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Middlebury, LA, Madison and More: 10 of the Best American Colleges for Learning Foreign Languages


These days, we’re all pretty excited about all the new ways that are popping up to learn languages online.

And for good reason—who wouldn’t want to become fluent without ever having to change out of their pajamas?

But …

You Can Trim Down the Time It Takes to Learn a Language with These 6 Tricks


No matter where you’re standing, learning a language can look like a marathon and then some.

If you’re about to start learning a language, you might be wondering how much time you’ll have to invest to reach your goals.…

What Are the Hardest Languages for English Speakers? 5 to Learn Despite Themselves


Want to feel smart?

Learn a second language.

Want to feel even smarter?

Learn one of the five hardest languages for English speakers.

Learning any language to fluency is a major undertaking, but you’ll find that some languages take …

The Motivation Language Learning Requires (and 8 Tips for Getting It)


The true, long-term motivation language learning requires can be hard to come by.

Sure, language learning is fun.

Sometimes it’s less so.

We all have those days creep in when learning a language may seem like more work than …

Always Running Around? 6 Awesome Audio Language Courses to Take with You!


Where’s the best place to learn a language?

Wherever you want!

Think about it this way: When you learned your native language, you weren’t too picky about your language learning venue. You absorbed all those sounds and words and …

How to Become Bilingual When You Can’t Even Remember What You Had for Breakfast


Hang on.

What were you just thinking about?

Can’t remember, huh?

Maybe it was all those late nights in college.

Maybe you have too many important things to keep track of these days.

Whatever the reason, your memory just isn’t …

Intensive Immersion: 7 Fierce Resources for Serious Language Training


Learning a new language can take thousands of hours.

It’s a process that can stretch on for months or even years.

Heck, if you aren’t using language learning techniques that work well for you, it’s a process that might never …

18 Quirky Idioms from Diverse Languages Around the World

idioms from around the world

Idioms are pretty much the best thing since sliced bread.

But you should only use them once in a blue moon, or people might think you’re not playing with a full deck.

The idioms we use to express

20 Unique Resources to Make You a Master of Online Language Learning

Redhead girl with laptop

Everyone and their grandmother is on Facebook.

Yep, you might have noticed that things are a lot different than they were ten years ago.

Being someone’s “friend” means being subjected to an endless stream of their vacation photos.

You can …

Take It Easy: 7 Useful Strategies for Smooth Reading in a Foreign Language

reading in foreign language

If you’re reading this, congratulations!

English is one of the most difficult languages to learn to read. From word to word, the same sounds in English are often spelled differently, or the same spellings are pronounced differently. Research has shown …