7 Advanced Korean Lessons Online to Get You Through the Final Stretch

Learning Korean is an exceptionally daunting task and reaching an advanced level can still leave you wondering how to push through the last barrier to perfect fluency.

Advanced Korean lessons can be exactly what you are looking for, since it will give you the speaking, writing, reading and listening practice with other Korean speakers, on top of providing specially tailored advanced Korean courses or lessons that fit your needs.

I found seven excellent sources for advanced online Korean lessons that’ll help you kick your language-learning efforts up a notch.


Cham Korean—Pass NEW TOPIK Plus


If you’re a student of the Korean language, you may have heard of the Test of Proficiency in Korean, also known as TOPIK. TOPIK is a language test for non-native Korean speakers that’s often used as a point of reference when hiring English teachers in Korea.

Advanced Korean learners often take this test to help them land a job in Korea or simply show their level of proficiency in the language. Cham Korean’s TOPIK course is perfect for advanced learners who want to improve their chances of passing the test, but it’s also great for advanced learners just looking to improve their language skills.

Lessons take on the form of video courses and include PDF textbooks to accompany them. The lessons focus on vocabulary words commonly found in TOPIK exams as well as grammar concepts you’ll need to know in order to pass.

You’ll have to pay to enroll in the course, but prices tend to vary and stay fairly affordable. You can even try a sample lesson from the curriculum before purchasing.



The FluentU program teaches Korean through a library of authentic Korean videos like movie clips, news segments, inspirational talks and other content that native Korean speakers watch. This means that you’ll learn to use and understand the language as it’s actually used.

Each video has interactive, accurate subtitles in Korean and English to help you fully grasp exactly what’s being said. You can hover over any word to see a definition, read example sentences and see other videos that use the word for even more context.

FluentU lets you turn any word in a video into a flashcard, and allows you to use personalized quizzes that test you on your knowledge of each word.

With the help of these features, you’ll be able to practice essential language skills—reading, listening, writing and speaking (through speaking questions in the quizzes). Plus, you can see your learning streak to help keep yourself accountable and encourage you to study each day.

TOPIK All in One


Another great TOPIK course for advanced students comes from Master Topik. This course is really handy because you have a number of different options to choose from, such as TOPIK I, TOPIK II, Korean Writing or all three in one.

The course includes video and audio-based lessons, online mock tests and even a writing correction program to improve your handwriting skills. Students can expect to learn TOPIK vocabulary words as well as advanced grammar concepts for forming increasingly complex sentences.

Master Topik is compatible with most mobile devices, is lead by teachers with experience in teaching for the TOPIK and tackles the different skills involved in Korean grammar and reading.

Prices range from approximately $180 to $300, depending on your preferred course length. If you’re not sure if TOPIK All in One is for you, you can easily access a demo and sample lesson from the website’s homepage.

60 Minutes of Advanced Korean Listening Comprehension

This is certainly not your typical traditional Korean advanced lesson. But sometimes, an hour-long video can be exactly what you need as an advanced learner.

“60 Minutes of Advanced Korean Listening Comprehension” from KoreanClass101 is a fantastic 60-minute long video that’s completely free to watch and learn from.

The video lesson focuses on Korean listening comprehension practice for advanced students. It’s not quite at the level of a native speaker’s listening ability, but this video can help advanced students get at least a little bit closer. It’s especially useful if you’re still struggling with listening comprehension.

The video is modeled after KoreanClass101’s own video lessons through their website, so you could consider this a freebie worth trying out. The website offers similar videos along with additional goodies like transcripts, accompanying grammar notes, vocabulary lists and more. If you like this video, head to the site to check out the full program!

Talk To Me In Korean—Advanced Curriculum


If you’re the type of learner who needs an extremely in-depth curriculum to absorb any kind of language ability (hey, we get it!) then Talk To Me In Korean’s Advanced Curriculum is perfect for you.

Right off the bat, advanced learners will notice how user-friendly and well-designed the online course is. TTMIK breaks their lessons up into different chunks at different prices, some pricey, some free.

You simply need to customize your navigation bar by setting it to “Advanced” and then choosing which aspect of Advanced Korean you’d like to focus on. This could be grammar, listening, writing, idioms, etc. Lessons are structured as video, audio and physical textbooks, depending on which lesson you choose.

The website even has a free “Test Your Korean” feature to see if advanced classes are actually recommended for you. Sometimes, you might think you’re an advanced student because you passed an official intermediate class, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re ready for advanced content. It would be wise to at least check!

MasterTOPIK Video Lessons

The MasterTOPIK YouTube channel is a goldmine for advanced Korean learners who want access to free visual lessons.

The videos range from very short vocabulary features to longer mini-lessons about TOPIK-related grammar, vocabulary, reading and more. All the teachers in the videos are quite animated and very engaging, so these videos could prove very useful for learners who need a pick-me-up.

It’s worth noting that MasterTOPIK’s videos rarely feature English subtitles or audio, which may be an issue for lower-level advanced learners. If you’re ready for them, though, the videos are very high-quality and focus on a large selection of different advanced topics.

Advanced Korean Lessons from Tuttle Publishing


Did someone say “more free Korean resources”? Tuttle Publishing officially released its Advanced Korean curriculum for download online, 100% free.

This curriculum features 20 advanced lessons, a Korean and English Glossary, a stroke count guide, phonetics lists, answer keys and pages upon pages of worksheets for writing out Korean characters.

This PDF-based package can all be downloaded straight from Tuttle Publishing’s Dropbox or can be accessed via individual lesson links.

For advanced learners who want to work on studying for the TOPIK, we recommend following the curriculum from beginning to end. Some advanced learners may find this curriculum to be a little too easy, so we’d suggest using this course for post-intermediate learners.

Why Take Advanced Korean Lessons Online?

At this point in your learning journey, you might feel like you know everything you need to know and just need some practice. So what’s the point of taking advanced Korean lessons? Here are three good reasons!

  • There are still things you don’t know. Even if you’ve been studying for a long time, there are likely still complex grammar concepts, vocabulary words and other aspects of the language that you haven’t learned yet. After all, even native Korean speakers don’t know everything about their own language!

Advanced lessons can help non-native speakers identify and study aspects of the language you might not even know you’re missing.

  • It’s an opportunity to further broaden your vocabulary. You may pick up words from an advanced Korean lesson that you never heard before—just when you thought you knew them all. Like we said in the previous point: You never stop learning.
  • You can reach fluency with the help of an advanced Korean lesson. With a mix of speaking practice, the introduction of new grammar concepts and new opportunities to learn complex Korean words, an advanced lesson can really improve your language skills and place true fluency within your reach.


Our list of advanced Korean lessons online could have the one course you’ve been looking for as an advanced student.

You may be surprised at how many new aspects of the Korean language you can may learn with these awesome lessons!

Em Casalena is a published author, freelance writer and music columnist. They write about a lot of stuff, from music to films to language.

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