You can interact with native Italian speakers, teachers and fellow learners—don’t be afraid to leave comments and engage in conversations on your favorite Italian YouTube channels. 
  • Many Italian YouTube videos come with captions, supporting text or visual aids to help you understand what you’re hearing. This boosts both your listening and reading comprehension skills
  • You can watch these videos on your own schedule and at your own pace. Slow down the audio if you need to understand better. Watch a video every morning as you get ready for work. It’s up to you!
  • As noted above, great Italian YouTube videos are entertaining! It’s a fun way to learn that’ll keep you moving forward toward fluency.
  • If you use FluentU, you can learn from authentic Italian videos, too, even if you’re a beginner. FluentU takes authentic videos from YouTube—like music videos, movie trailers, news and inspiring talks—and turns them into personalized Italian learning lessons.


With the 21 Italian YouTube channels we’ve listed above, you’ll discover learning Italian through YouTube videos is one of many immersive methods provided when learning a new language and it’s also a valuable learning tool.

With hours upon hours of useful insights, techniques, and lessons on grammar, pronunciation and usage, you can’t go wrong adding this language resource list to your learning experience!

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