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Why the Heck Is Listening Such a Big Deal? 5 Reasons Why Language Learners Need to Listen Up

the importance of listening in language learning

When a native speaker starts talking in your target language, does it sound like Charlie Brown’s teacher blabbing?

Blah, blah, blah.

Do you struggle to understand when listening in your target language?

Do you spend whole conversations stressing that …

Split It Up: The Top Technique for Learning Vocabulary in Another Language


You’ve come here because you’re thinking: Why the %#@! can’t I learn foreign vocabulary?


Let me ask you a few questions before we proceed.

Is your brain all muddled up with huge lists of words but unable to deploy

12 Case-cracking Phrasebooks Online for Identifying Mystery Vocabulary


You’ve heard that phrases are a great way to learn foreign vocabulary.

You’d love to start sentence-mining like a pro.

You want to know how to mix and match vocabulary like a native.

One problem.

How do you find phrases

5 Major Hurdles to Polyglot Language Learning and How to Jump Them

polyglot language learning

It doesn’t matter how many languages you’ve learned before. Sometimes, that next one is surprisingly difficult to start.

Before you got started, you were thinking: This next language should be easy!

After all, you’re already fluent in (at least) …

The Proven 5-Step Formula for Masterful Reading in a Second Language

reading in a second language

How do you approach reading in your target language?

If you’re anything like me, up until now it’s all been a bit haphazard.

You’ve heard that reading is a great way to improve your vocabulary. You think you should …

6 Tips for Effortless Language Learning with Foreign Movies

6 tips for effortless language learning with foreign movies

We all love movies.

And finding foreign language movies poses no problem in the modern world.

We’re not cavemen — we’ve got Netflix and Redbox.

That means you’ve probably heard all the buzz about learning a foreign language through movies.