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Learn a Language with These 6 Systems and Kick Some Major... Astronomy!


On the surface, they seem elegantly simple.

But underneath, a complex network of parts must work in perfect harmony.

That’s how a system works.

Take, for example, the solar system. If you stare at the moon, it seems so peaceful. …

Thinking Time: 5 Questions New Language Learners Should Consider


Asking questions is essential in daily life.

You ask questions in school to learn more about a subject.

You ask questions at restaurants to decide what you want to order.

You ask questions at parties to distract people as you …

Making Meaningful Connections: The Easiest Way to Learn a New Language


Do you ever feel lost and alone?

If so, that’s okay—we all feel like that sometimes. Humans are social creatures, and we have a built-in need for human connection.

When we try to learn a new language, that feeling …

Let’s Get Mythical! 5 Myths About Language Learning—Debunked!


Myths about language learning abound.

Actually, I wouldn’t call them “myths.” I’d call them “excuses.”

For every excuse about why you can’t learn a language that’s circulating, there are countless language learners who bust right through them and actually learn

Learning a Language as an Adult? There’s No Reason to Be Scared!


Do you still have a monster living under your bed?

When we become adults, most of us leave behind the irrational fears and superstitions we had as children.

That usually includes saying goodbye to the imaginary monster under the bed.…

The 8 Best Online Language Learning Resources for Kids


Looking for the best online language learning programs for your kid(s)?

Good for you!

Whether you’re a language learner yourself or just an awesome parent, giving your offspring access to the joys and endless benefits of acquiring a new language

Know Thyself: Asking the Right Questions to Decide Which Language You Should Learn


Wish you had a map and compass to guide you to the perfect language?

All you have to do is follow your heart.

Choosing a language to learn is a deeply personal process. There’s no one absolute best language …

5 Things to Know About the Many Languages Spoken in Europe


Love French? Can’t get enough of Spanish? Heart skips a beat when hearing Italian?

Are you a language learner about to embark on a journey of studying one of Europe’s languages?

Or are you about to fulfill …

A Language Learning How-to Guide: 4 Steps to Customizing Your Approach


Let me guess.

You’re ready to embark on a scenic language learning journey, and you’re seeking guidance online.

The internet is full of one-size-fits-all strategies for language learners.

Let’s just say there are two types of blog posts

Think You’re Bad at Languages? 3 Reasons to Think Again!


Were you one of the kids in school who just couldn’t grasp language classes?

No matter how hard you tried, you just weren’t ever sure exactly what you were doing or why you were doing it.

Rote memorization of …