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How to Teach Yourself a Language: 5 Creative Strategies You Haven’t Tried Yet


Trying to learn a new language, but finding yourself in a rut?

Feeling stuck with that new foreign book you just bought?

All out of ideas for ways to expand your lingual palette?

Stress no more! We here at …

5 Unconventional Tips for Becoming a Polyglot

5 unconventional tips for becoming a polyglot

Becoming a polyglot is serious business…or, is it?

All over the world, you’ll find average, everyday people speaking 2 or more languages. 

Like, no big deal.

In the United States, we often think that polyglots, or those who speak multiple …

How to Learn a Language Fast: 5 Ways to Set Yourself Up for Success

how to learn a language quickly

What if I told you the ordinary ways of learning a language aren’t actually that helpful?

What if I also told you those same methods are not only ineffective, but a huge waste of time?

Yes, it’s true. But your …

Level Up Your Language Learning with Spaced Repetition (SRS)

learn faster with spaced repetition software  flashcards on steroids

Remember that time you crammed information for an exam?

(Don’t worry, we’ve all been there.)

You, like many others, may have spent an all-nighter memorizing every page of your notes and trying desperately to make up for countless days you …

How to Learn a New Language Fast: 9 Tips That Actually Work

how to learn a new language fast

“I studied Spanish for seven years in school, but all I can remember is hola (hello) and adios (goodbye).”

Sound familiar?

Learning a new language is one of the most enriching and rewarding skills we can acquire over a …