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Calling All Tourists! Download the 7 Best Tourism Apps Before Your Big Trip

“Stop worrying about the potholes in the road and celebrate the journey.” – Fitzhugh Mullan

Travel can be—and usually is!—wonderfully exciting.

It can also be overwhelming, costly and filled with mind-numbing planning. And all those potholes appear before you even head to the airport.

There’s potential for a pothole or two on your journey, as well.

But it’s possible to remove some of the excess stress associated with travel, avoid tourist traps and truly travel like a pro.


With tourism apps!

They take travelers from A to Z and absolutely enhance a tourism experience.

Download the best ones to power up your adventure!

Let’s check out the seven best tourism apps.


How Tourism Apps Can Benefit Travelers

Let’s face it: apps contain lots of information.

And tourism requires lots of work.

You have to investigate places, accommodations and transportation options and organize all the essentials of a trip.

Download some excellent apps and let them do that work instead.

They can provide the answers to your travel questions, customize your itinerary and keep everything in one spot.

Think about it: All your travel information in one place? Namely, the palm of your hand?

That’s a total win-win situation!

There’s no doubting it, apps are vital travel gear.

Calling All Tourists! Download the 7 Best Tourism Apps Before Your Big Trip



best tourism apps

Travel can be expensive, but apps like Hopper help you save money.

Decide where you want to go, enter the destination and travel dates in the app and use the “watch” feature to wait for the notification that prices have hit rock bottom. It’s a super way to get a deal on your flight or hotel bill!

The app helps you find the cheapest travel dates. It also provides valuable tips about airports (like layouts and amenities) and information about arriving at your destination.

Plus, it securely stores your information so you’re always ready to plan your next trip.


iOS | Android

best tourism apps

HotelTonight is a great way to check out hotel descriptions, ratings and even photos so you can choose the best places to stay on your trip.

It even lets users reap the benefit of hotel discounts on unused rooms. That’s a nice advantage to last-minute booking!

Their hotel booking options range from luxury hotels to less expensive digs, so there’s something for every budget.

XE Currency

iOS | Android

best tourism apps

Leaving for parts unknown without a solid currency conversion app on board definitely isn’t a wise move.

Trust me, I would know. One time I nearly bought a dress abroad that was priced twice as high as what I thought. Beautiful dress, but the purchase would have totally blown my travel budget! Good thing I double-checked the conversion rate before buying it.

That experience taught me it’s a good idea—vital, even—to have a reliable currency conversion app. It makes bartering, shopping or just trying to calculate the price of admission to an attraction a snap.

XE Currency stores updated rates, so if you’re unable to access the internet, you can still confidently calculate currency conversions.


iOS | Android

best tourism apps

Yelp is much-loved and widely used. For many, it’s the gold standard of not only tourism apps but of local, hometown business apps, as well.

No matter where your wanderlust takes you—to your hometown or across the globe—Yelp has reviews of businesses that can help make your trip spectacular.

Need a restaurant? Looking for a car rental? Want to find a spot to get a spa treatment?

Yelp has all of those covered. And much more!

This app is one of those know-it-all pieces of technology that, once you use it a time or two, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without!

Culture Trip


best tourism apps

Culture Trip kicks traveling up a notch. Like, a big notch.

Using this app, I discovered events, attractions and sights I would never have known about otherwise. I’ve used it in multiple cities and have never been disappointed.

There are videos and articles that give insight into cities and countries across the globe.

This is a great way to get a feel for a place long before you hit your airport departure gate.

When you arrive at your destination, visit the local hangouts to sample authentic cuisine, take part in local events and just make friends with new people.

Compile an itinerary based on the videos and articles.

Like lists? Make a to-do list, including all the attractions you plan to visit when you’re touring. You can even book a hotel through Culture Trip!

And when you’ve seen it all, share your experiences with others. Recommend content and sights via social media so others can get a taste of the fun Culture Trip brings to every adventure.

Google Translate

iOS | Android

best tourism apps

Download the Google Translate app to your phone before you head out on your travel adventure. That way, you’ll always have the local language at your fingertips.

There are lots of super features on this app. Text translation, camera translation and the ability to translate bilingual conversations makes communicating so much simpler. Additionally, reading signs and menus isn’t an issue, even if you don’t know the local language.

The translations feature works offline with 59 languages. Even if you’re not connected to the internet, you’re connected to the language around you!



best tourism apps

This map app not only helps travelers discover restaurants, attractions, hotels and other points of interest, it helps you create an itinerary using the suggested content.

You can share your itinerary with friends or fellow tourists, so this works really well for a group of travelers. Getting details to everyone can be a hassle in situations like that, but Roadtripper removes that hassle and puts vital information in every member’s hands.

A “save” feature lets users store the details of a trip for use on future trips!


In this technological society, no one leaves home without their phone.

Tourism apps are essential travel gear and elevate any travel experience.

With a few of these amazing apps along for the journey, you’ll have the adventure of your dreams!

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