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Just Roll with It: The Ultimate Guide for How to Roll Your Rs

how to roll your rs

Are you’re studying a language that requires a rolled R, but you feel like the technique is escaping you?

You might turn to popular culture for inspiration.

Method #1: Vibrate your tongue. You may remember some variation of this …

Earn Street Cred by Learning 1 of the 16 Coolest Languages


Being cool ain’t easy.

You have to buy all the latest fashions even if it means there’s only room in your budget for a closet-sized apartment.

You have no choice but to eat all the latest Instagrammable foods, even if …

What Even Is an Asian Language? And How Can You Learn One?


What is an Asian language?

That question might be harder to answer than you think.

For a lot of people, what first comes to mind are the widely spoken East Asian languages: Chinese, Japanese and Korean.

But what about South …

4 for the Money! 4 of the Most Profitable Languages to Learn


As you’re reading this, I can assume you want to learn a language.

But why do you want to?

There are as many reasons for learning languages as there are languages themselves.

There’s travel, food, people—and money.…

Forget GPS! 20 Guiding Common Phrases in Different Languages


So you’ve planned a trip abroad.

You want to be able to blend with the locals, so you try to master a new language before take-off.

But there are just… So. Many. Words.

Your head feels like it

Hola, Bonjour, Ciao! 3 Ways Being Multilingual Will Change Your Life


Do you love languages?

Believe it or not, you’re in the minority.

Most people don’t think much of languages one way or another. A lot of monolingual people would even prefer to stay that way.

That seems strange …

“Love” in 20 Different Languages (and More!)


You can learn a lot about love by watching movies.

Sometimes, you meet your beloved in unexpected circumstances.

Sometimes, you have to fight for the one you love.

And sometimes, you might even have to survive an apocalypse to …

After Spanish, These Are 6 of the Best Languages to Learn


Choosing a language to learn may not seem like a strategic move.

After all, for many, Spanish is the obvious choice.

But after you learn Spanish—

Wait, hold on. After?

Well, yes.

Spanish covers a lot of the world. English …

Be Polite! Learn the Politest Phrases in 9 Foreign Languages


It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s…

Polite vocabulary!

This hero is ready to swoop in and save you from dreaded language confusion and awkwardness.

Polite vocabulary can help you overcome a language barrier and clarify that you have good …

Learn a Language in 10 Days Challenge: Two Approaches


Challenges are fun.

There are a lot of people out there who enjoy doing language learning challenges.

Doing things fast is also fun.

And trying to accomplish the great mental feat of learning a language as fast as possible