Chirp Your Way to Success Using Teacher Twitter


It’s everywhere you go.

You can try to hide in the teachers’ lounge or even under your desk. You can go to a nearby café and hide behind your sunglasses, trying to go incognito, but it will follow you.

You …

4 Practical and Fun Interpersonal Communication Activities


Have you ever had a conversation with someone who only wanted to talk, and not listen?

It’s annoying, isn’t it?

You might try to get a word in, but the other person doesn’t seem to hear you. Instead, he or …

CLIL Science: Overcoming the Barriers


Do you remember your high school days?

If you’re like most of us, each class was taught in a separate room. You went to math class, then down the hall to another room for English. When the bell rang, …

A New Way to Approach Translation in Language Teaching


How about some time travel?

Let’s go back in time to experience the old days for a few minutes.

Come with me to a day when language classrooms looked very different from what they look like now.

Back when students …

What Is Computer Assisted Learning and How Does It Work?


In today’s classroom setting, it seems like we’re constantly battling with technology.

On one hand, technology has revolutionized the way teachers teach and students learn.

On the other, it can become a distraction that takes away from the learning process.…

I Test, Therefore I Am: Creating a Foreign Language Teaching Philosophy


How much time have you spent thinking about your foreign language teaching philosophy?

I’m betting it’s right up there with making dentist appointments and cleaning out your garage.

After all, it’s engaging activities and fun curriculum that make language lessons …

7 Essential Online Teaching Tools Every Language Teacher Should Have


Having a hard time keeping up with the latest tools for online teachers?

Chances are, you’re probably feeling excited, and maybe a little overwhelmed.

The days of simple PDF files and email correspondence ended with the ’00s. These days, online …