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Funny Italian Videos: 10 New and Classic Clips

Italian language learners know many facts about Italy.

We know that Rome is its capital. We know that some incredible food is made there. We know that it’s an incredible country steeped in history.

But a lot of us don’t realize that Italy is responsible for producing some incredibly comedic, award-winning videos!

It’s true. Lots of funny film moments come straight from the Boot.

That’s a plus for Italian language learners because, let’s face it—laughter is a perfect way to learn a language!

If you’re wondering how laughter facilitates learning, just remember that any enjoyable activity provides an incentive for engagement. In this case, watching Italian films and comedic clips for fun is a fantastic way to ensure you’re practicing every day.

Are you wondering what funny videos to watch?

Wonder no more! We’ve got you covered with 10 hilarious video options.

Let’s look at some so you can begin learning—and laughing!

How to Make Videos Part of an Italian Language Program

This is the time to watch the screen as much as your heart desires. There’s no binge shame when you’re watching Italian videos for language learning!

Here are some of our tips for making the most of funny Italian videos:

  • When watching videos in Italian, look for videos with Italian or English subtitles to maximize language learning. This is especially useful when watching comedic videos, since jokes can be difficult for language learners to understand.
  • As you’re watching, curate personal vocabulary lists from the videos. Note any interesting bits of slang or idiomatic expressions—and try to work them into your conversational skills.
  • It’s a good idea to press “pause” once or twice while you’re watching. Then repeat the previous portion before saying the dialogue out loud. This is an effortless—and fun—method for getting some good pronunciation practice in.

Funny Italian Videos: 10 New and Classic Clips to Make You Laugh out Loud

This Iconic Restaurant Scene from “Life Is Beautiful”

When an official from the ministry in Rome arrives after the kitchen closes, a quick-thinking waiter finds a way to serve the man—and get a nice tip for his trouble!

The Italian comedic genius Roberto Begnini stars in this silly clip, proving he may be one of the funniest men ever.

Pay attention to the dialogue between the characters. They show how smooth and easy conversation can be. It’s a super example of fluency, one that any learner may hope to eventually gain.

A Classic Comedy Sketch: “What Time Is It?”

This is a classic Italian clip with a hilarious ending.

A man on a motorbike stops to ask a rural man if he knows what time it is. The fellow does—and shares the information. The man on the bike is shocked by the man’s method of telling time—until he learns the secret of how it’s done!

There are lots of useful basic phrases in this video.

Learners will smile at this one while they get a peek at the Italian countryside!

Short Film: “Taking a Selfie: Expectation vs. Reality”

It’s almost guaranteed that many of us have experienced this selfie situation! An Italian couple shows the real side of those perfect social media shots—and we see that things aren’t always as “picture perfect” as they seem.

This video is full of vocabulary to use in everyday conversations. Learners should make note of all of the fun words and phrases. Using “basta!” (“enough!”) in a chat is a great way to sound like a native Italian speaker. It’s one of those words tossed around many Italian households daily.

An Italian Man’s Epic Quest for Coffee Under Lockdown

This entertaining look at one man’s determination to go for his morning “take-out” coffee is sure to make anyone laugh! Plus, the dialogue between father and daughter offers perfect examples of daily conversational exchanges.

For more background info on this funny family, and some hilarious reactions to the above clip, check out this article from the Daily Mail.

This charming family brings us into their Italian home and shows us a little sliver of daily Italian life. We can all benefit from the brief, but amusing, visit.

The Sea Turtle Surfer Scene from “Finding Nemo,” Dubbed in Italian

There’s something hilarious about watching a familiar film dubbed in another language. And “Finding Nemo” in Italian is just too much fun. I have to admit, I’ve watched this video more times than I can count, and I smile each time. The animation is beautiful, and the relationships between the characters are so authentic they draw learners right into the story.

This is a great video choice for families who are learning Italian together, or anyone who’s young at heart and looking for a nostalgic practice resource.

This Hilarious Scene from the Movie “Pinocchio”

The timeless tale gets an Italian twist that makes learners laugh out loud when they see it. Once again we’ll find the Italian comedian Roberto Begnini, this time proving his comedic genius as the endearing Pinocchio.

Gepetto’s masterpiece comes alive! Learners should note that some of this dialogue is a bit on the fast side, so if there are any issues keeping up just pause and watch again. Pinocchio’s excitement over his newfound situation makes his speech flow rapidly, but this is a great example of quick-talking Italian speech.

A Heartwarming Pasta Sauce Commercial from Barilla

This video is both amusing and tender. A young girl takes on the responsibility of cooking a good meal for her busy father. Little does he know that she takes a “shortcut” in the cooking process!

An Italian Grandma Offers Her Thoughts on Coronavirus

When a nonna (grandmother) talks about current events, somehow even the most difficult, serious topics get a bit less frightening. This elderly Italian woman offers up solid advice for dealing with a pandemic, offering love to all and best wishes for keeping safe. The only thing she doesn’t give us are her food recipes!

Use this video to get a feel for authentic, everyday conversational cadence and pronunciation. It doesn’t get much more genuine than this—the woman is speaking from her kitchen!

Some Irreverent Priestly Humor with a Surprise Ending

An Italian priest’s farewell speech seems to be going really well—that is, until a local official steps up to say a few words!

There’s a bit of adult humor in this video and the English translations aren’t all spelled properly, but the clip does have value for Italian language learners.

The priest speaks slowly and clearly, which is fabulous for modeling pronunciation. Learners may want to repeat his speech to gain some speaking practice. The words and phrases are uncomplicated, and a lot of them are worth adding to a vocabulary list!

The Selling the Trevi Fountain Scene from “Tototruffa 62”

The Italian classic film “Tototruffa 62” gives us this comedic gem. Use this clip from the 1962 film for a glimpse at the gorgeous Trevi fountain in a bygone era. The clothing, automobiles, phrases—they’re all gentle reminders of the past.

This skit is pure fun. Watching these two gentlemen discussing the financial assets of the fountain, then moving forward with a sale agreement, makes me wonder just how many times the fountain has been up for grabs!

The conversational nuances of this dialogue are worth noting, as are the hand gestures that accompany it. Watch this video to pick up fun phrases—and just for the absolute joy of it!


Everyone likes to have fun.

Make any endeavor comedic or less stressful and you’re guaranteed to put more time and effort into it. This holds true for Italian language learning. The extra practice translates into increased progress.

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Use Italian videos to make learning a lighthearted adventure.

Enjoy—and have fun!

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