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What Even Is an Asian Language? And How Can You Learn One?


What is an Asian language?

That question might be harder to answer than you think.

For a lot of people, what first comes to mind are the widely spoken East Asian languages: Chinese, Japanese and Korean.

But what about South …

Sustainable Language: 7 Recyclable Learning Challenges That Stay Fresh Every Day


We try it every New Year.

This year, I’ll make use of that gym membership.

This year, I’ll finally clean out the garage.

This year, I’ll learn to cook something besides toast.

You know the rest of the story.

By …

The Simple 5-step Guide to Successful Language Shadowing

language-shadowingodus) fighting

Ever had a parrot?

Even if you haven’t, you know what they’re famous for: repeating what you say, for better or worse.

Depending on the conversations you have at home (or just to yourself) this could be enlightening, hilarious …

Get More from Your Kindle with a Built-in Foreign Language Dictionary


Sick of running into roadblocks while you read?

It’s exciting to start a book in your target language, but every new word or strange expression can halt you in your tracks.

If you have to flip through a dictionary …

Challenge Accepted! Learn Why the Hardest Languages to Learn Are so Tough


Do you laugh in the face of a 1,000-piece puzzle?

Do you crush your New Year’s resolutions by February?

Do you think instruction manuals are for sissies?

If you’re the type of person who laughs when they hear something is

Motivation Tracker: 5 Tips to Create a Foreign Language Notebook That Keeps You Motivated


Demand evidence.

Without tangible evidence that what you’re doing is working, motivation is hard.

When you start to lose weight, you’re motivated to continue when your clothes fit a little looser and the numbers on the scale go down.…

How to Effectively Memorize Words in a Foreign Language: 5 Foolproof Techniques


Want to memorize a ton of vocabulary?

You’ll need to channel your inner elephant.

(You don’t need to walk on all fours or find the nearest watering hole.)

You just need some techniques to build up your memory so …

Make Foreign Language Acquisition Less “Ruff” with 5 Simple Tips!


Learning a foreign language is like learning how to drive.

And no, it’s not because it involves a parent or driving instructor yelling at you because they fear for their lives—although that can also sometimes happen when you’re learning a …