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The Future Is Now: Learn Italian with 10 Awesome Android Apps


That thing you’re holding in your hand is incredibly powerful.

No, not the slice of pizza. I’m talking about your phone.

You’re probably reading this post on it right now. Or maybe you’re playing a game with one hand while …

What the…? 8 Italian Definite Articles to Warm Up Your Language Skills


La, la, la, la, la!

Il, la, le, lo, l’, i, gli!

No, we’re not warming up our throats so we can break into a hearty song.

We’re just getting ready to learn all about how to say “the”

A Big, Happy Family: 18 Italian Family Words to Make Your Nonna Proud


Don Vito Corleone of “The Godfather” sums up the relationship between Italians and their families: “A man who doesn’t spend time with his family can never be a real man.”

La famiglia (the family) is embedded deep in the Italian

Give Siri a Break: Study Italian Abroad with 7 Programs for True Immersion


Siri knows best. Just look at this conversation:

Me: Hey, Siri. What’s Italian for “book”?

Siri: The Italian word for “book” is “libro.”

Me: Thanks! …Hey Siri, what’s Italian for “study”?

Siri: The Italian word for “study” is “studiare.”


Full Steam Ahead! 9 Italian for Beginners Resources to Launch Your Learning Journey


You’re such a baby!

No really, you are. Not in a cute, newborn kind of way, nor in a gross, leaks-on-both-ends kind of way.

You’re a baby because you’re a beginner—someone who just made that noble and exciting decision …

Get Hired: Study Italian for Work with 9 Career-focused Resources


Need to speak Italian at work?

Trying to close a big Italian client?

Looking for a job in Italy?

Your casual Italian might not cut it.

If you want to make it in an Italian-speaking workplace, you’ll need to raise …

5 Online Resources for Italian Exercises: Stop Avoiding Them, Already!


It’s nice to eat sweet and yummy things, but it’s important to eat your veggies, too.

The same goes for your Italian learning.

You may have been using fun learning methods like watching YouTube videos, playing Italian games online