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Social Travel Apps: 10 Tools for Meeting People Everywhere You Go

social travel apps

Traveling to a new place comes with a ton of different emotions.

You’re excited for new and memorable experiences.

You probably also feel a little nervous—maybe even lonely—as you step out of your comfort zone, into a new …

Make Friends in Spain: 7 Tips for Finding Your Squad Abroad

make friends in spain

I was exhausted when I arrived in Spain. I’d just endured 48 hours of flights and layovers from Los Angeles to London to Mallorca.

I didn’t know anyone. I didn’t even have a place to live.

Fast forward three …

Become a Man of the World with This Crucial Travel Gear for Men

travel gear for men

There are plenty of things to worry about on a trip.

Have you found the best deals on flights?

Have you studied the local language?

Do you know where you’re going to stay?

One thing you shouldn’t have …

¡Vamos! Check Out These 5 Jobs You Can Work to Travel in Spain

work and travel spain

Is Spain calling to you?

Is there some other life you know you could be living?

You can daydream forever about hiking the Pyrenees, running with the bulls or finally learning Spanish, but the truth is, there’s no …