Hurry Up and Learn Hangul: The Quick and Easy Guide to the Korean Alphabet


Are you tired of feeling like a confused deer when looking at those inscrutable Korean characters?

Do you want to end the tyranny of wholly depending on Romanizations?

Well then, this post is perfect for you!

You’ll finally get to…

Want to Learn How to Read Korean? Your One-stop Hangul Guide


Don’t know how to read Korean?

Want to learn?

If you have a free afternoon and a place where you can sit quietly with a cup of coffee, you can do it today.

The thing about Hangul, the Korean alphabet

Practice Korean Reading! 7 Spots to Access Learner Texts Instantly


Do you know how long it takes to make 잡채 (japchae)?


What I meant to say is, do you have any idea how long it takes me to make 잡채?

Let’s just say it takes a while, much longer …

Looking for Korean Dramas? 6 Non-Sketchy Apps That Let You Watch for Free


There are always more.

It doesn’t matter how many Korean dramas you’ve watched.

There are definitely still more.

Sure, you could say the same for those packs of 신라면 (Shin Ramyun) on the kitchen counter you’ve been methodically …

Interested in Self-guided Korean Lessons? This Program Is All You’ll Need


Language learning is an adventure and like any good adventure, it’s full of dangerous pitfalls.

Have you fallen into the trap of overlooking your listening comprehension practice until it’s too late?

Did you get ensnared in the tangled tendrils of …

Gentle Advice: 10 Ways to Improve Your Korean Speaking


Yelling at someone to help them speak seems counter-intuitive.

And yet there’s so much yelly “advice” out there for learning to speak a foreign language.

“You just have to go to the country! There’s no other way!”

To …

15 Free Korean Online Courses for Self-guided Learners on a Budget


I don’t know you.

At least, I don’t think I do.

If you found this post because you were searching for online Korean courses, there’s a pretty good chance we’re not acquainted.

Which means I don’t know what your life …