7 Easy Ways to Teach Japanese Online


Work. It can be your best friend or your worst nightmare.

Some jobs offer you the opportunity to see the world and do fulfilling work.

Other jobs offer the dehumanizing experience of cleaning up after filthy, filthy humans and their …

Looking for the Best Japanese Teaching Resources Online? We’ve Got 8


Filling up your lesson plans with enough great Japanese material to last you through the school can seem an insurmountable task, especially if you do not yet have years of teaching experience under your belt.

How will you teach Japanese

Looking for Fresh New Japanese Teaching Books? We've Got 6 Right Here


Going it alone is scary.

If you decide to go alone at rewiring your house, you can expect a few singe marks and hospital visits.

If you go on a road trip with nothing but the sometimes questionable Google Maps …

4 Authentic Materials for Japanese Class Every Teacher Needs

Authentic Materials for Japanese Class

Keeping your students engaged can be just as challenging as explaining the most difficult Japanese grammar rules.

After all, there’s a lot out there that could distract them.

Between studying, hanging out with friends and mastering flossing, students have …

4 Simple and Fun Japanese Games for All Ages

4 simply fun japanese games for all ages

Whether you’re teaching young children or seniors, games are a fantastic tool to get students engaged and excited about learning.

From students with zero Japanese skills to those who are nearing fluency, there’s something out there for everyone.

We’ve …

Teaching Grammar in Style: 8 Killer Games for Your Japanese Classroom

teaching grammar in style 8 killer games for your japanese classroom

Do your students seem to zone out at the mention of Japanese sentence structure?

Or are they flat out uninterested in particles?

What if there were fun ways to teach Japanese grammar?

Well I’ve got great news …