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[Closed] Job Opportunity: Virtual Assistant for Blog Marketing Team

Would you like to be part of a fully-remote team of a marketing professionals?

Do you like to always have plenty of interesting work to do?

Our blog posts reach millions of readers, and our goal is to create the …

[Closed] Job Opportunity: Reach Millions of Passionate Language Learners by Creating and Revamping Blog Content

Title: Staff Writer
Compensation: Competitive hourly rate
Location: Anywhere, remote
Employment Type: Part time or full time

Are you in love with learning or teaching languages?

Do you want your writing to make an impact on a huge audience?

Would …

The Top 15 Language Podcasts for Curious Multilingual Minds


What’s on your mind when you’re getting ready for bed each night?

Are you thinking about the coming day? Excited or nervous for what lies ahead?

Are you making lists and plans to chart out what you’ll get done?…

21 Great Gift Ideas for Anyone Who’s Learning a Langauge


All we language learners want for the holidays is to be fluent in our target languages.

We want to lay down some fluent Mandarin Chinese. We want to master Japanese kanji. We want to finally nail Spanish gender rules.…

Why Fluent in 3 Months Premium Is Worthwhile for Any Language Learner


Picture a sleek, modern control center.

There’s a shiny dashboard with dials, buttons, gauges, meters and all kinds of cool measurement tools.

But this isn’t just any old control center for an airplane, space shuttle or intergalactic exploration craft—it’s …

Start Speaking Any Language in 7 Days: A Review of Conversation Countdown


Spoiler alert: got me up and running with a new language (German) pretty darn fast—within one week, as promised—and I’m actually excited to share the results.

My inner cynic is slightly disappointed that I have so little to complain about.…

Learn or Die! 5 Epic Ways to Learn Languages by Playing Video Games

language learning video games

Video games provide constant electronic stimulation on a level that mankind has never seen before.

Immersing yourself in an action-packed, digital world has been shown to boost brain power and memory strength, increase connectivity between regions of your brain …

The Language of Music: 19 Phenomenal Bilingual Songs That Connect Us All

bilingual songs

Bilingual music is the language lover’s dream realized.

It’s a pure, joyful celebration of the diverse world we inhabit.

And, as it turns out, it’s pretty freaking cool—bilingual music is starting to both dominate the charts and capture our hearts

The Dynamic Duo: Music and Language Learning Join Forces

music and language learning

Music and language learning is the best combo since peanut butter and jelly.

I boosted my Spanish to fluency by listening to Enrique Iglesias, Marc Anthony and Shakira at full blast. I got truly passionate about Portuguese after discovering Joao …

7 Benefits of Becoming a Badass Bilingual

becoming bilingual

Armed and fabulous.

Bilingual people hold the big guns in this world.

Being fluent in a second language gives us a huge advantage when it comes to communication, travel, work, love and raw brain power.

There’s nothing that being …