150+ Spanish Words That Start with Q (with Audio)

If you see the letter Q in a Spanish word, the letter U is sure to follow. Like in English, the letter is nearly always found in the combination of “qu.” But unlike in English, it’s pronounced “k,” without sounding the “u.” For instance, queso  (cheese) is pronounced “keso,” not “kueso.”

Q is one of the least frequent letters in Spanish, but it appears at the beginning of some of the most frequently used words, like que (that) and quiero (I want). Let’s have a look at some more.


Spanish Nouns That Start with Q

Spanish WordEnglish Translation
quebrada ravine
quebradero dilemma
quebradizo brittle
quebrado broken
quebrantahuesos bearded vulture
quebrantamiento breach
quebranto impoverishment
quedo quiet
quedón dozy
quehacer task, chore
queja complaint
queje grouch
quejica whiner
quejido groan
quejío wail, lament
quejoso complaining
quejumbre complaint
quejumbroso complaining
quelite wild edible greens
quelonio sea turtle
quema burning
quemacocos sunroof
quemada burn
quemadero burner
quemado burned
quemador burner
quemadura burn
quemazón blaze, burning
quemón blamer
quemonito rascal, imp
quemoso sickly
quena Andean flute
quenacho type of flute
queni quenlla, type of bird
quenopodiáceas chenopods
quenopodio chenopodium
quentada hot drink
quentenario 500 years
quenya fictional language
quera type of oak tree
queratina keratin
quercetina quercetin
quercíneas oak family
quercitron quercitron
quercus oak
quereal type of oak tree
querecuto type of chestnut
querella lawsuit
querencia fondness
querendón affectionate
queresa whim, caprice
queretano someone from Querétaro
querido beloved
querindango troublemaker, scoundrel
queriot love, affection
queroseno kerosene
querub cherub
querube winged child
querubín cherub
querubines cherubim
querubio cherubic
querubismo cherubic style
quesera cheese bowl
quesería cheese factory/shop
quesero cheese maker
quesillo type of cheese
quesito little cheese
quesitos type of pastry
queso cheese
quesque so-so, mediocre
quest quest, adventure
quetzal quetzal (bird)
quevedesco Quevedian, relating to Quevedo (author)
quevedos eyeglasses, spectacles
quia Siberian tomcat
quiaca type of bird
quiacata drop earring, pendant
quiache type of tree
quiahuitl rain (in Aztec symbols)
quiaio type of fruit
quiajos type of fruit
quiali part of a saddle
quialtera dagger
quianti type of wine
quibdoano from Quibdó
quibe kibbeh, dish made of bulgur wheat
quiberonés from Quiberon
quibian type of hummingbird
quibla qibla, direction of Mecca
quiebra bankruptcy
quijada jaw
quijotada quixotic gesture
quijote quixote
quilla keel
quimera chimera
química chemistry
quincalla hardware store
quince fifteen
quincena fortnight
quincuagésimo fiftieth
quiniela betting pool
quintal quintal (unit of weight)
quintalada powerful hit
quinteto quintet
quintillizo quintuplet
quinto fifth
quintuplicado quintuplicated
quiosco kiosk
quiosquero kiosk vendor
quirófano operating room
quiste cyst

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Spanish Verbs That Start with Q

Spanish WordEnglish Translation
quebrantar to violate, to break
quebrar to break, to fracture
quedar to agree, to arrange
quejar To complain
quemar to burn, to set on fire
querer To want/to love
quitar To remove
quietar to quiet down

You can see more about verbs and common ones you should know here:

Spanish Adjectives That Start with Q

Spanish WordEnglish Translation
Quebradizo Brittle
Quebrado Broken
Quedo Soft
Quejoso Complaining
Quejumbroso Whiny
Quemado Burnt
Querente Loving
Querido Dear
Queriente Loving
Querubínico Cherubic
Quiebro Faltering
Quieto Still/Quiet
Quimérico Chimerical
Químico Chemical / Chemist
Quincenal Biweekly
Quinquenal Quinquennial
Quirúrgico Surgical
Quisquilloso Picky

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Spanish Adverbs That Start with Q

Spanish WordEnglish Translation
Quasi Almost
Quasitotalmente Almost entirely
Que What
Quebrantadoramente Breakingly/Infringingly
Quedito Very quietly
Quedo Quietly
Queridamente Lovingly
Quiméricamente Chimerically
Químicamente Chemically
Quinceañeramente Like a fifteen-year-old (used humorously)
Quincenalmente Biweekly
Quinquenalmente Quinquennially
Quinquiñuelamente Cunningly/Slyly
Quintaesencialmente Quintessentially
Quisás Perhaps/Maybe
Quitar Barely
Quizás Perhaps/Maybe
Quotidianamente Daily

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Spanish Q-Words Quiz: Test Yourself!

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You now know many Spanish words that start with Q. Now go use them!

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