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Quaffing “Qawah” and Guzzling “Go Juice”: Coffee in Different Languages and Cultures


“Coffee is a language in itself.”

That’s according to Jackie Chan, the internationally famous actor, martial artist and (evidently) coffee enthusiast.

It’s clear why that statement stands true: despite the fact that it’s always made using essentially the same …

The Relationship Between Language and Culture Explained


Learning a language without comprehending the culture is like going to the vibrant Mexican marketplace pictured aboveĀ and only eating hamburgers from McDonald’s.

Will your food be okay? Sure.

But you’re kind of missing the point. You’re not getting the …

Increasing Your Foreign Language Confidence: No More Umms, Uhhs or Errs!


When many of us start speaking a new foreign language, it can seem like our favorite new words areĀ um, er and uh.

After all, we say them all the time, so they must be our favorites, …