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An Honest Review of Mondly: Tech as Learning Aid or Gimmick?


How can an alligator in your bedroom help you learn a language?

Is there really anything a robot companion can do to get you to improve?

And, more importantly, is all this worth paying for?

Mondly is a language learning …

What’s up with WhatsApp? You Can use WhatsApp for Language Exchanges!


The world has moved on.

Gone are the days of using text speak and awkward emoticons ;-) to fit your meaning into 160 characters.

No more bashing those number keys until the letter you want finally appears—over and over and …

Stream Away! How to Navigate Netflix for Learning Languages


Grab the popcorn! Turn out the lights! It’s movie time!

Except we’re not at the movie theater—we’re snuggled under a blanket at home.

It’s quite likely that you, along with more than 100 million other people in the world, …

Learning, Translated: 5 Steps to Kindle Language Learning


Sitting on a beach or in a coffee shop in some far-flung place.

Showing everyone how interesting you are by reading Camus or Cervantes or Murakami in the original language.

Isn’t it a beautiful image?

Of course, the actual experience …

Looking for an Opportunity? Learn a Critical Language!


“Is anyone on this plane a polyglot?!”

That’s not a sentence you expect to hear in a Hollywood disaster film, is it?

However much you may love the idea of learning languages, you probably wouldn’t call it “critical.”

When you’re

From Constructed to Natural: The Most Logical Languages You Can Learn


“This language doesn’t make any sense!”

I’m pretty sure we’ve all said that at some point when trying to learn a new language.

Most of the time it’s just out of the frustration of not being able to understand …

Need a Quick Dose of Language Learning Motivation? Watch These 5 TED Talks


Want to sound super smart in front of your friends?

Want to do it in more than one language?

There’s a TED Talk for that.

In fact, there are a bunch.

TED Talks are a fast, entertaining way to pick …

Get Picky! How to Choose Which Foreign Language to Learn


We all have a different reason to learn a foreign language.

Maybe it’s for love.

Perhaps you’re moving to a new country.

It could be that you just really need to study for that test.

If any of …

Learn a Language Through Songs: Rockin’ Tools and Tips


Madonna once sang, “Music makes the people come together.”

There’s a lot of truth to that.

Music is a cornerstone of culture, and so songs have been written in every language since the birth of speech itself.

What might once …

Language Learning Diary Starter Kit: Write Your Way to Fluency


Diaries—we’ve all kept one at some point.

Maybe yours was a record of those teenage flings, your worldwide travel or just some things to remember in your daily life.

But did you know keeping a diary can help you learn …