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10 Language Learning Magazines You Should Check Out


Did you know that the word “magazine” originally meant something like “storehouse” or “warehouse”?

And really, it seems appropriate, since magazines are basically warehouses of information!

There’s a good chance you read magazines in your native language, whether in print …

3 Smart Steps to Find a Language Tutor Who Gets the Job Done

all caps language tutor

So you don’t want to sit in a class, but you’re hitting a wall just studying your target language on your own?

The best language tutors can offer the best of both worlds.

While classes with multiple students have …

Shooting for the Top: 5 Key Components of a Winning Language Study Plan

language study plan

Deciding to learn a new language is great!

Just making this decision is an important first step.

But it’s a little like deciding to lose 20 pounds.

It’s easy to start dieting and going to the gym “tomorrow,” “as soon …

How to Master Writing in a Foreign Language: 5 Steps at Any Level

writing in a foreign language

Have you ever gotten an email full of spelling and grammatical mistakes?


Chances are you have, and chances are it didn’t leave a great impression.

When you write in a foreign language, you don’t want to be the …

Love “Serial”? Use Foreign Language Podcasts to Propel Yourself to Fluency!

foreign language podcasts


What does that word make you think of?

For millions of people, their first thought won’t be a serial number, serial code or serial killer, but rather a podcast.

“Serial” has completely captivated its audience, holding the record for …

Reaching New Heights: How to Learn Multiple Languages to High Levels of Fluency

how to learn multiple languages

So you want to be a polyglot?

It’s not exceptionally difficult to learn how to ask for the bathroom or say “I love you” in 20 different languages.

But learning multiple languages to a high level of fluency—such …