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3 Simple Steps to Create a Brilliant Language Learning Study Plan on Your Own

learning a language on your own

Want to become fluent on your own?

Or maybe you’re learning a language by yourself to comfortably get by on upcoming travels.

No matter what your language learning goals are, the words of French writer Antoine de Saint-Exupéry still apply:…

21st Century Learning: 4 Smart Strategies to Master a Foreign Language Online

learning a foreign language online

Mastering a foreign language requires access to the best language instructors, curriculum and exchange partners.

What’s a modern language lover to do?

Why, turn to the Internet of course!

With its dizzying array of educational blogs, entertaining videos and training

Efficient Multitasking: How to Learn Different Languages at Once

how to learn different languages

Quick question: What’s even better than mastering a foreign tongue?

Why, mastering two foreign languages, of course!

If you’ve ever dreamed of studying multiple languages at once, you’re not alone.

While the very concept perplexes traditional students …

One Stupidly Easy E-book Hack That’ll Supercharge Your Language Learning

language learning ebook

Reading a full-length book in a foreign language without much prior reading practice?

That’s like trying to run a marathon without any training.

Sure, it’s a great idea in theory, but you’re unlikely to reach your end goal without petering