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The Fastest, Most Direct Way to Learn a New Language in 8 Lightning-quick Steps


Want to put a rush on this whole “learning a new language” thing?

Maybe you need to learn a language so you can speak it on an upcoming trip.

Or so you can take on new job responsibilities.…

8 Practical Ways to Learn All the Foreign Language Vocabulary Needed for Conversational Fluency

learning foreign language vocabulary

Did you know that 1,000 words can get you a long, long way in a foreign language?

It might not seem that easy when you’re looking at the raw numbers. The Oxford English Dictionary includes more than 170,000 English word …

Want a Healthy Lifestyle? Reap These Benefits of Being Bilingual!

benefits of being bilingual

Want a new job?

Wish you had better health?

Want a more fulfilling personal life?

Learn a second language!

When discussing the benefits of learning a foreign language, most people think of the straightforward perks right away. You know, that …

Book Smarts: 5 Tips for Selecting the Best Foreign Language Textbooks

foreign language textbooks

Got textbooks?

If not, it’s time to load up! Textbooks are a staple of any balanced language learning diet.

Sure, there are lots of great ways to study a language.

You can listen to music, watch movies

What Bilingual Children Can Teach Us About Adult Language Learning

bilingual learning

It’s easy to be jealous of children who grow up bilingual.

They seem to effortlessly learn new words and develop fluent pronunciation, while we adults review the same material over and over and struggle to trill our “r”s.…

How to Learn Faster with the Best Foreign Language Audiobooks


Want to level-up your language skills?

First tip: give your headphones and speakers the workout of their life.

Now listen up while we convince you that audiobooks are an awesome language-learning tool to get you on track with those ambitious

6 Reasons Learning to Speak Another Foreign Language Is Easier Than the First

learn to speak another language

If you’ve learned to speak one foreign language, you know that learning a language is not a quick, easy feat.

It requires time, perseverance and lots of work.

But you also know that learning a language is rewarding, useful

10+ Ways to Language-learning Success by Setting Goals

success in language learning

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed when you’re learning a new language.

False cognates can trip you up, idioms can seem completely incomprehensible, and you may run across some words so weird you don’t believe they exist.

Instead of letting …

12 Simple Ways to Get Foreign Language Immersion Without Going Abroad


Living abroad is arguably the best way to learn a foreign language.

Can’t hop on a plane tomorrow?

Stay tuned. You’re about to learn how to simulate foreign language immersion.

Lots of us language learners are far, far away from …