More Efficient Vocab List Management and Paypal Payments

We’re excited to announce 2 new updates that our users have been asking for.

More Efficient Vocab Management

Many of you are already using FluentU as your go-to tool for learning vocab.

After all, you can already import words into FluentU, and enjoy awesome images, context-specific, definitions, audio, examples, and video clips.

Well, we’ve upgraded our “Add” button so that you can manage your vocab in a lot fewer clicks or taps.

With the new “Add to” button, you’ll be able to easily bulk add lots of vocab to an existing or new flashcard set.

This is all part of our mission to be the best way for you to learn vocabulary.

Paypal Payments

Until recently, we had only supported annual Paypal payments, and they had to be processed manually.

Now, we’ve added Paypal as one of our checkout options for the monthly plans.

As always, please let us know at support [at] fluentu [dot] com if you have any questions or suggestions!

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