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60+ Vital First Words and Phrases to Learn in a New Language


You make many choices every day.

What will you do today?

What toppings will you put on your frozen yogurt?

What size coffee will you order?

But one decision might have even more impact than how much caffeine you want …

Global Gratitude: How to Say a Heartfelt Thank You in 20 Different Languages


Being polite doesn’t always mean the same thing.

Manners and etiquette differ from culture to culture.

As a language learner, someone new to a culture, you can only be expected to do your best.

You may forget to adapt

10 Dual-language Children’s Books to Bring Out Your Inner Kid


Being childish doesn’t have to be a bad thing.

Embracing your inner child can even help improve your language skills.

That’s because there are a lot of great learning resources out there intended for children.

Not making use of …

“What Language Should I Take in College?” 5 Big Contenders



It’s a time for parties, required courses and decisions you’ll regret.

But there’s one thing you should never regret: learning a second language.

A lot of colleges and universities require language education before you graduate.

Even if your …

Get Picky! How to Choose Which Foreign Language to Learn


We all have a different reason to learn a foreign language.

Maybe it’s for love.

Perhaps you’re moving to a new country.

It could be that you just really need to study for that test.

If any of …

A Clockwork Brain: Use 6 Out-of-this-world Language Learning Systems to Become Fluent!​


On the surface, they seem elegantly simple.

But underneath, a complex network of parts must work in perfect harmony.

That’s how a system works.

Take, for example, the solar system. If you stare at the moon, it seems so peaceful. …

Thinking Time: 5 Questions New Language Learners Should Consider


Asking questions is essential in daily life.

You ask questions in school to learn more about a subject.

You ask questions at restaurants to decide what you want to order.

You ask questions at parties to distract people as you …

Making Meaningful Connections: The Easiest Way to Learn a New Language


Do you ever feel lost and alone?

If so, that’s okay—we all feel like that sometimes. Humans are social creatures, and we have a built-in need for human connection.

When we try to learn a new language, that feeling …

Let’s Get Mythical! 5 Myths About Language Learning—Debunked!


Myths about language learning abound.

Actually, I wouldn’t call them “myths.” I’d call them “excuses.”

For every excuse about why you can’t learn a language that’s circulating, there are countless language learners who bust right through them and actually learn

Learning a Language as an Adult? There’s No Reason to Be Scared!


Do you still have a monster living under your bed?

When we become adults, most of us leave behind the irrational fears and superstitions we had as children.

That usually includes saying goodbye to the imaginary monster under the bed.…