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3 Bold Language Study Techniques That All Lead to Victory


We all get wrapped up in figuring out how to learn something, right?

With so many language learning resources available online and off, it’s easy to get lost in a sea of questions about different learning methods.

“Should I …

The Essential Guide to Finding Intermediate Language Lessons You’ll Love


Singin’ the intermediate blues?

Don’t worry, it’s a familiar tune to most language learners.

Once you’ve outgrown your beginner-level resources (congratulations—that’s an accomplishment!), it can be hard to find more advanced resources that suit your specific needs. While there’s a …

4 Brilliant Interactive Resources to Use in Your Language Learning


Humans need to interact.

In our daily lives, we send each other pictures, text, chat, meet up for coffee and plan get-togethers.

So why should language learning be any different?

Books are great, but sometimes you need to add

How to Build Your Personalized Foreign Language Audio Library


Got a pair of headphones?

Then learning your target language is about to get a whole lot easier.

Plus a little catchier.

Did you know the simple act of listening to your target language can help you take huge strides …

Bookworms Love These 3 Easy Tips for Reading Target-language Books


Reading in your target language is one of the most fulfilling things about learning it.

There’s nothing in this world like reading a page of your target language and understanding it.

Not to mention the benefits of carrying around a …

15+ Examples of the Best Free Language Education Resources


Want to save a whole suitcase full of money on language learning?

It’s easy to get bummed out by the perceived expense of learning a language.

While many awesome learning resources come at a price that’s well-worth it, there are …

Fan Favorites: 16 Popular Apps for Language Learners


With the ubiquity of smartphones and tablets, we’ve all started to embrace apps to make life more convenient.

Some might say we’re developing a problem with app addiction.

We’ve got calendar apps for work, apps for finding music, apps …

Think You’re Bad at Languages? 3 Reasons to Think Again!


Were you one of the kids in school who just couldn’t grasp language classes?

No matter how hard you tried, you just weren’t ever sure exactly what you were doing or why you were doing it.

Rote memorization of …

3 Fun Ways to Do Some Mighty Fine Foreign Language Writing


Speaking gets most of the press, but writing is a major part of learning a language.

The benefits of writing while learning are majorly neglected, too.

While writing, you have all the time in the world to think, …

Train Your Brain: How to Start Thinking in a Foreign Language


We’ve all heard that thinking in a foreign language is a sign of real fluency.

But I bet you haven’t heard that it’s the fifth key language skill that all learners must develop—falling right in line with speaking, …