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The Search for a Unified Theory of Language Learning


Language. It’s all around us. It’s vital for our everyday existence.

And yet many of us find it challenging to pick up a new one.

The problem, we tell ourselves, is that we’re thinking too hard.

The solution, we …

Online Language Tutoring: The Groundbreaking Solution to Your Learning Woes


So you say I should go out and find a language tutor, huh?

Someone who I can meet up with for valuable face-to-face learning

Oh, no thank you.

I’ll stay right where I am, curled up on the

The 6 Official UN Languages and What You Can Do with Them

UN languages

People interested in languages also tend to be people interested in the international scene.

And as people interested in the international scene, the UN tends to be seen as a softly lit castle glistening on the top of a …

Learning a New Language? How to Start Navigating the Terrain in 5 Easy Steps


A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

We’ve all heard that one, right?

But let’s be honest.

As far as advice goes, that saying is about as useful as, to borrow an expression from “Dodgeball,” a …

How to Make a Wise Choice When Deciding Which Second Language to Learn

which second language to learn

It’s 1:00 on a Friday afternoon.

You’re in 7th grade sitting in one of those stiff school desks.

Both of the kids beside you are sniffling. One of them has a cold and the other allergies.

The kid behind you …

How to Improve Listening Skills in a Foreign Language in No Time at All: 5 Essential Tips


So you’re cruising down the highway with some good friends when suddenly your favorite song comes on.

The atmosphere instantly changes.

What was just a moment ago a dull discussion about weekend plans has foamed into chaotic sea of …

Sweet Deal! 15 Online Language Learning Tools That’ll Make You Feel Like a Kid in a Candy Store

language learning tools

There’s no denying it.

Technology just makes things easier.

Did you ever have the experience of hearing a song that just blew you away…and then not being able to find out what it was?

It was frustrating, even painful. But …

Learn to Speak a Foreign Language from Scratch in 8 Steps

learn to speak a foreign language

Learning a new language can be an emotional roller coaster.

You’ll hit plenty of highs—now we’re going to help you avoid the lows.

At first, there’s something magical about the newness of it all.

The new sounds. The new

You’ll Love Soaking Up Foreign Language Books with These 8 Extensive Reading Activities

extensive reading activities for teaching language

Uh, oh. That book just came out.

Cancel all meetings. Postpone all plans with friends. Hire a dog/cat sitter for several days.

Do anything important now, because once that book is in your hands… nothing is going to get …

8 Old-school Polyglots to Take After If You Wanna Learn a Language

polyglot learn language

Ever wonder why so many people in the U.S. never figure out how to learn a foreign language?

You might say the state of foreign language teaching has something to do with it.

You might also consider aspects of …