Korean SOS: 6 Penpal Sites for Getting Help with Your Korean


Everyone needs friends.

They’re the ones who will go with you to that movie no one else wants to see.

They’re the ones who will tell you when there’s food stuck in your teeth.

They’re the ones who will …

A Sumptuous, Scrumptious Spread of Korean Food Vocabulary


Did you know kimchi is considered one of the world’s healthiest foods?

As you probably know, Koreans love kimchi.

So learning how to talk about food in Korean could be great for both your literal and learning diet.…

6 Korean Graded Readers That Could Be Just Right for You


This one is too hard.

This one is too easy. 

This one is just right.

When shopping for reading content in Korean, chances are you’ve felt like Goldilocks more than once.

That is, you’ve felt like you needed …

Korean Web Series: A Learner’s Intro to This Perfect Content


Bite-sized episodes, fast-paced storytelling and the biggest celebrities in Korea?

Where do I sign up?

Web series are an exploding business in Korea, where long train commutes and the world’s best free WiFi make smartphones by far the …

6 Hot Intermediate Courses for Determined Korean Learners


Reaching out for the prize of Korean fluency…

…only to have it snatched away from you yet again?

Hey, it’s okay.

We understand where you’re coming from.

You know simple phrases like 안녕하세요 (hello).

You can count up to a …

Looking for a Chatbot to Teach You Korean? Here Are 5!


Sometimes, you just need someone to lend you an ear.

Whether it’s to commiserate, seek advice or ask for a hand with your homemade kimchi trebuchet—the ideal method for effective distribution of deliciousness.

But Korean students need to …

6 Tools to Make Learning Business Korean Your Business


Insider trading. Tax fraud. Tax evasion.

These things could get you ahead in business, but they’re also highly illegal.

Learning Korean.

That could get you ahead in business, and is completely legal.

Plus, rather than ending up in a cell, …