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Hola, Explorers! Download These 12 Travel Apps for Your Trip to Barcelona

“You’d have a hard time finding anything better than Barcelona for food, as far as being a hub.” – Anthony Bourdain

There’s no doubt about it, the food in Barcelona is excellent. Truly, it’s unforgettable!

But there’s more to Barcelona than its epic food. Much more.

It’s a blend of historic allure and cosmopolitan flair. It’s a destination known for its epic art and architecture.

It’s even been ranked the #1 place to visit in Spain.

That’s a lot to take in, isn’t it? You might be wondering if it’s possible to see and experience it all when you visit.

The good news? You won’t miss a thing if you download some super apps before packing your bags and heading to Spain.

There’s an app to cover almost everything you’ll need to know when you’re in Barcelona.

Navigating the city, talking with the locals, catching transit, buying tickets, finding incredible restaurants—there’s an app to make all of that a snap!

Let’s check some out.


Hola, Explorers! Download These 12 Travel Apps for Your Trip to Barcelona


iOS | Android

barcelona travel apps

iTranslate is an ideal translation and dictionary app choice. It has so many features that even if you’ve struggled learning Spanish, you’ll be able to navigate Barcelona with relative ease.

The phrasebook contains common phrases. The dictionary not only defines words but also supplies synonyms, and the translations are available in either male or female voices.

There’s an offline translation mode so it even works without internet access. A huge plus for international travelers!

And with the camera feature, it’s possible to instantly translate signs, menus or any other written matter just by taking a photograph of the material.


iOS | Android

barcelona travel apps

Citymapper is a must-have app for anyone who travels. It covers numerous spots across the globe so it’s convenient to always have on hand.

Barcelona is one of the cities it covers, and that’s perfect for visitors who want to keep on top of all forms of available transportation!

It’s updated constantly so material is relevant. That’s a feature anyone who’s missed a train because of an outdated schedule can appreciate. (Yes, I’ve done that, and it’s not fun!)

Transit maps and current status on transportation modes within the city keep travelers on a smooth path between hotels, attractions, restaurants and events. Whether you’re walking or riding, this app will get you from point A to point B with minimum fuss.

Barcelona Metro

iOS | Android

barcelona travel apps

Traveling by metro can be intimidating regardless of the city, but this app takes the hassle out of the ride.

The interactive map, route planner and information on metro stations clear up any apprehension a traveler might feel using an unfamiliar system. This app even maps the routes to popular points of interest in the city so getting to the fabulous sights isn’t difficult at all.

Visitors and residents alike rely on the Barcelona Metro for getting around the city. This app makes doing that a breeze!

XE Currency

iOS | Android

barcelona travel apps

It’s never a bad idea to have a reliable currency conversion app. Having one at hand facilitates bartering, shopping or just trying to calculate the price of admission to an event.

Why struggle to convert currencies when an app will do it for you in less time than it takes to move a decimal point?

This app even stores updated rates so in the event you’re not able to access the internet, you’re still on track with calculating currency conversions! It doesn’t get any easier to shop, spend or save without worrying about whether you have the correct amount.


iOS | Android

barcelona travel apps

Many travelers rely on hotel or hostel accommodations. But if you’re looking for an authentic, family-style experience, why not check out the listings on Airbnb?

The app shows what homes are available in Barcelona and allows users to book rentals, even if they’re last-minute accommodations.

There are also guided walking tours in Barcelona featured on this app, so once you’ve found a place to stay, get out an explore!

Barcelona Restaurants


barcelona travel apps

Anthony Bourdain was right about the food in Barcelona. It’s absolutely incredible.

The Barcelona Restaurants app is the official restaurant guide put out by the Barcelona Tourism Bureau.

Restaurant locations, price points, dining options and contact information are available for each restaurant featured on the app. It also provides accessibility, booking and parking information.

Compare cuisine, prices, locations and more with this one app. It also works offline!



barcelona travel apps

TheFork app is useful across Europe and has become a popular method of discovering excellent restaurants. The app provides its own descriptions and so do millions of other foodies using the service.

Anyone who joins the app’s community of users is able to post a review of a restaurant they’ve visited, along with photos of the food that was served. It’s a unique approach that allows diners to lead other diners to fabulous eating experiences.

Location services pinpoint where you are in Barcelona and provide the nearest options for dining. Of course, other options are there, too. But if you’re hungry after a long day of sightseeing, it’s convenient to know what’s nearby!

Barcelona Museums

iOS | Android

barcelona travel apps

Barcelona Museums is the go-to app for seeing art in Barcelona! It curates all the attractions and provides excellent descriptions so visitors can compile a must-see list.

The app is divided into categories, which makes planning an art adventure a snap. It highlights the “Top 10 Sights” for an overall Barcelona experience. It also lists the “Best of Gaudí” as a category on its own so anyone interested in the famous Gaudí attractions will be able to take the list in at a glance.

This app is all art, all the time—Barcelona style!

Sagrada Familia


barcelona travel apps

The Sagrada Família (Sacred Family) Museum is one of Barcelona’s most famous landmarks, and this app provides travelers with all the information they’ll need to get the most out of their visit to the attraction.

A self-guided audio tour, map of art in the museum, history of the monument, insights into the brilliant architect’s work and much more is included on this app. It provides in-depth information for exploring the work inside the museum as well as the exterior architecture.

Be prepared to stand in awe at the beauty of this incredible spot. Bring your camera and plan to linger. It’s so beautiful, you won’t want to leave!


iOS | Android

barcelona travel apps

Tracking down fabulous tours, popular tickets or information about local events can be time-consuming for travelers. In an unfamiliar city, it’s not always easy to find the information in a timely manner.

I’ve missed concerts in Europe just because I didn’t know they were taking place until the following day. It’s very disheartening when that happens!

But the GetYourGuide app cuts down on unfortunate experiences by putting all that pertinent information in one spot.

If it’s happening in Barcelona, all the necessary information should be on the app. Find out about tickets, times and venues. Book tickets using the app, even before you arrive in the city! It will provide you with directions to the event, too.

Don’t miss fun opportunities—this is one app that travelers should definitely download and use!

GPSmyCity: Walks


barcelona travel apps

One of the best ways to take in the sights of Barcelona like a local is with a walking tour. This app allows users to explore with a self-guided walking tours, travel articles and offline maps.

Landmarks, points of interest, historic sights, restaurants, museums and much more are included with this app. It honestly does make it possible for travelers to become their own tour guide!

The app works in cities across the globe.

I used it in Rome and Paris and found it very useful. I plan to use it the next time I’m in Barcelona, too.

Gaudi’s BCN


barcelona travel apps

Spanish architect Antoni Gaudí is world-famous, but many don’t realize the bulk of his work is in Barcelona. Gaudi’s BCN is the ideal app for finding the buildings he designed and learning about the man and his work.

There’s substantial audio content that provides details about and insights into the architect and his masterpieces. The app also provides information about the city and the art nouveau movement.

Photos, text, audio and a geolocation feature all make discovering Gaudí in Barcelona an adventure to remember!


Barcelona is an unforgettable city. It’s unique and complex, with tons to see.

Don’t be overwhelmed by all that’s in this amazing place.

A phone equipped with some awesome apps puts Barcelona in the palm of your hand!

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