The 8 Best Programs to Learn Korean in Korea

There’s magic around every corner.

The sights are spellbinding.

The experience is entrancing.

There’s no denying it: There’s definitely something special about seeing the world.

Apart from the obvious adventure, excitement and intrigue that comes along with travel, traveling can also help you find yourself… or at least your Seoul.

And South Korean tourism certainly has its appeal. Between the delicious food, the fun shopping and the awesome sights, tourists never lack for something to do.

But beyond that, traveling to South Korea is a valuable and appealing way to learn Korean.

No need to buddy up to a Korean chatbot to improve your skills. You can learn Korean from real Koreans!

Sure, you’ll probably pick up some Korean if you just roam the streets binging on bibimbap, but if you want to really improve your skills, you might consider a language program in Korea.

The Korea Tourism Organization offers a convenient list of language schools based on city, opening up the learning possibilities.

Below are just a few of the awesome programs for learning Korean in South Korea!

Korea to the Max! 8 Ways to Learn Korean in Korea

Metro Korean Academy


Located in Seoul, Metro Korean Academy has courses to teach the Korean language to students from around the world.

Metro Korean Academy offers several course levels, ranging from beginning to advanced. It also offers a number of different course types, including the “regular” course, a survival Korean course, an intensive course, a Saturday course, a business course, a test preparation course and more. Courses usually last between 1 and 4 weeks.

Not ready to travel to Korea just yet? You can also take one-on-one lessons online.

Dong-A University


Dong-A University is a Busan-based private university.

While it has conventional university offerings, it also offers Korean language courses for foreigners.

Language courses meet 5 days a week for 4 hours each day. Courses are available for beginning through advanced students.

In addition to its courses, Dong-A University offers a number of special activities for foreign students, including athletics, speaking and writing contests, a drama festival, cultural excursions and more.

Korean Language Institute for Foreigners (KLIFF)


KLIFF is a private language school that offers classes in two locations in the Busan region.

KLIFF’s classes aim to teach Korean through conversation for well rounded and easily applicable skills. There are six levels of lesson available, ranging from beginning to advanced.

Classes can be held in private or small-group lessons. If you select a private course, you can also have a friend join you. For group classes, you can join an existing class, or if you have your own group in mind, a class can be put together to accommodate your schedules. Usually, students take eight classes per month.

A variety of course types are available, including regular, intensive, test prep, business Korean and survival Korean.

Pusan National University International Language Institute


Pusan National University is located in Busan (formerly called “Pusan”). This national university offers a special Korean language program designed for international students.

Regular courses last about a year and meet for 4 hours every weekday. There are usually about 15 students per class.

Six levels of courses are available, ranging from complete beginner to advanced, which is classified as 1,000 hours of Korean language education.

Courses aim to provide well rounded education in both Korean language and culture, so in addition to grammar and vocabulary, you may also learn about Korean dance, food, arts, crafts and taekwondo.

Pukyong National University


Pukyong National University is another national university located in Busan.

Courses at Pukyong National University run for four 10-week long semesters. There are six possible levels you can take, ranging from beginning through advanced. Each course offers 4 hours of instruction each weekday.

In addition to language instruction, there are activities to help you learn more about Korean language and culture. For instance, students can visit sites, participate in contests and enjoy cultural activities and clubs.

Winter Korean


Winter Korean describes itself as a “language education center.” This Seoul-based school offers a variety of course options for Korean language learners.

Winter Korean offers six difficulty levels, ranging from complete beginner to advanced. There are a number of types of courses offered. One focuses on conversation, with classes meeting for 12 to 40 hours per month. Another course focuses on speaking and meets for 40 hours per month. There are also proficiency test courses, tourist courses, short-term intensives, one-on-one courses and special courses, which cover a wide range of specific topics, like business Korean, translation, literature and more.

If you want to try out a course with Winter Korean before you arrive in Korea, you can also take a Skype course.

And if you respond well to a cute mascot, look no further than Winter Korean. You’ll see Winter, an adorable cartoon character, all over the place.

Incheon National University Korean Language Institute (INUKLI)


Located in Incheon (who’d have guessed?), Incheon National University is a national university that has a language institute for international students.

Like so many programs, Incheon National University offers six levels of courses for Korean language students, ranging from beginner through advanced. The program is year-round and divided into four terms, with courses meeting for 4 hours per day each weekday. Cultural programs are offered to provide additional insight into Korean culture.

One thing that really sets Incheon National University Korean Language Institute apart, though, is its goals. It aims to prepare students to receive higher education in a Korean university, so your Korean adventure doesn’t have to end when your language program is complete!

Why Learn Korean in Korea?

First of all, learning Korean in Korea gives you excellent language practice. It provides an immersive experience in which you’re constantly surrounded by the Korean language, giving you no choice but to practice your skills constantly. With these programs, you get the benefits of Korean courses along with the added learning experience of real-world interactions with the language.

Plus, learning Korean in Korea allows you to learn about culture alongside language. For instance, if you learn Korean in Seoul, you have access to all the city has to offer, from its food to its historical sites to the latest Korean movies.

Finally, learning Korean in Korea is motivational. After all, unless you’re already nearly fluent, chances are you’ll encounter some vocabulary you don’t know. Enjoying your trip can inspire to you to continue to improve your Korean to make your next trip even better.


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