14 Best Portuguese Movies on Netflix in June 2024

If you’re looking for movies in Portuguese, you’re in luck.

There are plenty of options offered across the numerous streaming services available today.

And if you have a Netflix subscription, you’ve got access to some great Portuguese films.

While the collection is a bit heavy on documentaries and cheesy rom-coms, there’s some action and drama for you, too. 

In this post, you’ll get 14 the best Portuguese movies that you can stream on Netflix today.


1. “Racionais: Das Ruas de São Paulo Pro Mundo” (“Racionais MC’s: From the Streets of São Paulo”)

Year: 2022
Genre: Documentary/Music

If you’re a fan of rap or hip-hop music, or even if you’re just interested in Brazilian culture, add this one to your watchlist. Racionais MC’s is one of the most popular and influential rap groups in the country. They’ve been an active voice against issues such as police brutality, prejudice, organized crime and social exclusion. 

This film takes a look at how their music and activism have influenced Brazilian society and culture. And, of course, it features plenty of their music.

2. “Democracia em Vertigem” (“The Edge of Democracy”)

Year: 2019
Genre: Documentary

This documentary delves into the political turmoil and upheaval in Brazil in recent years. The film explores the rise and fall of political leaders, including Presidents Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva and Dilma Rousseff, as well as the impact of corruption scandals, protests, and polarization on Brazilian society.

“The Edge of Democracy” provides a gripping and intimate look at the complexities of democracy, power and the challenges faced by a nation navigating its political future.

3. “A Última Floresta” (“The Last Forest”)

Year: 2021
Genre: Documentary

This Brazilian documentary explores the Amazon rainforest, focusing on the indigenous Yanomami people who inhabit this remote and threatened environment. The documentary sheds light on their traditional way of life, the challenges they face due to deforestation and external threats, and their efforts to protect their land and culture.

“The Last Forest” is a visually stunning and thought-provoking exploration of the crucial importance of preserving the Amazon rainforest and the indigenous communities that call it home.

4. “7 Prisioneiros” (“7 Prisoners”)

Year: 2021
Genre: Drama/Crime/Thriller

This movie tells the story of Mateus, a young man from the countryside of Brazil, who takes a job at a junkyard in São Paulo, only to discover that the job involves exploitative and illegal practices. The film delves into themes of human trafficking, forced labor and the harsh realities many vulnerable individuals face in search of employment.

“7 Prisoners” offers a gripping and socially relevant narrative that sheds light on the plight of marginalized workers caught in a cycle of exploitation and abuse.

5. “Pelé”

Year: 2021
Genre: Documentary

If you’re a soccer fan, this one is a must-watch. The documentary explores the life and career of the legendary Brazilian soccer player Pelé. It offers an intimate and comprehensive look at Pelé’s journey, from his humble beginnings in Brazil to becoming one of the greatest footballers in history.

The film features interviews with Pelé himself, as well as archival footage and interviews with those who have known and admired him throughout his remarkable career. “Pelé” is a tribute to the football icon and his enduring impact on the sport and the world.

6. “Tudo Bem no Natal que Vem” (“Just Another Christmas”)

Year: 2020
Genre: Comedy

If you love funny holiday movies, this might be the one for you. The film tells the story of Jorge, a man who despises Christmas and all its festivities. However, he finds himself stuck in a time loop, reliving Christmas Day over and over again. Through these repetitions, Jorge learns valuable lessons about love, family and the true meaning of the holiday season.

The film combines humor and heartwarming moments to deliver a unique take on the Christmas genre, offering a message of self-discovery and redemption.

7. “Depois do Universo” (“Beyond the Universe”)

Year: 2022
Genre: Romantic Comedy/Drama

This film follows the journey of Nina, a gifted pianist battling lupus. While awaiting a kidney transplant, she forms an unexpected, strong connection with one of the doctors on her care team named Gabriel. Through his support and encouragement, Nina gains the confidence to perform alongside a major orchestra in São Paulo.

While some might find this movie a bit cheesy, others will enjoy its dramatic storyline and musical theme.

8. Cabras da Peste” (“Get the Goat”)

Year: 2021
Genre: Comedy/Action/Crime

This Brazilian film follows the story of two police officers, Diana and Claudio, who are tasked with transporting a prized goat to a rural community. However, their journey takes an unexpected turn as they face various challenges and comical situations.

“Get the Goat” combines humor and adventure as it explores the unlikely bond between the officers and their misadventures during the goat transport. It’s a great option if you’re looking for something lighthearted and entertaining.

9. “Ricos de Amor” (“Rich in Love”)

Year: 2020
Genre: Romantic Comedy

This Brazilian rom-com tells the story of Teto, a wealthy young man from a sugar cane family, who falls in love with Paula, a charming and humble woman. Teto hides his wealth, pretending to be poor, in order to win her heart.

However, when the truth is revealed, their relationship faces challenges. “Rich in Love” explores themes of love, class differences and the importance of honesty in relationships, all set against the beautiful backdrop of Brazil’s northeastern countryside.

If you like this one, check out the sequel “Ricos de Amor 2” (“Rich in Love 2”).

10. “Kardec”

Year: 2019
Genre: Biographical Drama

This Brazilian film portrays the life of Allan Kardec, a renowned French educator and writer who’s considered the founder of Spiritism. The movie delves into Kardec’s journey as he investigates and documents spiritual phenomena, eventually leading to the development of Spiritism as a philosophical and religious movement.

“Kardec” explores his dedication to exploring the unknown, his interactions with spirits and his commitment to spreading the principles of Spiritism. It provides insight into the man behind the movement and the enduring influence of his work.

11. “Chatô: O Rei do Brasil” (“Chatô – The King of Brazil”)

Year: 2016
Genre: Biographical Drama
This film is based on the life of Assis Chateaubriand, a prominent Brazilian media mogul and entrepreneur. The movie chronicles Chateaubriand’s rise to power in the media industry, his establishment of influential newspapers and television networks and his impact on Brazilian politics and culture during the mid-20th century.
“Chatô” offers a portrayal of a complex and influential figure in Brazilian history, exploring his professional success and personal challenges. The film combines elements of drama and real events to provide a cinematic depiction of Chateaubriand’s life and legacy.

12. “O Matador” (“The Killer”)

Year: 2017
Genre: Western/Action/Thriller
In this film set in the early 1900s in rural Brazil, an assassin called Seven Ears finds and raises an abandoned baby boy, teaching him lethal skills. When Seven Ears vanishes, the now older boy (who has named himself Cabileira) goes to find him. Instead, he encounters a ruthless landowner who hires him to murder farmers unwilling to sell their land.
If you’re looking for a movie full of action and suspense and don’t mind a lot of blood and violence, this could be a good option. 

13. “Esposa de Aluguel” (“Someone Borrowed”)

Year: 2022
Genre: Romantic Comedy

In this film, a bachelor named Luiz is enjoying his single life when he gets a surprise from his mom: she only has six months to live, and her dying wish is that he finds a wife.

In order to appease her, Luiz hires an actress to play his fiancé. As with most schemes, it doesn’t go exactly as planned. The movie has plenty of humorous moments as the fake couple struggles to maintain the facade and Luiz’s jealous sister starts spying on them.

14. “The Secret Diary of an Exchange Student”

Year: 2021
Genre: Romantic Comedy
While we can’t call it a cinematic masterpiece worthy of an Oscar, this Brazilian rom-com is a good option if you’re looking for something light-hearted and entertaining. It mixes the Portuguese language with American culture and drama with humor.
The film follows the adventures of two young Brazilian friends who travel to the United States together. They must navigate cultural differences and complicated relationships in their new lives in upstate New York.

Learning Portuguese with Netflix Movies

Never discount the learning potential of your favorite forms of entertainment. Similar to TV shows, cartoons, songs and podcasts, movies can be your gateway towards immersive learning.

All you have to do is get creative with how you tap into this awesome resource. So here are a few quick tips to get those reels rolling:

  • Always ease yourself into active listening. Turn on the subtitles, but only use them until you’re feeling confident with your listening skills. In other words, don’t become too dependent on those English-language translations on your screen.
  • Supplement your knowledge with the resources you have available. Supplementing movies with resources like language courses or immersion programs helps you get a well-rounded language learning experience. You can use a program like FluentU to get more familiar with new words you come across while watching video clips from authentic Portuguese media.
  • Read the movie synopsis. Try searching Wikipedia or IMDB for the movie plot to ensure you’re not getting lost in translation. Similarly, watching the previews on YouTube will help you get the gist of things and provide you with a bit more listening practice.
  • Have some fun! Browse through Netflix and other streaming platforms to find Portuguese movies that fit your interests. With so much great content available, you don’t have to watch anything that doesn’t interest you! 


And that’s a wrap! We’ve given you more than enough to keep you busy, right?

In case you do run out of options, you can find more Portuguese movies here.

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