The 6 Best Sites for Advanced Italian Lessons Online

If you’re ready for advanced Italian lessons, you’re ready to level up your language skills and become a whole new type of Italian speaker.

I’ll show you how, with six fantastic and diverse sites for advanced Italian lessons online.


How to Gauge Your Italian Learning Needs

Advanced language learners are a unique breed.

While beginners tend to share lots of learning needs and goals—you know, the fundamentals of vocabulary and grammar—one advanced Italian learner might look totally different from another. Maybe one is a confident, fluid speaker with garbled writing, while another can read pages and pages of advanced Italian prose but clams up in an actual conversation.

It’s important to know where your abilities lie, so you know where to take the next step in your Italian studies. While it may be hard to judge your proficiency when you’re teaching yourself, there are some ways to help you figure it out.

Look at the main rubrics of language learning: reading, writing, speaking and listening. Where are your skills strongest? Where are there gaps in your abilities? Can you respond to a question you hear, or pronounce words out loud as you read? Questions like this help you to know where you need the most work, and therefore what you need from an advanced Italian course.

If you’d rather follow a set scale, there are online tests available to self-assess your proficiency. For example, here’s a site that offers both quick assessments and in-depth testing for free.

How to Keep Your Level up Outside of Class

If you’re looking for advanced online Italian lessons, you’re already taking an important step towards fluency. But for truly balanced skills that continue to grow, it’s important to supplement your learning with outside resources. Here’s how:

Even though you’re at an advanced level, you still need to work to keep your language muscles in shape.

  • Use your favorite media: If you generally enjoy watching movies or TV, reading books or listening to music, why not do it in Italian? It gives you the chance to practice while performing activities you enjoy.

It also provides you with more casual and common Italian than the proper lessons you would find in a textbook. As an advanced learner, using these learning channels gives you an opportunity to relax a little and enjoy yourself, while still practicing your skill and even learning new things.

  • Find native speakers: Is there anyone in your area that speaks Italian? Try the Italian language department at your local university, for example. Invite them for a coffee so you can get to know them while practicing your speech! You’ll get firsthand help and advice, plus the chance to make a new friend.

You can also look for Italian classes or clubs in your area. Since you have an advanced level of grammar and vocabulary, talking with other Italian speakers will give you a chance to practice applying this knowledge and thinking on your feet.

  • Travel: When you visit Italy, you can completely immerse yourself in the language. Read newspapers, talk to locals and eavesdrop at coffee shops to practice and advance your Italian capabilities. You can also do fun activities like take cooking classes or local tours.

As an advanced learner, jumping into a full Italian experience will give you innumerable chances to apply your knowledge, and this type of total immersion is a great step towards full fluency.

Level Up! 6 Strong Sources for Advanced Italian Lessons Online

Learn Italian Language on Udemy


These lessons are technically listed as intermediate, but they’re targeted at both intermediate and advanced learners. It’s a great option if you’re just starting out with advanced Italian and don’t want to bite off more than you can chew.

These lessons will give you well-rounded skills, from conversational confidence to grammar knowledge. All lessons are taught fully in Italian by a native, so you’ll be immersed in the authentic language from minute one.

Each video lesson comes with a downloadable PDF. The lessons have exercises for listening, speaking and grammar so you can apply your new skills. The best part is that you get lifetime access to the course and all its updates, and they’re always improving. They currently list upcoming features like quizzes and video captions.

If you enjoy this course, there’s plenty more to be found on Udemy, a popular online educational platform. Udemy is great because it’s totally flexible—you follow your own schedule and as noted above, once you purchase a course you can access the materials at any time. Just search “Italian” to see all the language course options, or explore the thousands of other options they have available for curious learners!

Italian Courses in Montreal


Don’t be thrown off by this program’s name. They also offer Italian courses online! The online courses are taught by native Italian teachers. You learn privately through live e-lessons with your teacher. They even offer flexible schedules for your convenience.

In their Advanced 1 and Advanced 2 courses, you learn Italian grammar, syntax and communication. They also include Italian culture and history in the curriculum.

Not only does this make their lessons more engaging, it also gives you a deeper understanding of everyday life in Italy.



You may have heard that immersive learning (surrounding yourself with spoken and written Italian) is one of the fastest and most effective ways to learn. FluentU makes advanced immersion learning possible, no matter how far away from Italy you are right now.

FluentU takes authentic videos—like music videos, movie trailers, news and inspiring talks—and turns them into personalized language learning lessons.

You can try FluentU for free for 2 weeks. Click here to check out the website or download the iOS app or Android app.

FluentU Ad

Memrise Advanced Italian Lessons


This excellent resource for Italian lessons is available both as a mobile app and a website. As the name hints, Memrise’s goal is to make Italian memorization manageable and even enjoyable. The lessons are comprised of flashcard-like exercises, animated games and more.

Plus, one of Memrise’s newer features is Grammabot, a chatbot that teaches grammar to improve your fluency. They also have two review options: classic and speed review.

They offer several diverse lessons for higher-level Italian, for example:

The first two in that list are official Memrise courses, designed to teach you complicated conversation topics, turns of phrase and advanced vocabulary. The others are community courses (created by other users), which are great for creative themes and uncommon terms—just be mindful of the fact that they’re not official course content.

Porta d’Oriente CILS and CELI Prep Lessons


Want to prove your advanced Italian chops to an employer or school? You’ll want to get CILS or CELI certified. These are two of the major certificates for Italian as a second language.

Porta d’Oriente is an Italian immersion school that offers an online CILS and CELI prep course. You’ll be working on an e-learning platform but you’ll still get personalized attention from an Italian tutor. They’ll cover all exam portions including reading and listening comprehension, writing, grammar, vocabulary and oral production.

They also offer two practice exams so you can go into the real one at your most confident. Best of all, you can follow the course entirely on your schedule!

Plus, if the travel bug bites you and you enjoy your experience with this school, you can ramp it up with advanced Italian courses on-site in Italy.

Advanced Italian Lessons: Italian Accelerator


These video lessons from Manu of Italy Made Easy were crafted specifically for advanced Italian learners. They help advanced learners experience more authentic Italian conversations than you’d find in a typical textbook.

Not only do they teach advanced grammar and vocabulary, they also cover idiomatic expressions and slang. There are eight multi-part episodes, each with an English version and an Italian version.

With a charismatic and likable host like Manu, the Italian Accelerator video series is a great way to practice your advanced Italian without even feeling like you’re studying.


Advanced Italian will present a new and interesting challenge for you. As long as you work every day to keep your skills in practice, you’ll make it to the highest level: fluency!

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