Write It out! Learn to Write Korean with These 7 Handy Tools

learn to write korean

If you’re a newbie to the Korean language, chances are you’re looking at 한글 (hangul) — Korean characters and wondering where to even start.

It’s an understandable feeling. If you’re only used to the way English works, …

How to Learn Korean Grammar: 11 Resources Every Student Should Try

how to learn korean grammar 2

“The greater part of the world’s troubles are due to questions of grammar.” ― Michel de Montaigne

Good ol’ Michel was right. Grammar can indeed be troubling at times, especially for language learners.

But grammar is the backbone of all …

Get in on the Drama with These 7 Hulu Korean Dramas


Breakups can be hard.

Hulu and DramaFever used to be one of the hottest couples out there, with DramaFever hooking Hulu up with topnotch Korean dramas through their licensing deal.

But when DramaFever closed, Hulu was left alone.

Luckily, …

Hit the Books: 10 Textbooks for Students to Learn Korean by Reading

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How do you prefer to learn something new?

Some work best in a lecture hall.

Others do better with apps or visual content.

And then there are the traditional learners who love a good, in-depth textbook.

If …

Learn Korean with Videos: 14 Resources for Easy Language Learning

learn korean videos

Textbooks can give you paper cuts.

Apps can aggravate your carpal tunnel.

Courses can be grueling.

Even the best Korean learning tools can have their drawbacks, but there’s a simple solution for the risk averse: learn Korean with videos.…

Netflix and Thrill: The 15 Most Exciting Korean Movies on Netflix


Order a pizza.

Stay at home, in your warm pajamas. Leave all that club partying for others.

Tonight, it will be just you… and all those Korean movies on Netflix.

Netflix is home to an impressive array of Korean

Wondering Where to Watch Korean Dramas? Try These 12 Sites!

where to watch korean drama

You might be an expert in the Upside Down.

Maybe you’ve formed a strong opinion on Steven Avery’s guilt/innocence/facial hair choices.

Perhaps you’ve watched so much “Fuller House” that you can thoroughly describe the contours of John Stamos’s beautiful face.…