The 8 Most Riveting Korean Podcast Resources for Language Learners

Podcasts do a great job keeping you stimulated with native content that Koreans actually listen to while also exposing you to Korean society.

Not to mention, you get to learn on the go, which is incredibly convenient for commuters, gym-goers and generally busy and active folks of all kinds.

Here are some of the most effective and enchanting Korean podcasts to help you achieve fluency in no time.




The KoreanClass101 website features an extensive selection of free audio and video podcasts to learn Korean while having fun.

The podcast announcers are fun, energetic and passionate about Korean, and they’ll discuss everything from must-know social media phrases to pronunciation faux pas, foolproof methods to keep you motivated to learn Korean and grammar learning tools.

If you’re looking to build confidence and familiarity with the Korean language but aren’t quite ready for the full jump into native-level materials yet, this is perfect for you. This bilingual series gradually eases you into the Korean language and offers podcasts for learners across multiple levels of fluency.

Sign up for a free account on the KoreanClass101 site to engage with their community of students, browse the podcast library and even download detailed PDF transcripts of each podcast so you can review them in your spare time.

Korean Listening Practice

korean podcast

If you’re interested in improving your command of the Korean language while also consolidating the foundations, don’t think twice before downloading these podcasts! This well-structured collection of podcasts brings you hours of Korean listening practice from genuine Korean native speakers.

Organized into over 50 lessons for beginner to advanced Korean speakers, Korean Listening Practice is a fantastic resource to gain quick exposure to the Korean language. With a focus on listening comprehension and correct pronunciation, these podcasts will help you learn useful Korean vocabulary and know exactly when and how to use each word.

Lessons are never dull and are packed with information, covering a wide range of Korean words, phrases, grammar and pronunciation in a realistic context. While there aren’t any transcripts available for download, the host does a great job detailing the nuances of the language and breaking down new sentences. Check it out!


korean podcast

This is yet another fantastic resource from the folks at TalkToMeInKorean. This large database of free video and audio podcasts will prove incredibly helpful keeping you motivated and engaged whether you’re a beginner or an advanced student.

Updated regularly, you’ll find some interesting content that will help you better understand the Korean language and culture, such as sessions focusing on Korea’s top sights and tourist attractions, discussions of popular Korean dishes and even tips to describe your allergies in Korean (if you happen to have any).

Bilingual and easy to follow, each podcast includes lots of annotations as well if you’re watching the video version. Podcasts are available on TTMIK’s SoundCloud channel and on YouTube.

Korean Champ

korean podcast

Looking for fun Korean podcasts that will help you improve your conversational skills? Then tune in for the Korean Champ podcasts ASAP!

Entirely free to download, these podcasts will help you speak like a real Korean native and communicate in Korean with confidence. While other podcasts focus on teaching you the proper and formal way of speaking Korean, Korean Champ teaches you how natives really speak, including 반말 (informal talk), 속어 (slang) and even some quirky anecdotes about the Korean language.

Lessons are long enough to provide a wealth of content but short enough that they’re easy to tune in to. Head for the Korean Champ site to download all accompanying written materials and transcripts to help you follow the lessons more easily. The best part? No registration is necessary!

Let’s Learn Korean

korean podcast

What better way to learn Korean than by listening to authentic content?

Designed by Korean Broadcasting System (KBS) World, a South Korean TV Channel aimed towards a global audience, this vast selection of Korean audio podcasts will get you on track with your Korean studies with structured, well-designed courses.

Lessons are progressive and exactly what you’d expect from an old-fashioned Korean audio guide: each lesson includes an overview of essential sentences and vocabulary with accompanying transcripts and a dialogue to help you learn the words in context and identify them more easily.

If English isn’t your native language (or if you want to use these podcasts to practice another language you’re already learning), you’ll be in heaven. These podcasts are available in 10 different languages, including French, Indonesian, Russian and German.

After practicing with their podcasts, you can always hop over to the main KBS World site to listen to authentic radio programs in Korean.

KBS News

korean podcast

For self-proclaimed politics buffs and if you somehow always feel the urge to keep up with current events, the KBS News app will make your day.

Used by Korean natives and featuring content that Koreans actually listen to, this app features a vast selection of informative, fresh podcasts discussing Korean politics, diplomacy, world news, sports and art.

This is the way to go to fully immerse yourself in a world of Korean and world news when you’re on the go, 24/7. Tune in for their live shows or access podcast archives from the app, including audio and videos clips of fresh daily news as they appear.

Podcasts aren’t accompanied by transcripts, but may occasionally be supported by articles or brief descriptions. All in all, it’s a great way to stay on top of Korean events without an expensive trip to South Korea!

팟빵 – 모두의 팟캐스트, 라디오 다시듣기 (Podcast room – Listen again to every podcast and radio show)

korean podcast

If you’re ready for native Korean content and are interested in too many things to list, the 팟빵 (Podcast Room) app will do the trick. Download this authentic Korean app to access and find the latest podcasts that are all the rage in Korea today.

The app features a vast library of popular Korean podcasts, available for free and in one place. There are lots of topics to choose from, including art, culture, politics, sports and also K-pop, Korean movies and health topics. Beyond the quality content, you’ll love the diversity of formats, from news shows to talk radio shows, guest podcasts and more.

The app lets you browse by category, save and comment on the podcasts you like. More than podcasts, this is an experience and a fun opportunity to interact with Korean natives by discussing topics you’re passionate about! There aren’t that many 외국인 (foreigners, i.e. non-Korean natives) involved in the Korean community discussions, but don’t be bashful to jump in. Koreans are very helpful and supportive of those interested in learning their language, so you’ll get lots of support!

How to Best Use Korean Podcasts

  • Find Korean podcasts that work for you. Pick podcasts that discuss topics that interest you most and that make you feel both engaged and stimulated. If you feel like listening to podcasts doesn’t support your studies, the specific podcast you’ve chosen to may be too easy or too complex for your fluency level. Likewise, it’s important to enjoy yourself when you listen to podcasts. If you really just can’t connect with the topic being discussed, it will be more difficult for you to consistently tune in to Korean podcasts for the long term.
  • Complement Korean podcasts with a good Korean learning book. Listening to podcasts is a great first step, but, especially in the beginning, it’s important to complement them with content that promotes the assimilation of the foundations (read: books that help you learn Korean grammar and vocabulary in a more organized, formal way).
  • Also follow up podcast listening with video learning on FluentU. Again, podcasts are great (as are books), but until you get in some testing and practice with the language, you won’t know how well you’re really absorbing all that knowledge. FluentU is a perfect resource to follow more straightforward learning.

    FluentU takes authentic videos—like music videos, movie trailers, news and inspiring talks—and turns them into personalized language learning lessons.

    You can try FluentU for free for 2 weeks. Click here to check out the website or download the iOS app or Android app.

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    Plus, you can try it out for free!
  • Do the work! Be sure to take notes of difficult structures and all new words used in the podcast of the day, to research them in the dictionary and to review your notes on a regular basis. Play that same podcast at a later time in the week when you feel confident that you’ve assimilated all content from the podcast. You’ll activate and reinforce your knowledge by listening to the podcast again. If you’re able to understand it with greater ease, you’ve done a great job!
  • Listen to them frequently. As with everything you study, the key is to be regular! Play your favorite podcast whenever you have free time, such as when you’re riding the subway or grocery shopping. Aside from turning your leftover slivers of time into productive sessions, they do a great job keeping you entertained and, yes, studious, when you’re most receptive to it!


With so many fantastic podcasts to choose from, you’ll never be bored with your Korean studies.

Happy listening!


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